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Google introduces enhanced 2FA verification process for Workspace users- What to expect and how it will impact users

Several cybersecurity experts are recommending the use of two-step verification as a strong defense against hackers accessing digital accounts. Google has recently enhanced its 2FA setup to provide a more secure process for protecting social media and other accounts. The updated verification no longer requires a phone number for SMS codes, allowing users to verify directly through an authenticator app or security key. Learn more about Google’s improved two-step verification process and how it can help keep your accounts safe.

Google’s updated two-step verification process

Google has announced an easier and more secure version of its two-factor authentication (2FA) that removes the requirement for a phone number from the SMS verification code. Verification takes place directly from authentication applications or physical security keys. According to a report by Android Authority, SMS verification codes were considered less secure, which may also contain several vulnerabilities.

Therefore, instead of SMS codes, users can use a special app or Google Authenticator that generates a new code every few seconds to log in. Or they can just plug in a special security key to log in. the security key would require users to use a normal password for their Workspace accounts. Therefore, apply extra protection to your digital spaces using the two-step verification process, which is now even more secure and simple.

How to turn on Google’s two-step verification

Follow the steps below to activate Google’s two-step verification:

  • Visit your Google account
  • Find “Security” in the navigation panel.
  • Now, under “How to sign in to Google”, select 2-step verification.
  • Click on “Get Started”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate 2FA.

According to the report, Google Workspace has started rolling out the update from May 6. For this reason, it will take a few days for the update to be fully applied to all Google accounts.

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