Elon Musk on Tuesday visited China for the first time in three years, highlighting the importance of the world's biggest electric market News 

Tesla’s Model Y dominates the Chinese market and leads global sales in the first quarter

China was the largest market for Tesla’s Model Y electric utility vehicle, making it the world’s best-selling vehicle in the first quarter of this year, according to data shared by market research firm Jato with Reuters. Elon Musk visited China on Tuesday for the first time in three years, emphasizing the importance of the world’s largest electricity market. Tesla sold 267,171 Model Ys in the first quarter of this year, of which 94,469 were sold in China, compared to 83,664 in the US and 71,114 in Europe. Overall, Tesla’s biggest…

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China to send astronauts to Moon before 2030. (Representative Photo) (AP) Space 

China’s goal is to send astronauts to the moon by 2030

The space race to the moon has accelerated. NASA has already planned a manned mission to the moon, Artemis 3, for 2023. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is also planning its own Chandrayaan-3 mission on July 12. And now China has announced ambitious plans to send astronauts. to the Moon before 2030 and will also expand the Earth’s orbital space station. “We have a complete low-Earth human space station and a system for transporting people back and forth,” complete with a selection, training and support process for new astronauts.…

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Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA Crop., attends a press conference at the Computex 2023 in Taipei on May 30, 2023. (AFP) AI 

“I made everyone a programmer,” says Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia.

During his trip to Taiwan, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia’s Phenom Chip, is getting the kind of treatment usually reserved for celebrities and sports stars. The 60-year-old was followed around local night markets as he foraged for food over the weekend and was constantly booed by the media as he walked the aisles at Computex. On Tuesday, she was flanked by dozens of people taking selfies as paparazzi tried to get clear pictures. The day was Huang’s fifth public appearance in seven days, this time at a roundtable where he…

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The CAC on Friday said its latest campaign had targeted almost 13,000 counterfeit military accounts (Getty Images/iStockphoto) News 

China deletes 1.4 million social media posts to crack down on ‘self-media’ accounts

China’s cyberspace regulator said 1.4 million social media posts were removed after a two-month investigation into alleged disinformation, illegal profiteering and impersonation of government officials, among other “obvious problems”. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said in a statement on Friday that it shut down 67,000 social media accounts and deleted hundreds of thousands of posts between March 10 and May 22 as part of a wider “correction” campaign. Since 2021, China has targeted billions of social media accounts in an attempt to “clean up” its cyberspace and make it…

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The tech giant uncovered stealthy and targeted malicious activity focused on post-compromise credential access and network system discovery aimed at critical infrastructure organisations in the US. News 

China-sponsored hackers targeting critical US infrastructure: Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed that a state-sponsored Chinese hacker group called Volt Typhoon, which typically focuses on espionage and data collection, has targeted US critical infrastructure. The tech giant revealed a stealthy and targeted malicious activity focused on post-breach access and network discovery targeting critical infrastructure organizations in the United States. “The strike was carried out by Volt Typhoon, a state-sponsored actor in China. This campaign aims to develop capabilities that can disrupt critical communications infrastructure between the US and Asia during future crises,” the company said in a blog post…

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If you have an internet router that is not up to date or obsolete, you may want to be careful—as a new report claims that Chinese hackers are targeting them to install backdoor malware to compromise networks. News 

Chinese Hackers Exploiting Internet Routers and Installing Malware to Compromise Networks: Report

If you have an internet router that is out of date or out of date, you should be careful, as a new report claims that Chinese hackers are targeting them to install backdoor malware to compromise networks. As reported by Check Point Research, a hacker group called Camaro Dragon is planting malware on TP-Link routers, including a backdoor called “Horse Shell.” This backdoor agent can give hackers full control over the infected device. it remains undetected and continues to access compromised networks. The attacks are said to be targeting European…

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Yang also demonstrated that autocratic regimes around the world have a particular interest in AI. News 

China dominates the global AI network, and the authoritarian government is its biggest user

Studies show that China is exporting huge amounts of artificial information technology (AI) and reducing its contributions to other high-tech fields, said Harvard economics professor David Yang. Yang also showed that autocratic governments around the world are particularly interested in artificial intelligence. “Artificial intelligence is startlingly the only sector of the 16 high-tech sectors with a disproportionately higher number of buyers who are weak democracies and autocracies.” “Autocratic governments would like to be able to predict the whereabouts, thoughts and behavior of citizens,” Yang said, adding, “And AI is basically…

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China will explore using 3D printing technology to construct buildings on the moon, the official China Daily reported on Monday, as Beijing solidifies plans for longterm lunar habitation. News 

China is testing 3D printing technology on the moon to build habitats

China plans to explore using 3D printing technology to build buildings on the moon, the official China Daily newspaper reported Monday, as Beijing bolsters plans for long-term lunar habitation. In 2020, on a Chinese trip to the moon, Chang’e 5, an unmanned probe named after the mythical Chinese moon goddess, brought back China’s first lunar soil samples to Earth. China, which made its first lunar landing in 2013, plans to land an astronaut on the moon by 2030. Since then, China has launched the Chang’e 6, 7 and 8 missions…

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The Apple Store covers everything from new retail developments to unique products that Apple offers. News 

Number of Apple Stores worldwide: 272 in the US, 45 in China and more

US-based tech giant Apple has more than 520 retail outlets across the globe, including Mumbai, London, Dubai, Vienna and New York. Currently, the iPhone maker has 272 physical stores in the US, 45 in China, 39 in the UK, 28 in Canada, 22 in Australia, 20 in France and now two in India – Apple BKC in Mumbai and Apple Saket. in New Delhi. The first Apple Stores were originally opened in the United States in May 2001 by then-CEO Steve Jobs. Most stores in the United States are located…

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China's SenseTime on Monday unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot called "SenseChat", which it demonstrated performing tasks such as writing an email and a children's story upon being prompted. News 

Chinese AI company SenseTime announced chatbot “SenseChat”

On Monday, the Chinese artificial intelligence company SenseTime introduced a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence called “SenseChat”. CEO and co-founder Xu Li presented the big AI model SenseNova and the user-oriented SenseChat chatbot. SenseChat is based on the company’s major AI model, SenseNova, said Xu Li, its CEO and co-founder. Xu demonstrated how SenseChat was able to tell the story of a cat catching a fish through several rounds of questions and answers. He then demonstrated how a robot can help write computer code, lay-level questions in English or Chinese,…

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China's cyberspace regulator unveiled draft measures on Tuesday for managing generative artificial intelligence services, saying it wants firms to submit security assessments to authorities before they launch their offerings to the public. News 

China Proposes Measures to Manage Generative AI Services: Report

China’s cyberspace regulator on Tuesday unveiled draft measures to govern generative artificial intelligence services, saying it wants companies to submit security assessments to authorities before bringing their offerings to the public. The rules, drawn up by China’s Cyberspace Administration (CAC), come as several governments consider how to reduce the dangers of the emerging technology, which has seen a surge in investment and consumer popularity in recent months following the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. They also come after several Chinese tech giants, including Baidu, SenseTime and Alibaba, unveiled their new AI…

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China said Australia's "discriminatory" ban on TikTok from all federal governmentowned devices harmed the interests of Australian businesses and the public, urging Canberra to treat all firms fairly, a commerce ministry statement said on Friday. News 

China urges Australia to treat all companies, including TikTok, fairly

China said Australia’s “discriminatory” ban on TikTok from all federally-owned devices harmed the interests of Australian businesses and the public and called on Canberra to treat all companies fairly, the trade department said in a statement on Friday. “Australia treated TikTok differently from other social media platforms and introduced discriminatory restrictive measures that are not conducive to maintaining Australia’s national security,” the statement said. China also urged Australia to create a favorable environment for bilateral economic and trade cooperation. While there is a nationwide ban in the US, Chinese short-form…

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China has urged Apple to strengthen its data security and personal privacy protection, the country's state planner said in a statement on Tuesday. News 

China Urges Apple to Strengthen Data Security: Report

HONG KONG: China has urged Apple to strengthen its data security and privacy protection, the country’s state planner said in a statement on Tuesday. Zheng Shanjie, chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, made the comments during a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday, the statement said. The executive also pointed out that “China’s industrial digitization and digital industrialization process, a very large market and large middle-income groups all bring a large market for multinational companies such as Apple.” Apple is well aware of the importance of…

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Alibaba founder Jack Ma has returned to China, ending a more than yearlong stay overseas that was viewed by industry as reflecting the sober mood of China's private businesses and troubled policymakers trying to spur the economy. News 

Jack Ma returns to China as the government tries to quell private sector fears

HONG KONG/BEIJING: Alibaba founder Jack Ma has returned to China, ending a stay abroad that lasted more than a year, which the industry said reflected the sober mood of restive policymakers trying to boost China’s private companies and economy. The return of China’s most famous entrepreneur could help quell concerns among the country’s private sector companies after two years of draconian regulations. His public appearance underpins the government’s softening tone toward the private sector as leaders try to shore up an economy that has been weighed down by three years…

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TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew will tell lawmakers the Chineseowned short video app with more than 150 million American users has never, and would never, share U.S. user data with the Chinese government amid growing U.S. national security concerns. News 

The TikTok app has never shared US data with the Chinese government: CEO Shou Zi Chew

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew tells lawmakers that the Chinese-owned short video app, which has more than 150 million American users, has never and will never share US users’ data with the Chinese government because of growing US national security concerns. “TikTok has never shared or received a request to share US user data with the Chinese government. Nor would TikTok honor such a request, if ever made,” Chew testified Thursday, according to written testimony released Tuesday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He added that TikTok’s parent company,…

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Baidu on Thursday unveiled its muchanticipated artificial intelligencepowered chatbot known as Ernie Bot, with its CEO saying that it was the culmination of the firm's years of hard work in artificial intelligence. News 

Chinese search giant Baidu introduces Ernie Bot to rival ChatGPT and others

BEIJING: Baidu on Thursday unveiled a much-anticipated artificial intelligence-powered chatbot known as Ernie Bot, which its chief executive said was the culmination of years of hard work by the company on artificial intelligence. The bot was not perfect, but they released it now because of market demand, Robin Li said at a media conference in Beijing. The company’s Hong Kong-listed shares fell 10% after he introduced the bot to answer questions, write a poem and produce video and image prompts. So far, 650 companies have announced they will join the…

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Apple Inc supplier Foxconn on Wednesday said it plans to ramp up investment outside of China and efforts to attract automakers to its contract manufacturing business, as the company reported weaker demand for consumer electronics. News 

Foxconn increases investments outside of China as consumer demand for electronics weakens

TAIPEI: Apple Inc supplier Foxconn said on Wednesday it plans to increase investment outside China and seek to attract automakers to its contract manufacturing business, as the company reported weaker demand for consumer electronics. Foxconn, which assembles about 70% of iPhones, has diversified production away from China, whose strict COVID restrictions disrupted its largest iPhone factory last year. The company is also trying to avoid a possible blow to its business caused by trade tensions between Beijing and Washington. “Customer demand guides our consideration of utilizing our production capacity in…

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The Biden administration is working to further tighten restrictions on exporting semiconductor manufacturing gear to China. News 

US plans to further crack down on semiconductor making exports to China: Report

The Biden administration is looking to further tighten restrictions on exports of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China, Bloomberg News reported Friday, citing people familiar with the matter. According to the report, the government has informed US companies about the plan and told them it plans to announce restrictions as early as next month. According to the report, the Biden administration plans to coordinate with the Netherlands and Japan. This week, the Dutch government announced plans to impose new restrictions on semiconductor technology exports to China to protect national security. Chinese…

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ByteDance-owned TikTok has let go of its entire workforce in India, after it was banned three years ago due to concerns stemming from national security. News 

TikTok lays off entire workforce in India, cites government stance on ‘Chinese apps’

Three years ago, India banned TikTok for national security reasons. Since then, TikTok has maintained an office but has now laid off all employees in India. TikTok’s Indian employees were responsible for the Dubai and South American markets, among others. When ByteDance failed to reach an agreement with the Indian government, it decided to lay off the entire Indian team three years later. A TikTok spokesperson said in a statement: “We have made the decision to close our remote sales support center in India, which was put in place at…

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