Veronica Williams, a woman based out of Kentucky has shared how her Apple Watch saved her life when she was pregnant, after it detected abnormally high heart rate.Gadgets 

This is what happened after Apple Watch detected high heart rate in pregnant woman

The Apple Watch has become an essential tool for health monitoring, but it is equally useful for preventing deaths and allowing users to monitor things like heart rate.

In fact, time and time again, victims have come forward to tell the world how they faced health scares, but in the end, their Apple Watch came to the rescue.

This time, a woman from Kentucky has told how her Apple Watch saved her and her baby’s life.

According to a report by Fox19 via 9to5Mac, the woman here, Veronica Williams, said she was pregnant and her Apple Watch saved her life after receiving a high heart rate alert. This prompted him to contact a doctor and ask for help.

In addition, he notes that his Apple Watch had been ringing several alarms in much the same way, and in the meantime he began to feel short of breath. That’s when he rushed to the emergency room.

“The next thing I knew, they came in and said, ‘We have to do emergency surgery.’ Is that okay? And I got kicked out of my room and woke up at the University of Cincinnati,” he said.

Later, the doctor ended up delivering her baby safely, and although she still struggled, she eventually stabilized.

The report adds that Williams’ doctors discovered she was suffering from a rare form of myocarditis, in which her immune system attacked her own heart. “Basically what happened is her immune system was tricked into attacking her own heart as something foreign,” her doctor said.

This isn’t the first time an Apple Watch feature has helped a user get to 911 during a health scare or contact authorities when stuck. Earlier this year, a woman’s Apple Watch automatically called 911 when it failed to detect her movement after she collapsed due to a ruptured aorta.

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