Apple Watch's Fall Detection feature has once again proven its effectiveness by playing an instrumental role in the saving of an 82-year-old individual who was struck by a car in the UK. Gadgets 

Elderly Man Hit By Car Saved by Apple Watch’s Fall Detection Feature

Apple introduced the Apple Watch’s Fall Detection feature in 2018, at the same time the Apple Watch Series 4 was launched. Since its release, this feature has continuously garnered attention for its life-saving features. The feature has once again proven its effectiveness by playing a key role in saving an 82-year-old man who was hit by a car in the UK. According to the Shropshire Star newspaper (via AppleInsider ), the elderly man received an Apple Watch as a Christmas present, and it proved instrumental in his life-saving experiment. The…

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MacRumors says that Apple is aware of the ghost touch issue and is “investigating” the same. Gadgets 

Report: Alleged ‘Ghost Touch’ Issue Affects Certain Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2 Models

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 are Apple’s latest smartwatches available to consumers, released alongside the iPhone 15 series in September of last year. While the watches were well-received, recently a few users have expressed concern about a potential “ghost touch” issue affecting some Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches. As reported by MacRumors, Apple is said to be aware of the issue and may be “investigating” the same, according to a note and release from Apple’s authorized service providers. “Some customers may report false touches on the…

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A group of five people was rescued after their car crashed into a palm tree, triggered by a person's Apple Watch Car Crash detection feature. Gadgets 

Apple Watch Comes to the Rescue, Saving 5 Lives Following Fatal Car Accident

The car accident detection feature was introduced on Apple Watch in 2022 with the release of Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. Since then, the feature has made headlines for its role in saving countless lives around the world. In a recent car accident, the feature once again proved to be important in saving lives. According to a report by KTLA, a group of five people were rescued after their car crashed into a palm tree, triggered by the person’s Apple Watch Car Crash Detection feature. This prompted…

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Apple Watch models were banned in the country after they were found guilty in a patent case recently. Now, the company can sell without any concerns Gadgets 

Reason for Apple Watch Ban in US May Finally be Resolved, but Users May Not be Satisfied with the Outcome

The Apple Watch was recently banned from being sold in the US after the company battled with Masimo in its home market over a patent issue. In fact, the latest Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 were pulled from shelves in the region due to the ongoing incident. But it seems that Apple has finally found a solution to the case and soon it will be able to sell Apple Watch models without fear of further action. However, Apple has to sacrifice one of the important health features,…

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A female student from Delaware, United States, named Nasatka, has shared an account of how her Apple Watch saved her after a terrifying carbon monoxide exposure. Gadgets 

Woman’s Life Saved by Apple Watch in Emergency Gas Exposure

Time and time again, there have been reports of Apple Watch users thanking the company for helping them save their lives — in a variety of situations, such as helping them escape from forest fires or when they collapsed from illness. Now, a female student from Delaware, USA, named Nasatka, has shared the story of how her Apple Watch saved her after a horrific carbon monoxide exposure. According to CBS News, the exposure to carbon monoxide occurred at his apartment in Smyrna, Delaware. “I was very exhausted,” Nasatka told CBS…

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Apple Watch Series 8 is now discounted, and the best part is that you don't need a card to purchase it. But you can sweeten this deal even further. Read on for details. Gadgets 

Apple Watch Series 8 Available at the Lowest Price Ever

Want to buy a high-end Apple Watch but don’t want to pay more than Rs 40,000? Now might be a good time to buy Apple Watch Series 8 as its price dropped on Flipkart. For the uninitiated, the Apple Watch Series 8 is Apple’s 2022 model, which was released alongside the iPhone 14 models and the first-generation Apple Watch Ultra. It is considered to be the flagship Apple Watch that comes with all the bells and whistles, similar to the latest Series 9, and is a superior product compared to…

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Apple scored a victory on Wednesday when a U.S. appeals court paused a government commission's import ban on some of the company's popular Apple smartwatches. Gadgets 

Apple wins bid to temporarily halt ban on Apple Watch in the US

(Reuters) – Apple won a victory on Wednesday when a U.S. appeals court suspended a government ban on imports of some of the company’s popular Apple smartwatches following a patent dispute with medical technology firm Masimo. The tech giant had filed an urgent request with the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to stay the order after appealing a US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruling that it had infringed Masimo’s patents. Apple and Masimo representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Masimo’s shares fell almost 5%…

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The day has come; Apple has stopped the sales of its latest Apple Watch Series 9 and the Ultra 2 on its online store in the US. Gadgets 

Latest Apple Watch Models No Longer Available for Online Purchase in the US

Apple has stopped selling the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 from its online store in the United States. That’s exactly what was expected to happen on December 21, following an order by the US ITC to stop imports of the latest Apple Watches by December 26 due to a patent dispute with medical device maker Masimo. Both watches can still be purchased in person at official Apple stores until December 24. Additionally, US residents can continue to purchase from third-party retailers such as Best Buy…

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Apple is reportedly racing to make software fixes in a work-around effort to get the Apple Watch on the market next year. (Bloomberg) Gadgets 

Legal challenges force Apple to halt holiday watch sales

Apple Inc. finds itself in a legal predicament as it complies with a regulator’s order to cease online sales of its smartwatch just four days prior to Christmas. The company has known for nearly two months that the International Trade Commission ban would take effect on Dec. 25 unless it persuaded the Biden administration to intervene — or settle with Masimo Corp., a medical device maker that accused it of copying patented technology for measuring blood oxygen levels. The iPhone maker is now racing to make software fixes to get…

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The US International Trade Commission has blocked Apple’s request for a stay on Apple Watch ban in the US. Here's all you need to know. Gadgets 

ITC Rejects Apple’s Request for Stay on Apple Watch Ban, Posing Significant Setback

In the latest twist in the patent battle between Apple and Masimo, Apple has been denied an attempt to delay the upcoming sales and import ban on its Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches. As The Verge discovered, the U.S. International Trade Commission, or ITC, has blocked Apple’s request to stay the watch ban pending an appeal in a recent filing. For the uninitiated, Apple has been asked to stop selling and importing its Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches into the US – due to a patent…

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Apple is considering implementing various tweaks to the algorithms of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 so that regulators can clear them for sale in the US. Gadgets 

Report: Apple Considering Software Changes for Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2 to Overturn US Ban

Apple is working to reverse the US ban on its latest Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches. The iPhone maker is actively exploring possible solutions, including software changes to the algorithm used to measure blood oxygen. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s smartwatch business is worth about $17 billion, and Apple engineers are currently “tweaking” algorithms to change the way the proprietary technology determines blood oxygen saturation and presents the data to customers. This development comes just hours after news broke that Apple is facing a US ban on its…

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As a result of an ITC order arising from a patent dispute with Masimo, Apple will halt the sales of its Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches in the USA starting December 21. Gadgets 

Patent Dispute Forces Apple to Halt Sales of Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2 in the US

Apple will no longer be allowed to sell its latest Apple Watch Series 9 smartwatches and Apple Watch Ultra 2 smartwatches in the US starting December 21st, and the last time Apple Store pickup or delivery is allowed is December 24th, Christmas Eve. . As 9to5Mac reports, this move is in line with an ITC ruling stemming from Apple’s patent dispute with Masimo, which makes medical devices such as pulse oximeters used to measure blood oxygen levels. The dispute stems from Apple’s alleged infringement of Masimo’s blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor…

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The long-awaited redesign for the Apple Watch could debut as early as next year, and it may bring major health tracking features with it. Here are the details. Gadgets 

In 2024, Apple Watch may undergo a significant redesign and introduce advanced health tracking capabilities.

Apart from the Apple Watch Ultra series, which is a couple of generations old, the Apple Watch models have had roughly the exact same design since 2015, when the first Series 0 was launched. Although the feature set and the overall product have changed for the better, Apple’s watch series is undergoing a major overhaul. This is exactly what several industry insiders and analysts have been predicting for about a year at this point. But now, as Bloomberg reports, the Apple Watch could finally get a much-anticipated redesign that will…

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Apple notes in a support page that Apple Watch owners should only charge using chargers made by Apple and those with Apple MFi certification. Here's why. Gadgets 

Apple cautions against using uncertified chargers for your Apple Watch.

Are you using an uncertified charger to charge your Apple Watch? If you are, Apple has warned that this can reduce battery life and charge more slowly over time. As spotted by MacRumors, Apple notes on its support page that Apple Watch owners should only charge with Apple-made chargers and Apple MFi-certified chargers. If this is not done, the battery life may decrease over time, charging will slow down and the beep will sound repeatedly. However, if you are unable to identify official Apple accessories or Apple MFi devices, Apple…

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Tang Tan, Apple's head of iPhone and Apple Watch design, is leaving the company in February. Here are all the details. News 

Departure of Apple’s Chief iPhone Designer Expected to Have Significant Impact on Company

Apple seems to be losing key people. Last week it was Steve Hotelling, a key person in biometrics at the iPhone maker, and now another key executive, iPhone and Apple Watch design director Tang Tan, is leaving in February of next year, according to Bloomberg. Bloomberg notes that this has led to internal “ordering in the company’s most critical product lines.” Tan currently reports to John Ternus, Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering. The immediate exchange details are unclear, but Tan’s responsibilities at Apple are managed by dividing them among…

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Veronica Williams, a woman based out of Kentucky has shared how her Apple Watch saved her life when she was pregnant, after it detected abnormally high heart rate. Gadgets 

This is what happened after Apple Watch detected high heart rate in pregnant woman

The Apple Watch has become an essential tool for health monitoring, but it is equally useful for preventing deaths and allowing users to monitor things like heart rate. In fact, time and time again, victims have come forward to tell the world how they faced health scares, but in the end, their Apple Watch came to the rescue. This time, a woman from Kentucky has told how her Apple Watch saved her and her baby’s life. According to a report by Fox19 via 9to5Mac, the woman here, Veronica Williams, said…

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iPhones updated to the iOS 17.1 or higher version get this feature only if you have compatible Apple devices. News 

Unlock the Mystery: Apple’s Security Issues With US Law Enforcement

Apple recently released a new feature with the iOS 17 update that allows you to seamlessly transfer contacts between two iPhones. You could say this is the AirDrop version for sharing contacts, which Apple called NameDrop. And now law enforcement officials have expressed concern about this feature, especially if people are sharing iPhones with children in the U.S., which isn’t all that uncommon. With NameDrop, you can easily exchange your contacts simply by bringing your iPhone near someone else’s iPhone or Apple Watch, and this ease of information sharing has…

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Apple sees the iPhones being an aspirational product in India but other products are costly and a luxury for one reason. News 

Why iPhones Are A Smash In India But Macs and iPads Are Not: The Surprising Reason!

Apple has definitely grown as a brand in the Indian smartphone market with special deals and offers on old iPhones and the appeal of new iPhones. Industry numbers clearly show its growing market share and you can get an idea of its demand from the number of people using iPhone around you these days. Apple’s upcoming results will also show these numbers, especially iPhone sales in the final months of the quarter. However, the company may have to revise its strategy for other products such as MacBooks and iPads in…

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Apple Watch users have been sharing their concerns across different forums and it seems the company is hearing their pleas Gadgets 

Say Goodbye to Overheating and Battery Drain: Apple Watch Users, Here’s How!

Apple Watch users have complained of issues such as overheating, which also appears to have caused the battery to drain. We haven’t heard about how Apple plans to fix these issues for users, but now, according to a report, the company is offering a new watchOS update to improve the situation for Apple Watch users. MacRumors’ report cites an internal Apple memo in which the company has talked about fixing these issues with an update to the watchOS 10 series that will be released soon. The company has not shared…

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Apple was almost ready with the support for Apple Watch but it decided against the roll out which would have changed the history. Gadgets 

Apple Cancelled Android Compatibility for Apple Watch: Reasons Explained

Apple wanted to make the Apple Watch compatible with Android phones. That’s right, the company’s popular wearable could have worked with Android, but for some reason, Apple decided not to go ahead with the plan. In fact, a Bloomberg report this week suggests that Apple had pulled the plug on that support at the last minute. Bringing the Apple Watch to Android would have opened up a whole new market for the company, where you have billions of smartphones. So why did Apple cancel its plans to make the Apple…

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