At an Apple store, everyone is welcome and no one is going to force you to buy or make you feel bad about enquiring about new features or devices.News 

India’s first Apple Store is here and this is the same global experience that Apple is bringing to Mumbai

No “salesman” to assess your pockets. No cash register. It doesn’t matter if you buy something or not. It’s totally fine if you’ve never used any Apple device. Or maybe you just want to learn photography skills. Everyone is welcome at the Apple Store.

Apple BKC – India’s first Apple Store – will open to the public in April at Jio World Drive Mall in Mumbai. The Cupertino-based tech giant has one thing for sure: a consistent customer experience around the world. This means you can expect the same experience whether you visit an Apple Store in New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Singapore or even Mumbai.

“At Apple, the customer is always our North Star. And wherever we are, our commitment is the same: to provide our customers with exceptional service, exceed their expectations and enrich their lives. Apple Stores are places where everyone is welcome, where you’ll always get exceptional customer service and endless inspiration from our talented retail team members,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s Director of Retail to Return Byte.

You can expect the same Apple retail experience irrespective of whether you visit the Apple store in New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Singapore or even Mumbai.

The Apple Store is a place where the company’s latest technology meets local art. While the shopping experience, look and feel of the products are similar in all stores around the world, Apple pays special attention to the community it serves by incorporating local art, heritage and experiences.

[Apple Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. (Photo: Apple)]

Singapore, which has less than half the population of India’s bustling city of Mumbai, has three Apple stores – Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands and Jewel Changi. If you happen to visit all three stores in Singapore in a day, you will notice that the experience is almost identical, but each one is completely different in design and tells a unique story. In Mumbai, Apple BKC is inspired by the iconic Kaali Peeli taxi art.

“We like to say that our stores are where the best of Apple meets. Our stores act as community hubs where people can come together and explore all the latest Apple products and services. And in each of our stores, we strive to create experiences that delight our customers,” added Deirdre.

How are premium retailers different from the Apple Store?

Indian consumers only experience Apple resellers and they don’t know about Apple resellers yet – the joy of buying something directly from Apple. And one thing’s for sure: you don’t have to worry about snobbish sales reps judging your pocket before showing you a new Apple device. It also doesn’t matter if you can speak English or not.

Everyone is welcome at the Apple Store, and no one will force you to buy or make you feel bad about new features or devices. In fact, Apple doesn’t even place large CCTV cameras around the store to make visitors feel uncomfortable.

You need not worry about snobbish sales representatives judging your pocket before showing a new Apple device. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you can speak in English or not.

“In each of our stores, we consider creating experiences that enrich the lives of our customers. We design our store just like our products – putting the customer at the center of everything we do. We also work with many partners who offer our products and help us reach even more customers wherever they are, explains Deirdre.

The whole purpose of the Apple Store is to attract people and get them to experience the products. The retail philosophy is more about educating people than getting them to buy. And the attention to detail is something only Apple can do. The height of the tables, the placement angles of the devices, the lighting and the entire coverage are such that visitors can comfortably focus on the device they want to try. There is free WiFi, so visitors can check out the device thoroughly and spend as much time as they like. And if they like something, there’s no need to line up at the cashier counter, because the Apple Store doesn’t have a cashier counter. All you have to do is ask a member of the Apple team for an invoice and make the payment.

There’s no need to queue at any cash counter, because there aren’t any cash counters inside any Apple store.

Buyers can also order the product online and pick it up at an Apple Store. “With Apple Pickup, we make it easier for customers to shop online and pick up orders in stores or at Apple Trade In, where customers can update their devices at home or in store,” added Deirdre.

After purchasing the device, there are technicians who help with the installation of the device, and as part of the after-sales support, there are experts who fix certain problems that users may face.

Free exercises Today on Apple

One of the key components of the Apple Store is the “Today at Apple” initiative. Apple users can book free appointments using the Apple Store app to learn more about how to use features and Apple products. “Our Today at Apple program is a great example of how our teams deliver special skills classes on specific products, features and apps that educate and entertain our customers. Whether you’re an artist, creator, builder or first-time Apple customer – there’s a Today at Apple session for everyone,” Deirdre said.

Apple users can book free appointments as and when available using the Apple Store app to learn about using features and knowing more about Apple products.

Over the years Apple stores have become a unique experience for people around the world and finally it is now here in India. Just as an example of the craze for Apple stores, a couple in Singapore included Apple Orchard Road in their wedding photography itinerary!

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