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New AI chatbot in Google Search to assist English language learners

Are you hesitant to speak or respond in English due to concerns about how your sentences will sound? Fear not, as Google is testing a new AI bot for Search that aims to make learning spoken English easier. The feature, called “Speaking practice,” allows users to practice speaking with an AI-powered bot to enhance their English skills and boost their confidence in conversations. Learn more about this new Google feature for improving English speaking abilities.

Google’s speech practice feature

An X-user known as @howfxr shared a post on the platform revealing a new experimental feature for learning English speaking skills. The feature is called “speech practice” and is available on Google search as an AI-powered chatbot. The feature is available to Search Labs users in select countries, namely Argentina, Colombia, India, Mexico, Venezuela and Indonesia.

If you are unsure about speaking English or want to start from scratch, this Google feature will help you learn and gain confidence in the language. According to reports, the features are expected to provide a natural chat experience by offering AI-powered exercises. Users can chat with the bot like a real person, and it helps correct sentences. In addition, it allows users to learn new words and phrases to improve their overall English skills.

How the speaking practice function works

Tech Crunch highlighted that Google released a similar feature last year in October. However, the feature gave users feedback and improvements. The recently tested feature has been enhanced with its AI-powered conversational capabilities.

The shared post shared a screenshot of the voice exercise feature in action, where the chatbot asked “I want to get fit. What should I do” and the user must respond with a phrase containing the words “exercise,” “cardio,” and “tired.” This allows users to understand how different words are used in English.

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