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WhatsApp considering implementing account restriction feature- Learn more about its purpose and functionality

WhatsApp is said to be developing a new feature that could limit users from sending messages. The account restriction feature is still in the works and not available to the public. It may prevent users from initiating new conversations for a specific period of time. The exact purpose of this feature is still unknown until it is officially launched. Learn more about the upcoming WhatsApp account restriction feature.

WhatsApp account restriction feature

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing an account restriction feature that will limit a user’s ability to send messages when starting a new conversation. When an account is restricted in the app, users will not be able to start new conversations for a certain period of time as a penalty for certain violations. The new WhatsApp feature is expected to be released in future updates. However, the feature is still being tested, so no official rollout timeline was revealed.

Although users cannot make new results during the limited period, they can receive messages and reply to existing conversations. Therefore, all communication on the platform is not restricted.

How WhatsApp account restriction feature works?

The report highlighted that WhatsApp utilizes “automated tools to detect spam-like abuse.” These tools analyze the sending frequency of the message or any auto format of the message used. If any unusual behavior is detected, the app is expected to restrict the WhatsApp account for a certain period of time so that users can improve the way they use the app. The report said: “This automatic detection helps identify accounts that are engaging in potentially malicious activity. By restricting accounts rather than outright banning, WhatsApp aims to give users a chance to correct their behavior without losing access to their data entirely.”

In this way, WhatsApp can detect all suspicious activities and act responsibly in relation to them. Additionally, the account restriction feature is a balanced approach that allows users to improve their performance in the app.

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