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New feature ‘Ad Intents’ introduced by Google AdSense

Google AdSense is introducing a new feature called “ad intents” that will change the way online advertising works. This feature will turn website text into clickable links that lead to Google Search, creating a more integrated and engaging experience for users. The goal is to make ads more relevant and seamlessly blend them into website content.

How ad goals work

Available now to website owners, advertising purposes embed links into existing text on web pages. When users interact with these links, a dialog box appears that displays Google search results with relevant advertisements added. This feature works without relying on third-party cookies and offers a more privacy-conscious advertising solution, reports 9to5google.

In addition to text-based links, page anchors at the bottom of websites can serve the same purpose. These anchors use on-page text to connect users to relevant search content, further increasing user engagement and interaction.

Google describes ad intent as a purpose-based format that strategically places links and anchors within its contextual site content. This approach ensures that users receive organic search results paired with relevant ads, potentially increasing site revenue.

Connecting links and anchors

While sites have the option to display either links or anchors, Google recommends combining both for best results. The company recommends not artificially adding product ads to increase the frequency of ads, emphasizing genuine integration and user experience.

Both ad goals and anchors are compatible on mobile and desktop platforms, which guarantees a consistent user experience regardless of the device.

Ad display control

Google ensures quality control by automatically determining the number of target links for ads based on the word count of the page. This measure aims to maintain a positive user experience by limiting duplicate links and optimizing content relevance.

Available now to publishers

This innovative ad format is currently available to AdSense publishers, providing them with a new tool that potentially improves user engagement and revenue generation.

Interference with the decrease in income

Interestingly, this new feature comes as AdSense users have reported a significant drop in revenue after February 2024. While the impact of ad intent on revenue remains to be seen, it’s a promising development in online advertising, where content and ads are being combined more seamlessly than ever.

Google’s ad Intents feature is a major step forward in online advertising. It offers a fresh approach to ad integration that prioritizes user experience and relevance.

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