WhatsApp instant video messages feature has raised concern among users as it shares the same button as audio messages and many are facing an inconvenience in handling things. (Unsplash)News 

New Feature on WhatsApp Allows Users to Turn Off Instant Video Messages

WhatsApp has recently unveiled a new feature known as instant video messages, enabling users to effortlessly send brief video messages by simply tapping a button. This functionality closely resembles Telegram’s short video feature, streamlining the process of sending video messages with a single press. Nevertheless, certain users have expressed worries as this feature shares the same button as audio messages. In response, WhatsApp is currently working on incorporating a choice for users to deactivate Instant Video Messages in an upcoming update.

What went wrong with instant video messaging?

New toggle button

To prevent accidental sending of video messages, WhatsApp plans to add a new switch to Chat settings. According to a recent report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp will introduce improved controls for this instant video feature. allows users to disable instant messaging.

When this feature is disabled, the microphone icon reverts to its original function, allowing users to send voice messages by long tapping it. It is worth noting that even when instant messages are turned off, users can still receive such messages from others, which ensures that communication remains flexible and adapts to all preferences.

Other Meta updates

As we reported earlier, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature for everyone to send high definition (HD) photos and videos to your friends and family as Meta Platforms has rolled out its latest update for everyone. Until now, when you sent photos and videos on WhatsApp, they didn’t always look as sharp and clear as you would have liked. But with this new update you can share your videos in amazing HD quality. This reduces the need to use Google Docs links or other services to keep the quality of the video intact when shared with others.

With such regular updates, WhatsApp creates a better experience for its users.

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