The second-generation model also has improved ANC. Gadgets 

Shure’s Aonic 50 Headphones Boast Spatial Audio and Extended Battery Life

Shure has made significant improvements to the internal features of its Aonic 50 headphones in the second-generation model, while keeping the design largely unchanged. The company unveiled the upgraded version today, which is a high-end wireless headphone priced at $349. The new model boasts enhanced performance in various aspects, including spatial audio, improved active noise cancellation (ANC), and double the battery life compared to its predecessor. As for sound quality, Shure says the new Aonic 50 features spatial sound technology that utilizes an “acoustic modeling and critical listening” algorithm that…

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It says another new model, the Elite 8 Active, are 'the world's toughest earbuds.' News 

Jabra Introduces Elite 10 Earbuds with Dolby Atmos Technology

Jabra was among the pioneers in successfully developing true wireless earbuds. Since the release of its initial model, the Elite 65t, in 2018, the company has consistently provided a remarkable combination of sound quality and features at various price points. Furthermore, Jabra’s earbuds have proven to be exceptionally reliable, maintaining a strong connection even during the early stages of true wireless technology. Today, the company introduces two new additions to its product range: the Elite 10, a high-end model with comprehensive features, and the Elite 8 Active, a durable workout…

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The JBuds Mini will be available tomorrow, September 1st. News 

JLab Offers Affordable Wireless Earbuds for Just $40

JLab’s latest model of earbuds aims to significantly decrease size and weight while maintaining affordability and performance. The JBuds Mini, which was initially introduced in December, is a remarkably compact wireless earbud set that comes with a charging case smaller than a car key fob. Priced at $40, these earbuds may not have advanced features such as active noise cancellation (ANC), but they do offer essential functionalities like customizable touch controls, transparency mode, multipoint Bluetooth, and impressive battery life. JLab ensured that no compromises were made on these fundamental aspects.…

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The smallest, most affordable Ambeo option costs $800. News 

Sennheiser’s Ambeo Soundbar Mini Offers 3D Audio in a Compact Package

Sennheiser introduced the original Ambeo Soundbar in 2019 as their sole living room speaker with immersive audio technology, but it came with a hefty price tag of $2,500. Now known as the Ambeo Soundbar Max, it still costs $2,000 and offers impressive sound in a large package. Last year, Sennheiser released the Ambeo Soundbar Plus, a smaller and more affordable option priced at $1,500 (now $1,200). Today, they announced their most budget-friendly model yet, the Ambeo Soundbar Mini, which delivers immersive audio in a smaller speaker. However, it still comes…

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The company says its self-tuning speakers are the first to simultaneously run two voice assistants. News 

JBL Challenges Sonos with Multi-Room Authentics Home Speakers

JBL has unveiled its new Authentics series, a collection of three connected speakers that offer similar features to Sonos. These speakers support multi-room audio, automatic self-tuning, and have Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet connectivity. While only the priciest model has Dolby Atmos immersive sound, all three can simultaneously run Google Assistant and Alexa, making JBL the first company to achieve this. In designing the Authentics series, JBL was inspired by its L100 speaker, which debuted in the 70s. The bookshelf had a grid-patterned Quadrex grille as a visible aesthetic element, which…

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The FlexConnect technology will debut on TCL's 2024 television lineup. News 

Dolby Atmos to Enhance Home Theater Audio with TV Speakers

Certain companies offer the option to utilize the speakers in your television to enhance the performance of soundbars or other speakers, resulting in improved audio quality. For instance, Samsung provides Q-Symphony and Sony offers Acoustic Center Sync. Today, Dolby has unveiled a new feature called Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, which operates in a similar manner by connecting TV speakers with any wireless speakers present in the room. This technology will be introduced initially on TCL TVs in 2024. Dolby explains that FlexConnect “intelligently optimizes sound” based on room layout and speaker…

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Audeze will continue to make audio products for multiple platforms. Gaming 

PlayStation Acquires High-End Audio Brand Audeze

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the division responsible for PlayStation, has announced its intention to expand its presence in the audio industry. In pursuit of this goal, the company has entered into an agreement to acquire Audeze, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality headphones. The acquisition aims to enhance the audio experience of PlayStation games and further Sony’s commitment to innovation in this field. The specific details of the deal have not been revealed. Audeze will continue to operate independently and develop products for multiple platforms while “benefiting from being part of the…

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They only need to sync the two accounts to get started. News 

Spotify Launches Subscriber-Only Podcasts for Patreon Creators

Spotify has officially launched its integration with Patreon, allowing creators and users worldwide to access subscriber-only podcasts from the creator platform. This partnership enables patrons to enjoy exclusive content alongside other episodes on Spotify. If you come across a show that you haven’t financially supported yet, you can easily gain access with just a few taps within the streaming app. A Patreon podcaster just needs to sync their account with Spotify to get started. Afterwards, all patrons’ exclusive content will be on a dedicated page on their Spotify show profile.…

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The portable speaker may also come in colors and sport USB-C. News 

Sonos Move 2 to Feature Stereo Audio and 24-Hour Battery Life: Report

According to The Verge, Sonos is reportedly planning to release an upgraded version of its portable speaker, the Sonos Move. The original Move was praised for being one of the few fully connected portable speakers at the time of its release in 2019. However, with advancements in technology, Sonos seems to have made improvements to the device. The leaked details suggest that the Move 2 will offer significant upgrades, with the most notable being the transition from mono to stereo sound. If you were dissatisfied with the sound quality of…

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AudioCraft lets pros and researchers produce music and effects. AI 

Meta Launches Open Source AI Toolkit for Generating Audio from Text Inputs

Meta, the company behind Facebook, has launched an open source AudioCraft kit that simplifies the process of audio production for artists and sound designers by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) exclusively. This kit combines three pre-existing generative AI models, namely AudioGen, MusicGen, and EnCodec, which enable the creation of sound effects, music, and high-quality compressed sounds from text descriptions. With this comprehensive toolkit, musicians and sound designers now have all the necessary resources to compose their desired pieces. The release includes pre-trained AudioGen models for those who want to get started…

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The company blames its losses on podcasts and company restructuring. News 

Spotify Sees Unexpectedly High Growth Despite Continuing Losses

Spotify experienced a significant surge in its monthly active users (MAU) during the second quarter of 2023, reaching a record high of 551 million after attracting 36 million new listeners. This represents a 27 percent increase in MAUs and marks a milestone for the streaming giant, as stated in its recently published earnings report. Although not all new users opted for a Premium account, Spotify also achieved a remarkable second quarter in terms of Premium subscribers. It gained 10 million paying users, surpassing expectations by 3 million and achieving a…

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A family membership will cost $17 per month starting on August 1st. News 

Tidal Raises Price of HiFi Plan to $11 per Month

Tidal has joined the ranks of Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music in raising the price of its basic HiFi subscription. Effective from August 1st, the individual membership will now cost $11 per month in the US, marking a $1 increase. Similarly, the family plan will see a $2 hike, bringing it to $17 per month. Billboard reports that prices are also being raised in other global markets. It is not yet clear if the Tidal HiFi Plus tier will be affected. This $20 monthly package includes Dolby Atmos Music,…

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The more immersive sound was previously reserved for AirPods. News 

Apple’s Beats Studio Pro May Feature Head-Tracking Spatial Audio

According to leaked specifications reported by 9to5Mac, Apple’s rumored Beats Studio Pro headphones could be more appealing to certain listeners compared to AirPods. The Studio Pro is said to be the first Beats earphones to provide support for head-tracking spatial audio, a feature previously exclusive to newer AirPods models like the AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and third-generation base model. If the idea of experiencing sounds with distinct positions interests you, these upcoming over-ear headphones might be worth exploring. The Beats Studio Pro might also have an edge over the AirPods…

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The latest Marshall bluetooth speaker in India sits between its most-expensive product and looks to show its worth to buyers. News 

Marshall Middleton II: Portable Audio With Premium Sound At A High Price

Marshall is a globally recognized brand that has adapted its audio products over time while maintaining its distinctive style. The brand’s portable product range begins at a high-end price point, with larger products commanding higher prices. The Middleton II is one of Marshall’s more accessible Bluetooth speakers, at least in terms of size, as most would say that for Rs 31,999, the Marshall Middleton II not only has to prove its sound prowess, but also packs the X-factor. to justify the speaker’s higher cost in a market where lower-end options…

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The All-Day Clear line arrives in July. News 

Sennheiser Launches New Line of Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids with Innovative Charging Case

Sennheiser has joined the league of major brands that are now providing over-the-counter hearing aids, with a focus on its existing personal audio hardware customers. The All-Day Clear and All-Day Clear Slim models come with a charging case that functions similarly to those accompanying the Momentum True Wireless line or other Bluetooth earbuds. With a battery life of up to 16 hours, the charging case is a convenient solution for recharging the aids. Unsurprisingly, Sennheiser claims strong sound quality with intelligent scene recognition that optimizes sounds based on the environment.…

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