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New subscription management feature coming to Gmail

Having trouble sorting through your emails to determine what’s important and what’s not? Google is in the process of creating a new feature for Gmail that will help declutter your inbox. Typically, our emails are inundated with spam and newsletters, making it difficult to manage. Deleting or unsubscribing from each email individually can be time-consuming and tedious. With the upcoming “Manage Subscriptions” feature, Gmail users will have more control over what appears in their inbox, allowing for better organization of emails. Stay tuned for more information on this new feature from Google.

Gmail subscription management feature

According to PiunikaWeb’s report, a new version of Gmail was found with a new order management feature. This feature is expected to come as a new tab in the Gmail sidebar that can categorize users’ subscribed emails based on certain criteria. This feature is expected to automatically organize email status through which users can explore which emails require urgent attention. This feature detects likely spammers and promotional emails and classifies them accordingly. In addition, the feature may also include an “unsubscribe” button next to the sender’s name and logo, allowing users to quickly take action against unwanted emails.

Currently, Gmail’s subscription management feature is said to be under development. The feature was also spotted in January by AssembleDebug. However, it was uncertain how it would work. Now, a Reddit user also came across a pop-up showing the new manage subscriptions feature in the sidebar, but after clicking the “Try Now” button, it went into endless download mode.

This new subscription management feature from Gmial looks promising as it streamlines email organization and provides users with quick action buttons to avoid unwanted emails. In this way, users face problems when searching for important emails that require their urgent attention. As of now, it is not certain when the new Gmail feature will be officially rolled out, but it is certain that Google has been working on new ways to provide users with the features they need.

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