VisionOS is the latest operating system from the iPhone maker, making its debut alongside the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset earlier this month in February.News 

Possible redesign of Apple iOS 18 may incorporate UI design similar to VisionOS.

iOS 18 has long been rumored to mark a major overhaul of Apple’s iPhone lineup, introducing rumored creative AI features. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has himself confirmed that these features are coming in 2024.

Adding to the speculation is that there is another rumor that suggests that the aesthetics could also undergo a significant overhaul to a design inspired by Apple’s possibly tilting VisionOS.

For those unfamiliar, VisionOS is the iPhone maker’s latest operating system, which debuted alongside the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset earlier this month in February. As reported by The Verifier via 9to5Mac, iOS 18 is expected to feature visual elements inspired by VisionOS.

VisionOS already resembles iOS with rounded corners, shadows and depth. It is noteworthy that similarities can also be observed with the tvOS application. Additionally, The Verifier suggests that the redesign may extend to system menus and built-in Apple apps like Safari.

However, it’s important to note that this is just a rumor at this point, and it’s possible that these changes may not make it to iOS 18. To be honest, these changes are quite massive in scale, and this overhaul, combined with countless AI features, seems like a realistic endeavor. However, clarity on these matters is expected at the WWDC 2024 event.

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