LinkedIn new brain games include Crossclimb, Pinpoint, and Queens. (unsplash) News 

LinkedIn launches new cognitive games to enhance productivity and improve concentration for users

LinkedIn has recently unveiled three new brain games on its platform aimed at giving users a much-needed break from their busy schedules and enhancing productivity. These mind-boosting exercises are designed to help users improve focus and recharge, while also promoting networking opportunities with other professionals on the platform. Learn more about the exciting new games available on LinkedIn. About LinkedIn Brain Games On May 1, LinkedIn announced three brain games: Crossclimb, Pinpoint and Queens. Specifically, these thinking and brain training games are meant to improve user focus, concentration and productivity.…

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Stay alert! Government issues advisory against fake ads on social media, highlighting the threat of deepfake technology in perpetrating scams. (unsplash) AI 

Government warns about deepfake and AI scams in fake social media advertisements.

Various sources have reported a rise in fake advertisements on social media platforms. The government is working with intermediaries to address this growing problem. A warning was recently issued to specific citizens, including a member of a well-known technology company, about the spread of fake ads that may use deepfake technology to carry out scams. Be very careful about what you see on social media The government’s communiqué called for vigilance against fraudulent advertisements related to stock market operations, trading and allegedly free tips spread through social media applications. It…

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You can now use GIFs on Slack messages. Check details. ( Slack/X) News 

Slack launches GIF finder to enhance communication; learn how to use this new feature

Slack, a popular communication tool for businesses and teams, has introduced a new GIF feature to add a fun element to work interactions. GIFs, known for their ability to convey emotions and actions, are now available for sharing with colleagues on Slack, alongside emojis. Learn more about Slack’s new GIF finder feature and how it can enhance team communication. Slack integrates GIFs Slack officially announced the integration of GIFs into its tool via X-message. The GIF Finder feature allows users to choose the perfect GIF from a variety of options.…

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Slack, Otter AI to Momentum, discover the benefits of these top 5 productivity apps, designed to enhance efficiency and streamline your daily tasks. (Pexels) News 

Top 5 productivity apps to boost efficiency: Slack, Otter AI, and Momentum

In today’s fast-paced environment of juggling multiple tasks and staying connected at all times, having the right apps can significantly boost your daily productivity. Whether it’s managing projects, facilitating teamwork, organizing tasks, or scheduling events, these carefully selected applications are tailored to enhance your efficiency. Here are the top 5 app recommendations for the year 2024: 1. loose Revolutionary workplace communication Slack offers companies a comprehensive platform for communication, ideation and collaboration effortlessly. With features including calls, messages, and file sharing, Slack ensures a smooth and efficient communication experience for…

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Indian government firmly opposes Google Play Store's removal of Indian apps, and defends local startups. (ANI) News 

Government warns Google after removal of 10 Indian apps from Play Store, insists on no delisting allowed

The Indian government has expressed strong disapproval of Google’s recent removal of 10 Indian apps from the Google Play Store, stating that it will not be tolerated. The dispute revolves around the non-payment of service fees by these apps, such as Bharat Matrimony and Naukri, leading to their delisting. A meeting has been called for next week between the government, Google, and the affected startups to address the escalating issue. The government has firmly stated that “delisting cannot be permitted”. The government takes a strong position In an interview with…

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Consumers surveyed have experienced subscription traps, hidden charges and other dark patterns on purchasing apps (unsplash) News 

Survey reveals that more than 50% of consumers report encountering subscription traps and undisclosed fees in app purchases.

On Monday, online research firm LocalCircles reported that more than 50% of the surveyed consumers have encountered subscription traps, concealed fees, and other deceptive tactics while making purchases on mobile application stores or other software platforms. During the survey, LocalCircles came across cases where the consumer opted for a free app or a one-time service, but later switched to a subscription service. On November 30, the Consumer Protection Agency (CCPA) published a notice banning dark patterns. The government has identified 13 types of dark patterns, including false urgency, cart creep,…

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Give your work a boost in 2024 with essential productivity apps like Slack, MindMesiter, Evernote, Forest, and more. (Pexels) News 

Boost your productivity with these 5 essential apps: Slack, Forest, MindMeister, and more

In the pursuit of increased productivity, having the appropriate tools can have a significant impact. It is crucial to personalize your productivity approach since what may be effective for one individual may not be suitable for another. With the constant growth of productivity apps, it is essential to identify the ones that best cater to your requirements. Therefore, in 2024, here are five exceptional productivity apps, including Slack, Forest, and MindMeister, that can help you efficiently complete your tasks. 1. loose Effective team communication is at the heart of productivity,…

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Republic Day Traffic Advisory: Delhi Police in coordination with MapMyIndia (PTI) News 

Delhi Police collaborates with MapMyIndia to provide navigation services for Republic Day Traffic Advisory

On Thursday, officials announced that the Delhi Police, in collaboration with MapMyIndia, a digital mapping platform, has established navigation links to assist Republic Day invitees in conveniently accessing the parking facility for pick up and drop purposes. On Wednesday, the traffic police had said that they would offer VIPs, including senior bureaucrats and politicians, their seating area nearby this time on Republic Day. After the VIPs were dropped near the seating area, the cars were sent to the parking lot reserved for them. We are on WhatsApp channels. Click to…

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Know how to make Ram Mandir donations online via Paytm, BharatPe and other apps. (PTI) News 

Paytm and BharatPe apps now allow online donations for Ram Mandir

The long-awaited Shri Ram Janmaboomi Mandir Pran Pratishtha occurred today, January 22, at 12:30 PM in Ayodhya. The event included the unveiling of the Shri Ram Lalla idol, the temple consecration ceremony, and a musical performance called ‘Mangal Dhvani’ featuring 50 instruments from across the country. Notable attendees included Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, State Governor Anandiben Patel, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, various politicians, religious leaders, celebrities, and devotees. Additionally, on the day of Pran Pratishtha, the option to donate to the Ram Mandir became…

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The Holy Ayodhya app has listed 500 buildings of Ayodhya city as 'homestays' and 2200 rooms will be available for tourists to book via the app. News 

New App ‘Holy Ayodhya’ Launched to Assist Tourists in Booking Budget-Friendly Homestays for Ram Mandir Inauguration

The Ayodhya administration has launched a new app called ‘Holy Ayodhya’ dedicated to tourists visiting the Ram Mandir. Created by Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA), ‘Holy Ayodhya’ helps tourists book affordable homestays in Ayodhya. The app is currently only available for Android users. The interface is similar to any hotel booking app, but the hotel listings are exclusive to Ayodhya. Room prices start from 1000 rubles on average. Note that the “Holy Ayodhya” app lists mostly homestays, not commercial properties like hotels. The administration mentioned that 500 buildings in Ayodhya city…

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Armed with radar, sensors, aircraft and Christmas spirit, the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado is reporting on the movements of Santa's sleigh since his takeoff from the North Pole for parts of the globe where Christmas comes first (AFP) News 

NORAD monitors Santa Claus’s every action, allowing children to track him via website, app, or phone call.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado is diligently monitoring Santa’s journey as children worldwide eagerly anticipate his arrival on Christmas. Equipped with radar, sensors, aircraft, and a festive mindset, they are providing updates on Santa’s sleigh movements since his departure from the North Pole. These updates are being shared with children, allowing them to track Santa’s progress. NORAD is a joint military command responsible for protecting US and Canadian airspace, but it also has a happy side. It has launched its website, social media sites and a…

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From Evernote to Google Keep, check the top note-taking apps to store your thoughts and action plans. (Evernote) News 

Discover the Best Note-Taking Apps: Evernote, Notion, and Google Keep!

In today’s information overload, it is impossible to retain every piece of data we encounter daily. However, when it is crucial to remember everything, it becomes necessary to take steps to protect our position. This involves storing all the information we come across, including personal documents, notes, and schedules. To effectively manage this influx of information and our daily thoughts, a note-taking app is essential. To assist you in your search for the ideal app, we have compiled a selection of top note-taking apps like Evernote, Notion, and Google Keep.…

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A new test being conducted by Evernote is offering only a single notebook and a total of 50 notes to free users. (Evernote) News 

Say Goodbye to Free Evernote: What You Need to Know Now

Evernote, a popular note-taking app used by professionals and students, is known for its wide range of features and compatibility with various platforms. It offers both free and paid versions, with both providing a decent set of features. However, this may soon change as the company is currently testing a new plan that restricts free users to only 50 notes and 1 notebook. It seems that the era of freebies on Evernote may be coming to an end. According to a report by TechCrunch, Evernote has started testing this new…

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In comes Tradivia app, an instant translation app able to handle 16 languages, with which metro operator RATP has equipped 6,000 of its staff across the network's stations. (Pexels) News 

Navigating the Metro Made Easy: Paris App Helps Foreign Visitors During Olympics!

In preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games, the Paris metro has introduced a real-time translation application to assist foreign visitors in navigating the complex urban transport system of the French capital. With over 300 stations, many of which have challenging names to locate or pronounce, even locals can struggle, making it particularly daunting for non-French speakers. The Summer Olympics, which will be held in the French capital from July 26 to August 11, will bring millions of visitors to the capital who do not speak French or even English, most…

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Deceptive Designs: Dark patterns manipulate consumers, (unsplash) Gaming 

Liz Weston Exposes How Amazon and Epic Games’ Deceptive ‘Dark Patterns’ Cost You Money!

Do any of these things sound familiar to you? ● You can’t find an easy way to cancel an unwanted subscription, so you let it continue for another month. You tell yourself you’ll try again later. ● You feel rushed to make an online purchase that you regret, but you cannot cancel the transaction or request a refund. ● You want to read an article or shop online, but you are bombarded with pop-ups asking for your information. There’s no easy language to say, so you click “allow” just to…

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Messenger app introduces easier emoji reactions for effortless communication. (Facebook Newsroom) News 

Quickly React with Emojis – Messenger App Makes it Easy!

The Messenger app has introduced a new feature that suggests appropriate emoji reactions to make messaging interactions more efficient. Instead of searching through their recently-used list, users can now easily select from a set of suggested emoji reactions when responding to messages. This update simplifies the process and allows users to express themselves with just a single tap, enhancing the overall communication experience within the app. In addition, Messenger’s emoji reactions are visible to all chat participants, which promotes a more interactive and engaging chat experience. Whether it’s a thumbs…

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Editing and sharing of HDR images on iPhones has been added in the new Photomator 3.2 update. (Photomator) News 

Unlock HDR Editing and Sharing on Your iPhone with Photomator 3.2!

According to a recent announcement from the app developer, Photomator, a widely-used photo editing app, has been enhanced with a new update. The latest version, Photomator 3.2, now enables users to open, edit, and share complete HDR photos on iPhones. This means that the app can now edit images taken in HDR mode on iPhones. Additionally, the updated app has the capability to transform regular photos into HDR format. According to the company’s blog post, the Photomator 3.2 update “opens up new creative workflows with full support for opening, editing…

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Microsoft Loop, which has now been launched, is a productivity-focused platform that can streamline collaboration and team projects in an easy-to-follow workflow. (Microsoft) News 

Unlock Productivity and Collaboration with Microsoft’s New App Loop!

Microsoft has officially released Microsoft Loop, a new app for productivity and collaboration. During the announcement, the company highlighted its similarities to the popular app Notion. To enhance its appeal, Loop incorporates Copilot, Microsoft’s AI tools, into Microsoft 365. Currently, there are two versions available: the web version for commercial customers and the mobile app version for consumer customers. This app aims to provide users with a smooth workflow experience and facilitate collaboration on projects. But what sets Microsoft Loop apart from Notion is its native integration with other Microsoft…

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ICSI CSEET 2023 November Exam results, set to be released. (Pexels) News 

Check Your CSEET 2023 November Exam Results Now – Here’s How!

Today, on November 10, 2023, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICSI) has announced the outcomes of the Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET). Aspiring candidates can retrieve their results by visiting the official website,, and providing their CSEET registration number along with their date of birth. CSEET Results 2023 and subject-wise mark breakdown will be available immediately after the announcement on It is important to note that no physical copies of the results will be provided. How to Check ICSI CSEET Result November 2023 1. Go…

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To prepare for the BPSC TRE exam properly, try out these online apps that will give you a proper foundation and tell you what to expect and how to attempt it. (Pexels) News 

Crack the BPSC TRE Phase 2 Exam: 3 Essential Apps to Get You Started!

If you are a candidate for the BPSC TRE exam, this news may catch your attention. The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) has recently initiated the registration procedure for phase 2 of the Teacher Recruitment Examination on November 5. If you are planning to take the exam, you have the option to apply through or More information about BPS TRE registration phase 2 BPSC TRE registration is available for limited time. Registration can be applied for on 14.11. until without late fees. If you register after the due…

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