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Report warns of potential ‘Dirty Stream’ attack targeting Android smartphones through Google Play Store apps

Attention Android smartphone users: Microsoft has identified a significant security flaw in Android apps that could put your device at risk. Dubbed the “Dirty Stream” attack, this vulnerability could allow hackers to hijack popular apps or access sensitive information. It is crucial to take immediate action to protect your device from potential scams. Learn more about this security threat and how to keep your device safe.

What is a “Dirty stream” attack?

A dirty stream attack is a “path traversal vulnerability pattern” discovered by Microsoft in a recent study. According to Microsoft’s report, the vulnerability has the ability to manipulate your device, allowing hackers to exploit the flaw and hack your Android apps.

The company emphasized that the threat could expose our Android devices to arbitrary code execution and token theft. The threat has affected several popular apps in terms of how they share data with other apps. Microsoft said: “We identified several vulnerable apps from the Google Play Store that represented more than four billion installs.” These popular apps include Xiaomi Inc.’s File Manager, WPS Office, and others. However, the problem can only be fixed by updating the application.

How Android users can protect their devices

  • Avoid sideloading apps as they may contain malicious code. Download apps strictly from official app stores like Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store or Amazon Appstore.
  • Be sure to enable Google Play Protect as it thoroughly scans new and existing Android apps for viruses.
  • Use third-party Android antivirus apps like Macfee to protect your device from hackers, malicious codes, viruses and other threats.
  • Keep your Android device up-to-date with the latest OS updates and security patches to fix device vulnerabilities and bugs. This will keep your device safe and at optimal performance.

These are some of the necessary steps that users must follow to protect their electronic devices and avoid falling victim to scams.

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