At Oppo's developer conference, it was announced that Windows Phone Link and Link to Windows features will be coming to Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme phones.News 

Stay Connected with the Latest Feature: OnePlus, Oppo, & Realme Phones!

OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme devices are set to support Phone Link and Link to Windows, as announced at Oppo’s developer conference. This development is based on the partnership between Microsoft and Oppo. Notably, these features were previously exclusive to Samsung, Microsoft Surface Duo and Honor smartphones.

As spotted by MsPowerUser, the Phone Link app is pre-installed on select Oppo devices running ColorOS 14, OnePlus devices running OxygenOS 14, and is reportedly accessible in the Quick Settings category by swiping down from the top of the screen.

The following smartphones are set to receive the Phone Link feature:

  • OnePlus
  • Oppo Find Series
  • Realme Series
  • Oppo Reno Series

These smartphones allow users to control their phones from their computers using WiFi. Once connected, users can use the mouse and keyboard on their phones to do things like open apps, type, and more. In addition, users can connect their phones to their computers using the instant hotspot feature without touching them.

What is Windows Phone Link?

For guests, the Windows Phone Link PC app and the Link to Windows app allow you to easily access the content of your Android device directly on your Windows PC. It even lets you make and receive calls, reply to text messages, view all notifications, and drag and drop files.

Despite this, this experience makes you feel part of the product ecosystem. Having used Samsung devices side by side, we can attest that it works well. This is undoubtedly a positive step for BBK-owned OnePlus, Oppo and Realme and would give Android users with Windows 11 PCs a home.

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