You can ask Copilot to help you expand your message to better achieve your goals. Microsoft says you can even ask it to make you sound like a pirate News 

AI Updates Enhance Microsoft Teams Copilot

Microsoft is improving the functionality of AI-based Copilot in Microsoft Teams by adding new ways to invite an assistant for summaries, meeting discussions and more. Copilot can already summarize Teams sessions, but over the next few months it will combine spoken transcripts and written conversations into one screen, making it easier to keep track of missed meetings. According to the Microsoft 365 blog, the Teams application is getting a lot of updates produced by artificial intelligence. One of the updates is an improved Microsoft Copilot that can summarize your meetings.…

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Samsung's new Galaxy Book 4 model is powered by Intel Core Ultra processor, has Windows 11 out of the box and features a premium and lightweight design. News 

Samsung’s latest Windows laptop, a rival to the MacBook, is now on sale in India: Check out the price and features.

Samsung has launched its new MacBook competitor in the Indian market, the Galaxy Book 4 laptop, which runs on the Windows 11 operating system. Samsung has other Galaxy Book laptops available in the country, but the vanilla Book 4 model focuses on being premium without burning a deep hole in the wallet. It has an AMOLED display, weighs less than 1.6 kg, and has the latest Intel Ultra processors. Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Price in India The Samsung Galaxy Book 4 has been launched in India for the Intel Core…

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Windows PC support Android apps via Amazon's app store but the new update suggests PC users will lose the option in the next 12 months. News 

Microsoft will no longer support Android apps on Windows PCs.

Microsoft has announced that it will end official support for Android’s Windows subsystem starting March 5, 2025 next year. The software giant had announced that it would bring Android apps to Windows 11 in collaboration with Amazon’s Appstore almost three years ago. Now, Microsoft has released an official statement on its website that reads, “Microsoft is ending support for the Windows Subsystem Android™️ (WSA). As a result, the Amazon App Store on Windows and all apps and games that depend on WSA will not be supported starting next year. According…

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If you want to remove the background of an image or replace it with a solid colour, use the Paint and Photos app on your Windows 11 PC. News 

How to Remove Background Image in Windows 11 Paint and Photos App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Microsoft’s popular PC platform, Windows 11, includes built-in image editing software such as Paint and Photos. These apps have features that allow users to change the background color of the image to a solid color or remove it completely without downloading an additional third-party app. Additionally, this feature allows users to remove the background from any image with a single click, just like Photoshop’s built-in functionality. The Windows 11 Paint application can be used to remove the entire background of an image and replace it with transparency. However, users should…

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Windows 11's new AI-powered feature works by canceling echoes, suppressing background noise, and reducing reverberations in real-time. News 

Microsoft is currently experimenting with a new feature in Windows 11 to ensure noise-free online meetings.

If you’re a corporate employee or just have a workflow that requires extensive use of online video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, you know how difficult it can be to find a quiet place to hold meetings. Any kind of background noise can filter out when you’re in a meeting, and this can hinder communication with teammates. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams is now testing a new beta version of Canary for Windows, which includes the new Voice Clarity feature that was previously exclusive to Surface. This feature is…

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Microsoft is planning for the future with its AI approach for PC but that means some of the older features will be phased out. News 

Microsoft Discontinues WordPad, Ending 25-Year Run for PC Users

Microsoft is killing another old product that is not part of the Windows 11 operating system. We’re talking about WordPad, which has been around for over 25 years and has served as a Word replacement for millions. A new development has been spotted in the recent Windows 11 beta, which says, “Starting with this build, WordPad and People apps will no longer be installed after a clean install of the OS. On the upcoming flight, WordPad will be removed during the update. WordPad cannot be reinstalled. WordPad is a deprecated…

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Microsoft has opened the AI gates to more people with Copilot but the company has a fake news concern that could become a problem in 2024. AI 

What Happened: Microsoft AI Bing Raises Concerns About Fake News

Microsoft has a big lead over other tech giants in the AI arena, but it seems the company has some concerns that need to be addressed quickly. Microsoft has released an AI chatbot called Copilot that appears to be producing inaccurate information about the 2024 US election. Researchers have found that the AI chatbot shares information about upcoming events with information from past incidents and is in many ways wrong about what it has to offer to queries. AI chatbots have raised concerns about people being misinformed, and Microsoft has…

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Microsoft has baked in a lot of features into Windows 11 but one of the most important tool is finally coming to users. News 

After Years of Waiting, Windows Users Will Finally Have Access to This Feature

Windows users have many features that keep them hooked on the platform and not entice them to switch to Mac. But there is one important feature that has been missing for years. Not anymore, because Windows 11 PCs have a feature that lets you see the word count when you type something in Notepad. You might feel like this isn’t a very big addition, but when you consider that Windows users never had a chance to check the word count all these years, it’s a big upgrade indeed. Technically, the…

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Microsoft offered free Windows 11 upgrade for many PC users but the company has blocked the keys which allowed that update. News 

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Woes: Free Activation Key Blocked!

Microsoft recently pulled the plug on Windows 7 and 8 activation keys, much to the annoyance of many consumers, but now another issue has surfaced that affects current Windows 10 and 11 users. The company decided to block keys for Windows 7 and 8 versions that allowed people to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 or 11 for free. It happens when people have already upgraded to the latest version of Windows, but for some reason they have changed their computer’s hardware to optimize its performance. In fact, people are…

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This update reflects Microsoft's ongoing commitment to providing a more flexible and personalized user experience, the report said. News 

Unlock More Freedom on Windows 11: Uninstall Built-In Apps Now!

US tech giant Microsoft is preparing to release an update to Windows 11 that will allow users to remove a wider range of default apps and give users more control over built-in apps. Users will soon have the option to remove pre-installed apps such as the Camera app, Cortana, Photos app, People app, and Remote Desktop (MSTSC), as reported by Bleeping Computer, which is currently being tested in version 23585. The developer channel. This update reflects Microsoft’s continued commitment to providing a more flexible and personalized user experience, according to…

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In a big step, the latest Microsoft Windows 11 update has allowed users to uninstall default apps, giving them more control over what is on their laptops and PCs.. (Pexels) News 

Unlock More Possibilities with Microsoft Windows 11: Uninstall Default Apps with Ease!

Microsoft is changing its approach by giving users greater authority over the apps included in Windows 11. Unlike previous versions, Windows 11 initially limited the ability to remove certain pre-installed apps without using specific tools or methods. However, Microsoft is now starting to loosen its control over default apps with the release of the latest Windows 11 preview build. This will allow users to independently choose which apps they prefer and remove the ones they don’t want from their system. What default apps can you remove in Windows 11? As…

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Windows users have been relying on the start button for varied applications but Microsoft wants to give it an AI twist. News 

Windows PCs May No Longer Feature the Start Button

Microsoft is building the Start button into a new avatar for Windows PCs, and it’s called Copilot. Well, that’s what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said while talking about the rumored version of Windows 12 that is expected to be released in the near future. The Windows Start button has been a permanent fixture, but since the company’s refocus on AI is well-documented, it may be looking at revamping the button’s AI, which Nadella suggested during a recent event. Nadella even pointed out that Copilot can be an orchestra of…

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Windows PCs were free upgradable to version 11 for two years but Microsoft has changed that decision recently. News 

Microsoft Could Have 400 Million Reasons To Charge For Windows 11 Upgrade

Microsoft has always avoided sharing official figures on Windows users around the world, but now a leaked report suggests the company may have nearly 400 million devices running an active version of Windows 11. Recently, Microsoft shared an update that says it will block Windows 7 and 8 activation keys that helped millions upgrade to Windows 11 over the past two years. The company has definitely struggled with just sharing Windows 11 numbers, and even the website talks about 1.4 billion devices running Windows 10 or Windows 11 right now.…

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Microsoft says that old Windows PC users need to pay for the Windows 11 key to activate it for their device from now. News 

Microsoft No Longer Offers Free Windows 11 Upgrade to Windows 7 Users

Microsoft is now blocking Windows 7 and 8 users from free access to the latest version of Windows 11. Many people have been able to use an old Windows 7 or 8 activation key to upgrade to Windows 11, and now the company has closed this loophole. Users of old Windows PCs now need to get a Windows 11 key to use the new version, which means they have to pay to get Windows 11 on their PC. As Microsoft has confirmed to The Verge, Windows 7 dongles are now…

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Those with Windows 7 and 8 keys will no longer be able to upgrade to Windows 11. (Unsplash) News 

Microsoft No Longer Offering Free Windows 11 Activations for Windows 7 Keys

Microsoft has reportedly started preventing the activation of Windows 11 using Windows 7 and Windows 8 keys. This development comes shortly after Microsoft announced that it would no longer offer free upgrades to Windows 11 for older operating systems like Windows 7 and 8. Many people have been taking advantage of this loophole, particularly since Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in 2020, rendering it obsolete. However, according to multiple reports, users will no longer be able to obtain a free copy of Windows 11 with a digital license using…

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Know all about Microsoft’s new web app store for Windows. (Microsoft) News 

Microsoft Introduces Windows App Store for Easier Access to Apps and Games

Microsoft has recently enhanced its Teams app for Windows and Mac in order to enhance its performance. However, the company’s efforts do not end there. On October 6, Microsoft introduced a brand new web app store for Windows. This web app store is not simply a makeover or the inclusion of new features; in fact, Microsoft asserts that it was developed from the ground up with a fresh user interface (UI) to provide a more user-friendly and effortless experience when searching for new Windows apps and Xbox PC games. Announcing…

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The company has also added background blur and enhanced search capabilities within the Photos app News 

Windows 11 Receives Major Upgrade Featuring Copilot, AI-Enhanced Paint, Snipping Tool and More

The technology giant Microsoft has started releasing major Windows 11 updates. These updates include new features and improvements such as Copilot, AI improvements to the Paint and Snipping Tool, background blur screen in Photos, Windows Backup and more. “We spend a lot of time on our computers, and time is precious. That’s why Windows is on a mission to make everyday things easier, faster and more effortless with new features like Windows Copilot,” Yusuf Mehdi, the company’s vice president and director of consumer marketing, said in a blog post. Copilot…

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Windows 11's latest update unveils AI-powered 'Copilot' and exciting new features. (Microsoft ) News 

Explore the Latest Features of Windows 11 Update

A recent update has been released for Windows 11, introducing exciting AI features. Among them is a new addition called “Copilot” for laptops. However, what exactly does Copilot entail, and what other intriguing elements are included in this update? Let’s delve into the details and uncover them! What is Copilot? Copilot is like a helpful assistant on your computer. Think of a pilot in an airplane and his sidekick, the co-pilot. You can let Windows copilot do all the dirty work you need to do to complete all your tasks.…

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Microsoft Surface event 2023: Windows 11 users, get ready for a tech treat! Microsoft is set to dazzle with a big September 26 update. (Unsplash) News 

Microsoft Surface Event to Unveil Windows 11 Update with Copilot and RAR Support on September 26

Microsoft is gearing up to unveil a significant update for Windows 11, known as 23H2, on September 26, which will introduce exciting new features and enhancements to enhance the user experience. The announcement was made at the ongoing Microsoft Surface event 2023 in New York. Windows Copilot One of the star features of this update is Windows Copilot, an AI-powered assistant. It’s like a helpful friend on your desktop. It allows you to adjust settings, open applications or ask questions. It’s smart and can even use your calendar information to…

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Microsoft announced several new AI features at the Surface Event 2023. (Microsoft) News 

Microsoft Surface Event: Uncover the Latest AI-Powered Innovations from Copilot to Bing

Microsoft held its Surface Event 2023 in New York today, revealing the latest additions to its product lineup, including the Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Laptop Go 3. This marked Microsoft’s first in-person event since the pandemic, but surprisingly, it was not live-streamed, which is atypical for a tech company aiming to generate excitement for its offerings. Over the past few years, Microsoft has placed significant emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI), and following the Microsoft Build Event 2023, the company has now unveiled numerous new AI features. Microsoft CEO…

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