iPhone 15 gets the USB C charging port which supports features like power delivery that makes the new iPhone quite useful.News 

Surprising Feature: iPhone 15’s USB C Port Can Charge Another iPhone

The new iPhone 15 series is the first to feature a USB C charging port as Apple complies with the new EU decision. But contrary to reports, the company plans to sell USB-C iPhones in all its markets. We’ve already told you that the move to USB C doesn’t mean that iPhones will now charge faster than Android phones, but the change still has its benefits, quite a few of them.

It was recently mentioned that USB C on iPhone 15 series models allows you to charge AirPods and Apple Watch in wired mode by default, which iPads with USB-C ports also offer.

But did you know that the iPhone 15 USB C port can charge another iPhone? That’s right, it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone with a Lightning connector or the new iPhone 15, both will charge as soon as you plug the charging cable into the iPhone 15’s USB-C port.

In a recent video about the iPhone 15, a popular YouTube user connected the iPhone 15’s USB C to an iPhone equipped with a lightning connector, and the iPhone charged immediately. We don’t know about the charging speed, but there is another benefit of bringing USB C to the iPhone, which can now become your emergency charging solution.

The interesting part is that when you charge one iPhone 15 with another iPhone that has a USB C port, it automatically decides which iPhone needs juice and makes sure that its battery doesn’t run out of fuel.

However, when you connect an iPhone with a Lightning connector to a USB C iPhone 15, the charging dynamics are complicated, and either iPhone can start charging the other without knowing which model has the lower battery. USB C’s seamless charging technology is possible thanks to Power Delivery (PD) support, which is equally effective when charging an Android phone with the iPhone 15 series model.

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