'Heart on my Sleeve' may be eligible for songwriting honors. AI 

Grammy Awards to Take into Account Drake and The Weeknd’s Viral Song with AI Vocals for Nominations

The individual responsible for a popular AI-generated song has entered the track for consideration at the Grammy Awards. The Recording Academy has specified that certain awards are not applicable to such works. Nevertheless, Ghostwriter, the anonymous creator of “Heart on My Sleeve,” has submitted the song in the categories of best rap song and song of the year, which are both recognized for songwriting excellence. The Academy has indicated a willingness to acknowledge compositions primarily composed by humans, even if the recording itself is predominantly AI-generated. Ghostwriter composed the lyrics…

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But human-written songs with some AI-generated elements might. News 

Grammy Awards Unlikely to Recognize AI-Created Music

According to Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr., it seems that Fake Drake will not be receiving a Grammy. The organization will take into account music that includes some AI-generated voices or instrumentation for award recognition, but it will only acknowledge songs that are primarily written and performed by humans. “At this point, we allow AI music and content to be submitted, but Grammy Awards can only go to human creators who have made creative contributions in the appropriate categories,” Mason said in an interview with Grammy.com. “If an AI…

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