Apple's collaboration with Shutterstock signals a strategic move towards enhancing its in-house AI capabilities, potentially shaping the future of AI integration in iPhones. (unsplash) AI 

Apple partners with Shutterstock to train its AI model

Apple has teamed up with Shutterstock, a library of stock photos and videos, to use its data for training its artificial intelligence (AI) models. This partnership indicates that Apple is moving towards creating its own foundation model. While there were rumors about integrating Google’s Gemini AI and Baidu’s Ernie Bot into the iPhone 16 series for AI features, it appears that Apple’s focus is on developing its own AI model in the long run. Apple has partnered with Shutterstock Sources familiar with the matter cited by Reuters revealed that Apple…

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boAt and Bollywood star Ranveer Singh join forces and mark a strategic partnership that looks to resonate with the pulse of the youth. News 

boAt and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh join forces in a strategic partnership

boAt, known as India’s top audio wearable brand and the second-largest worldwide, has formed a substantial partnership with Bollywood personality Ranveer Singh. This collaboration surpasses typical brand alliances as Singh has not only joined the boAt family but has also made an undisclosed investment in the company. This investment positions him as a vital stakeholder in boAt’s future ventures. This partnership seeks to capitalize on Singh’s entrepreneurial spirit and his keen understanding of the younger generation’s audio habits. The investment strengthens confidence in BoAt’s vision and promotes brand growth in…

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Dubreq, the creator of Stylophone, introduces its own affordable theremin priced at $110.

The theremin, a notoriously difficult and expensive instrument, is now made more accessible with the introduction of the Stylophone Theremin by Dubreq. This new synth serves as a great entry point for those interested in exploring the world of theremin music. Similar to the traditional instrument, the Stylophone Theremin utilizes an antenna that reacts to motion, resulting in unique and experimental sounds. Priced at approximately $110, interested individuals can now sign up for pre-orders on Dubreq’s website. The Stylophone Theremin is not a straightforward theremin, but a synthesizer that uses…

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The Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr on drums perform on the CBS "Ed Sullivan Show" in New York on Feb. 9, 1964. (AP) AI 

Hear the Beatles’ Final Collaboration with John, Paul, George, Ringo and AI Technology: ‘Now and Then’

The last recording by The Beatles has arrived. The almost impossible-to-believable song called “Now and Then” is four minutes and eight seconds long from the first and only original Beatles recording of the 21st century. There’s a countdown, then an acoustic guitar strum and piano bleed into John Lennon’s unmistakable singing voice in the song’s introduction: “I know it’s true / It’s all because of you / And if I make it / It’s all because of you.” More than four decades after Lennon’s murder and two after George Harrison’s…

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Offerings worth your time as selected by The Associated Press’ entertainment journalists. (Pixabay) Gaming 

This Week’s Must-Watch Streaming Picks: Annette Bening, Jason Aldean, Awkwafina, NKOTB and ‘Blue Eye Samurai’

Coming soon to your screens are new television shows, movies, music, and games featuring Awkwafina as a woman obsessed with game shows in “Quiz Lady” and an animated historical drama called “Blue Eye Samurai” that follows the story of a mixed-race female samurai seeking revenge in Japan. Among the deals selected by Associated Press entertainment reporters are Jason Aldean’s studio album, a new Hulu series based on Charmaine Wilkerson’s novel “Black Cake” and Annette Bening playing a real-life hero who swims a rogue. passage from Cuba to Key West in…

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'Heart on my Sleeve' may be eligible for songwriting honors. AI 

Grammy Awards to Take into Account Drake and The Weeknd’s Viral Song with AI Vocals for Nominations

The individual responsible for a popular AI-generated song has entered the track for consideration at the Grammy Awards. The Recording Academy has specified that certain awards are not applicable to such works. Nevertheless, Ghostwriter, the anonymous creator of “Heart on My Sleeve,” has submitted the song in the categories of best rap song and song of the year, which are both recognized for songwriting excellence. The Academy has indicated a willingness to acknowledge compositions primarily composed by humans, even if the recording itself is predominantly AI-generated. Ghostwriter composed the lyrics…

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This seems to be another move to attract more paying users. News 

Spotify Tests Restricting Access to Lyrics Behind Premium Paywall

Spotify is currently conducting tests on its Premium service by making changes to its offerings. Recently, a number of Spotify users who were on the free tier observed that they could no longer access in-app lyrics. Instead, they received a notification bubble stating, “Enjoy lyrics on Spotify Premium,” along with a sign-up link. Spotify explains that this move to place in-app lyrics behind a paywall is simply a part of its regular testing process. “At Spotify, we routinely run a number of tests, some of which end up paving the…

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It adds an extra social element to the music-streaming app. News 

YouTube Music’s Now Playing Tab Incorporates YouTube Comments to the Detriment of Listeners

The recent update of YouTube Music’s Now Playing page is now available for both iOS and Android devices. A notable addition to the app is a new feature that enhances its social aspect. Users can now read and post comments directly on the Now Playing page, expanding beyond the previous limitation to playlists only. According to screenshots shared by 9to5 Google, some of the comments on the page may be from several years ago. As it is, it seems The updated design is rolling out gradually, so you may not…

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Israeli researchers find that actively collecting music on streaming platforms can enhance the enjoyment of listening. (Unsplash) News 

Israeli Researchers Report Decline in Music Listening Enthusiasm on Streaming Services

Israeli researchers have discovered a correlation between music collection and the pleasure derived from listening, shedding light on the influence of streaming platforms on individuals’ perception and enjoyment of music. The research, led by Bar-Ilan University professor Ofer Bergman, was recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. “Our research highlights the important role of the music collection in shaping the subjective music consumption experience. By actively participating in collecting on streaming platforms, users can increase their level of enjoyment and potentially rekindle their passion for music,” said…

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Rokblok is a portable and wireless vinyl record player that measures 4 X 2 inches and is made out of bamboo and MDF. (Rokblok) News 

Be Amazed by RokBlok – The Incredible Vinyl Record Player

Over the years, NBC’s Shark Tank has showcased numerous products, some of which have become unforgettable. Although many of these products have proven to be short-lived trends, a few have achieved remarkable sales figures. The Ring Video Doorbell serves as a prime example, as it was initially dismissed on the show in 2013 but has since become one of the most triumphant products to date. In fact, it was even acquired by Amazon for approximately $1 billion in 2018. Shark Tank episode 910 was special when one of the most…

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The platform and Universal have unveiled principles for handling the emerging category. News 

YouTube Seeks to Leverage AI-Generated Music Without Copyright Issues

YouTube is rapidly transforming into a hub for music created by artificial intelligence, and the platform is striving to find a middle ground between supporters of this technology and copyright-conscious labels. YouTube, along with collaborators such as Universal Music Group (UMG), has introduced a set of guidelines for AI-generated music. In essence, this approach aims to promote the acceptance of AI music while ensuring that artists receive fair compensation. For starters, YouTube claims that “AI is here” and that it needs to have a “responsible” strategy. Thus, it forms the…

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The research looked at how brains interact with music. News 

Brain Scans Used to Recreate Pink Floyd Song by Scientists

Scientists are striving to comprehend and replicate the distinct and captivating impact that music has on our minds. A recent study, published in PLOS Biology, achieved this by employing advanced technology to recreate Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1 solely through brain activity. This breakthrough utilized stimulus reconstruction, a technique that builds upon previous advancements, enabling researchers to replicate a song similar to the one experienced by an individual. 29 participants had drug-resistant epilepsy and intracranial grids or electrode strips surgically implanted to aid in their treatment.…

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YouTube Music has rolled out “Samples” which lets users explore and find new music. (YouTube Music) News 

YouTube Music Launches Feature to Discover Music Through Short Clips

YouTube Music has unveiled a fresh section named “Samples,” enabling users to discover unfamiliar music or stumble upon something they may enjoy. This tab will showcase personalized music videos, allowing users to delve into their newfound musical preferences. This feature bears resemblance to TikTok’s offerings, but YouTube has incorporated short videos alongside the music. Let’s explore the offerings of this new tab. YouTube samples The Samples tab is located between the Home and Explore tabs. The tab offers a short music video for users to explore in the same way…

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You can also drag and drop in old sounds for inspiration. News 

AI-Powered Plugin Creates Music Samples from Text Inputs

The developers of Samplab, an AI-powered sample editing software, have released a new VST3 plugin called TextToSample. This plugin, which can be used within your DAW or as a standalone tool, enables you to generate samples by simply typing text prompts. For instance, if you type “bubbly synth melody,” TextToSample will create a lively synth melody that you can use according to your preferences. Best of all, this plugin is available for free. TextToSample leverages Meta’s open source AI-based audio generation toolkit, MusicGen, and is trained using information provided by…

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It launched closed beta testing for the service in Brazil and Indonesia. News 

TikTok Launches Music Streaming Service in Australia, Mexico and Singapore

TechCrunch and CNBC have reported that TikTok is now offering users in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore the opportunity to join a closed beta test for its upcoming music streaming service. This comes after the app initially launched the beta testing phase in Brazil and Indonesia in July. As part of the expansion, invited users in these regions will receive a complimentary three-month trial to experience the service. TikTok Music is a completely separate app that testers can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. However, it connects…

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Ive has moved from digital music devices to an analog one. News 

Jony Ive’s Post-Apple Design: A $60,000 Turntable

After departing from Apple, Jony Ive has been actively engaged in various projects through his design agency. These include the creation of a typeface, a charitable endeavor involving clown noses, and even envisioning “the future of Airbnb.” Ive’s latest venture with LoveFrom brings him back to his roots in hardware design, as they introduce a new version of a modular turntable that has been in existence for fifty years. LoveFrom helped refine Linn’s Sondek’s LP12 for the 50th anniversary edition. I’ve told Fast Company that it was a “very gentle…

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The MSG Sphere is meant to reinvent Las Vegas concerts and movies. News 

The Venetian Resort begins trials of its colossal LED video sphere

MSG Entertainment has commenced extensive testing of the Sphere, an impressive structure set to grace the Las Vegas skyline. Located near The Venetian Resort, this colossal venue boasts a gigantic animated dome measuring 516ft in width and 366ft in height, accompanied by a 16K LED screen encircling its interior. While its exterior is undeniably attention-grabbing, the true allure lies within the immersive live entertainment experience offered by the internal display. The Sphere aims to revolutionize concerts and cinematic experiences, promising a complete reimagining of these forms of entertainment. As MSG’s…

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A family membership will cost $17 per month starting on August 1st. News 

Tidal Raises Price of HiFi Plan to $11 per Month

Tidal has joined the ranks of Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music in raising the price of its basic HiFi subscription. Effective from August 1st, the individual membership will now cost $11 per month in the US, marking a $1 increase. Similarly, the family plan will see a $2 hike, bringing it to $17 per month. Billboard reports that prices are also being raised in other global markets. It is not yet clear if the Tidal HiFi Plus tier will be affected. This $20 monthly package includes Dolby Atmos Music,…

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The move might help it compete against Apple and YouTube. News 

Spotify Reportedly Looking to Include Music Videos in App

According to sources from Bloomberg, Spotify is considering the possibility of incorporating full-length music videos into its app, allowing users to not only listen but also watch music. The company is said to be in discussions with potential partners, although it remains uncertain who would back this feature or when it would be implemented. Spotify has chosen not to provide any comments on the matter at this time. Spotify’s videos are currently limited to podcasts, 30-second storytelling clips (which help artists talk about their work), and 10-second GIFs that rotate…

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Apple Inc. is set for a showdown with European Union antitrust regulators (REUTERS) News 

Apple Refuses to Comply with EU’s Antitrust Investigation of Spotify

Apple Inc. is preparing for a confrontation with European Union antitrust regulators, asserting that it does not have to implement any further modifications to its App Store. This comes after the company faced formal accusations regarding its treatment of competitors in the music streaming industry, including Spotify Technology SA. Ahead of a hearing in Brussels on Friday, the iPhone maker claims it was unfairly accused by the EU of having illegal restrictions similar to Spotify’s that prevent developers from driving users away from the App Store. Apple believes it has…

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