The Mayo Clinic will use computing chips and systems from Cerebras to tap into decades of anonymized medical records and data to develop its own AI models. AI 

Silicon Valley Teams Up with Medical Center to Create AI Solutions for Healthcare

The Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical center based in Rochester, Minnesota, announced Monday that it is partnering with Silicon Valley startup Cerebras Systems to develop artificial intelligence models for the healthcare industry. The Mayo Clinic, which has three major campuses in the United States in addition to the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, uses Cerebras’ chips and systems to tap decades of anonymized patient data and information to develop its own AI models. Matthew Callstrom, Mayo’s chief medical strategy officer and chairman of its radiology department, said some…

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The study saw no increase in false-positive results over human screeners. News 

AI-powered Cancer Detection Could Reduce Radiologist Workload by 50%

According to a recent study published in the Lancet Oncology journal, the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in mammogram cancer screening can significantly reduce the workload of radiologists by almost 50% without compromising the accuracy of results. The study concluded that the AI’s suggestions were comparable to the combined recommendations of two radiologists working in tandem. “AI-assisted mammography screening resulted in a similar cancer detection rate compared to standard double reading and with a significantly lower number of screens, demonstrating that the use of AI in mammography screening is safe,”…

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Amazon Clinic helps you get treatment for common illnesses. News 

Amazon’s Telehealth Service Now Accessible Nationwide

Amazon has made its digital healthcare service, Clinic, accessible across the entire United States, including Washington, DC. Users can now have video visits with clinicians nationwide, and in 34 states, they can also engage in text-only conversations. These services are conveniently accessible through Amazon’s website and mobile app. Launched in November, the Clinic is intended to treat more than 30 common health problems, such as birth control prescriptions, migraines and pink eye. You choose a remote healthcare provider, fill out the application form and contact the doctor. You don’t need…

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The World Health Organization called for caution on Tuesday in using artificial intelligence for public healthcare, saying data used by AI to reach decisions could be biased or misused. News 

WHO warns against bias and misinformation in the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare

(Reuters) – The World Health Organization on Tuesday urged caution in the use of artificial intelligence in public health care, saying data used by artificial intelligence to make decisions could be biased or misused. The WHO said it was excited by the potential of AI, but was concerned about how it would be used to improve access to health information as a decision support tool and improve diagnostic care. The WHO said in a statement that data used to train AI can be biased and produce misleading or inaccurate data,…

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