Here, we'll talk about the picture quality of OLED and QLED TVs and give you the answer to which of these technology is the best. News 

Which TV Should You Purchase: OLED or QLED, and What are the Reasons?

When it comes to TV types, QLED and OLED are two acronyms that will definitely stand out if you’ve bought a new TV. Although OLED and QLED differ by only one letter, these two types of televisions create an image on the screen in a completely different way. Although the gaps have closed recently, each has its pros and cons. The most suitable television for you depends on your spending limit, the layout of your room and the level of picture quality. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) and QLED (Quantum Dot…

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It comes with the latest Intel Core i7 processor and a 120Hz variable refresh rate display. News 

HP Launches 16-inch Pavilion Plus Laptop with NVIDIA RTX Graphics

HP has introduced its latest addition to the Pavilion Plus lineup, the HP Pavilion Plus 16, which boasts a 16.5-inch 120Hz 2.5K display and the newest Intel Core i7 processors. With a starting price of $1,000, this 16-inch model joins the ranks of HP’s highly regarded mid-range laptop models, known for their sleek 16:10 displays, slim bezels, reliable keyboards and touchpads, and impressive specifications. Additionally, HP has updated the Pavilion Plus 14 with the latest AMD and Intel processors, as well as the option for an OLED display, maintaining its…

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Also, the iPhone maker is discussing the pricing with manufacturers LG Display and Samsung Display, the report said. News 

Apple’s new OLED iPad Pro could cost as much as MacBook Pro: Report

Tech giant Apple’s upcoming OLED iPad Pro will cost as much as a MacBook Pro, media reported. According to a new supply chain report, the tech giant’s new iPad Pro models with OLED displays, expected to be released next year, will cost up to 80 percent more than current releases, reports AppleInsider. In particular, the 11-inch iPad Pro with an OLED display is rumored to cost 80 percent more than the current model and start at around $1,500. On the other hand, the 12.9-inch edition is likely to be 60…

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