The Orion app, created by Lux, allows users to transform their iPad screen into an HDMI monitor, enabling them to connect various devices, including gaming consoles and DVD players. Gaming 

Transform Your iPad Into A HDMI Monitor With This App – Connect Gaming Consoles & More

Lux has launched a new app called “Orion” that allows users to turn their iPad display into an HDMI display and connect technically anything – whether it’s a games console, a laptop or even something like VHS. In particular, Lux is also the developer of the Halide camera app for the iPhone. Lux says they made Orion “scratch a few itches.” The app lets you connect your camera and use your iPad to get a better view of what you’re shooting – acting as a viewfinder. In addition, the app…

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Apple could launch the iPad Air 6 in October as the sole iPad refresh of this year with newer internal specifications, a Weibo account has claimed. News 

Report Suggests iPad Air 6 Could Be the Only iPad Model to Launch in October

The Apple iPad Air 6 may launch in October, and it may be the only updated iPad from this year’s lineup, according to a new Weibo rumor and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Currently, the fifth-generation iPad Air is offered with the Apple M1 chipset and is subject to an upgrade. As spotted by MacRumors, the Weibo post says, “Only the iPad Air series should be updated this year,” and that the other models in the iPad lineup — “mini” and “Pro” — won’t be updated this year. MacRumors says that the…

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Procreate Dreams is the latest app from its developer, designed to make 2D animation more accessible through features such as multi-touch timeline support and the gesture-based 'Performing' tool. Here are the details. News 

Creatives Can Now Animate Easily with Procreate Dreams iPad App

Procreate has been the most trusted app for advertisers to create images on the go while facilitating other use cases as well. Now the developer has announced a new application to the Procreate family called Procreate Dreams. This application makes it easier for creative users to work with 2D animation workflows. “Procreate Dreams is a brand new animation app packed with powerful tools that anyone can use. Create immersive hand-drawn animations, motion graphics and enhance them with photos, videos and audio,” notes the developer. Procreate Dreams release date and price…

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Here are all the tricks to saving your tablet’s screen. News 

Tips for Capturing a Screenshot on an iPad

If you have recently purchased an iPad and now rely on it for various tasks, you may have encountered a situation where you needed to capture a screenshot. The process of taking a screenshot differs depending on the model of your iPad. Whether your iPad has a home button or not, there are a few techniques to keep in mind. If you own an Apple Pencil, capturing a screenshot and making quick edits to the image is a breeze. Additionally, there is even a virtual home button that can assist…

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There isn't a singular headlining feature, but a lot of smart tweaks and updates. News 

iPadOS 17: Enhanced Multitasking for Power Users

Apple made a significant software update for the iPad last year with the introduction of iPadOS 16. This update included Stage Manager, a completely redesigned multitasking mode that allowed users to have overlapping and resizable windows on their iPads. Additionally, the update offered enhanced support for external displays, as long as the hardware was compatible. There were many other new features as usual, but Stage Manager in particular brought the iPad closer than ever to a Mac or Windows PC experience. iPadOS 17, on the other hand, is a more…

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Apple and must face a consumer antitrust lawsuit in U.S. court accusing them of conspiring to artificially inflate the price of iPhones and iPads sold on Amazon's platform, a federal judge in Seattle ruled on Thursday. News 

Antitrust Lawsuit Filed Against Apple and Amazon for Alleged Price Inflation of iPhones and iPads

A federal judge in Seattle has ruled that Apple and will have to confront a consumer antitrust lawsuit in U.S. court. The lawsuit alleges that the two companies conspired to increase the price of iPhones and iPads sold on Amazon’s platform. In his ruling, U.S. District Judge John Coughenour rejected Apple’s and Amazon’s bids to dismiss the potential class action on several legal grounds. Coughenour said the “competence” of the relevant market, a key issue in antitrust litigation, was a question for the jury. The lawsuit, filed in November,…

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iPadOS 17 is currently available as a developer beta and will be offered as a free software update in the upcoming fall. News 

Apple iPadOS 17 Unveiled: Personalize Lock Screen, Include Widgets, Health App And More

Apple has recently launched the latest version of iPadOS, known as iPadOS 17, for its iPads. This updated version offers a range of features, such as a personalized lock screen, interactive widgets, and new native applications like the Health app. Additionally, the Notes app has been improved to enhance user experience. iPadOS 17 is currently available in beta for developers and will be offered as a free software update this fall. Apple’s iPadOS 17 simplifies working with PDF files with auto-completion, improved PDF markup, and collaboration in the Notes app.…

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For $5 a month, News 

iPad Studio Set-Up Now Possible with Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro

Since the launch of the first iPad by Apple in 2010, it has been widely believed that the tablet is more suited for consumption than creation. However, Apple has consistently attempted to challenge this notion. The initial iPad was equipped with competent versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote productivity apps, while the more advanced iPad 2 was launched with tablet-specific versions of GarageBand and iMovie. Since those early stumbles, years of advancements in more powerful software and hardware — like the iPad Pro — have turned Apple’s tablet lineup into…

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Apple has updated its list of obsolete products, including the original iPad Air and the Thunderbolt Display. News 

Apple iPad Air and Thunderbolt display are now classified as outdated

Apple has updated its list of older products, including the original iPad Air and Thunderbolt display. This means owners of these devices will no longer be able to take advantage of repair and service options at the Apple Store and other authorized service centers for these devices, MacRumors reports. For those who don’t know, Apple categorizes a product after its lifecycle into two categories: Obsolete or Obsolete. Products appear when “Apple stopped distributing them for sale more than 7 years ago” and “Apple has stopped all hardware services for older…

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It has been revealed that iPadOS 17 will no longer provide support for the first-generation iPad Pro and iPad. News 

Apple’s upcoming iPadOS 17 will end support for these iPads: Check the list here

Apple, the US tech giant, is expected to announce iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 at its highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 5. However, a new report published ahead of the event claimed that iPadOS 17, the upcoming operating system for the iPad, will no longer support the first-generation 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as well as the fifth-generation iPad. According to information obtained from an internal Apple source, as reported by French technology site iPhoneSoft, it has been revealed that iPadOS 17 will no longer offer…

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Also, the iPhone maker is discussing the pricing with manufacturers LG Display and Samsung Display, the report said. News 

Apple’s new OLED iPad Pro could cost as much as MacBook Pro: Report

Tech giant Apple’s upcoming OLED iPad Pro will cost as much as a MacBook Pro, media reported. According to a new supply chain report, the tech giant’s new iPad Pro models with OLED displays, expected to be released next year, will cost up to 80 percent more than current releases, reports AppleInsider. In particular, the 11-inch iPad Pro with an OLED display is rumored to cost 80 percent more than the current model and start at around $1,500. On the other hand, the 12.9-inch edition is likely to be 60…

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Apple has reported the problem with the software and now the update looks to fix the issue. News 

iPadOS update fixes a major security problem for iPads: Get it now

Apple users are getting a new security update this week that the company wants everyone to update immediately. This update is aimed at iPad users running the iPadOS platform on their device. The iPadOS 16.3.1 update is a minor update that basically includes important bug fixes and security updates for your iPad, as mentioned in the update note for iPad users. In addition to iPadOS, iPhone users received a similar update earlier this week with iOS 16.3.1. According to information on Apple’s support page, the update was released on February…

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Apple's push comes at a time when its iPhone supplier, Wistron, is just restarting operations at a South Indian factory after angry workers went on a rampage last year. (Unsplash) News 

Apple pushes for incentives in India as it plans iPad assembly: sources

Apple Inc. is planning to participate in a new program to boost exports of computer products from India, which is part of what government and industry sources are planning to introduce manufacturing iPad tablets to the Asian country. from South. India launched a $6.7 billion plan to boost smartphone exports last year, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped up efforts to promote electronics manufacturing and create jobs. Apple, which has steadily increased production of iPhones in India to reduce its reliance on Chinese manufacturing, has participated in this program through…

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