Apple is gearing up for a big iPad refresh which should bring the new iPad Air and Pro models to the market for buyers. Here's what we know News 

Expectations for the launch of the new 2024 iPad Air and Pro models are high.

Apple will be very busy in the coming months, preparing for the big WWDC 2024 keynote and sessions in June. However, the company is also expected to announce a new iPad collection, which includes the new Air and Pro models intended for the market. The company is unlikely to hold an event for these products as well, but it is likely that Apple will launch several additional devices alongside the new iPads. So what can we expect from the new iPads, what do they offer compared to previous models, and…

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People tend to lose storage on their iPhones and iPads quite easily but there is a way to clear up the space to keep more data Space 

Need More Storage? Here’s How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone and iPad

Storage issues seem to be a perennial problem with smartphones and other devices. Even though the latest iPhone models like the Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and even older models like the iPad have plenty of space, the storage space seems to be constantly full. The reason is that you simply take too many photos, record too many videos or download too many apps. Nothing is more annoying than being asked to free up space while downloading or updating a new app. Know these few easy tips to…

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What form might Apple's eventual iPhone foldable device take? Will it be a compact iPad, potentially replacing the iPad mini, or could we anticipate a foldable clamshell iPhone? Here we answer these questions. News 

Is Apple Planning to Release a Foldable Device in 2024? Speculation Grows about Foldable iPad and Clamshell iPhone

Among the major players in the smartphone industry, Apple stands out as the only smartphone manufacturer that has not yet announced a foldable device. Samsung has already introduced five iterations of the Galaxy Z Fold series, Google joined the fray with the Pixel Fold last year, and OnePlus entered the scene with the OnePlus Open. This begs the question: what form might its eventual foldable iPhone take? Is it a compact iPad that will potentially replace the iPad mini, or could we expect a foldable clamshell iPhone? Here, let’s dive…

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Having the right tools is paramount for digital artists, and here, Apple reveals how four artists used its iPad Pro and MacBook Pro to create beautiful art, which was also displayed at the India Art Fair 2024. News 

Indian Artists Display Digital Art Created with Apple iPad Pro, Ranging from AR Murals to Games

For creatives, having the right tools is important to ensure that hardware doesn’t get in the way of creating art and that it remains efficient. Technology and art, like the iPad Pro and MacBooks, now go hand in hand, and the synergy can help artists explore new styles and express themselves more freely. Along these lines, Apple has worked with Indian artists to show attendees of India Art Fair 2024 how an iPad can be used to create works of art. At the annual art event, together with four multidisciplinary…

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Apple might be gearing up to embrace the foldable trend, contemplating the release of a foldable iPad designed to succeed the follow the iPad mini. News 

Possible Development: Apple May Be in the Process of Creating a Foldable iPad Mini

It is often said that Apple tends to adopt a technology only after it has matured over a few generations, typically after several competing products have been launched in the field. A similar pattern emerged when iPhones introduced high-refresh-rate displays, and oops, signs suggest that Apple might be getting ready to embrace the foldable trend and consider launching a foldable iPad designed to follow the iPad mini. As reported by The Elec, Apple is planning a compact foldable iPad that is expected to make its debut sometime between 2026 and…

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Alleged CAD renders of the iPad Air 12.9-inch variant have come out, revealing what it will look like. Here's what you need to know. News 

Leaked Renders Suggest Appearance of Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Air

Last year, Ming-Chi Kuo hinted that an iPad Air model with a larger 12.9-inch screen would be launched in 2024. This model may be released alongside the updated 10.9-inch version. Now, 91Mobiles has shared alleged CAD renderings of the 12.9-inch variant of the iPad Air, revealing what it looks like. The new iPad looks similar to the current model, but is larger. It may have the same button placements, Touch ID sensor at the top of the iPad. However, the camera module has been slightly redesigned, with a bezel around…

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A new report has revealed that OLED panels for Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro models will begin later this week, and the devices themselves could ship in April later this year. News 

Report: Apple may release OLED iPad Pro in April; production of display panels to commence shortly.

Apple has been rumored to be working on OLED iPad Pro models for some time, and they are expected to replace the current M2-powered iPad Pro models. These new models are said to be refurbished and may cost more than the old 11″ and 12.9″ models. The latest of the same comes from The Elec, which says OLED panels for Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro models will begin shipping later this week, and the devices themselves could ship in April later this year. The publication reported that LG Display, which manufactures…

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Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro might be entirely removed from the lineup to make for an updated 13-inch iPad Pro with an OLED screen, Trendforce reports. News 

iPad’s Final Countdown: Apple To Replace LCD With OLED In 2024

Apple may be planning to replace the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED display and introduce a new 13-inch OLED model in 2024. As a result, the current model will be discontinued, according to Taiwanese research firm Trendforce. This means that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro may be removed from the range entirely and not offered at a lower price. This is especially so after Apple hasn’t released an iPad during 2023. “Mini LED portable delivery volumes are estimated to decrease by approximately 39% year-on-year. At the same time that…

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Apple is looking at updating the entire iPad lineup next year, as per Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. Here's what you need to know. News 

iPad Refresh: Apple Could Make 2024 A Year To Remember!

Apple hasn’t updated its iPad lineup at all this year, and it’s gone without updates. If anything, we got a new Apple Pencil with a USB-C port, but no new models of the iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad 10th generation, or iPad mini. But that’s set to change, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, as the iPhone maker plans to refresh the entire lineup next year in 2024. According to Gurman’s PowerOn newsletter, this is the first time since 2010, when Steve Jobs announced the first iPad, that Apple has not…

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Apple is rumoured to be working on a new iPad Air with a larger 12.9-inch display as per a new report. Here's what we know so far. News 

Rumor: Apple Working on iPad Air With 12.9-inch Screen

Apple’s iPad Air M1 chipset is a fairly popular iPad. Not only does it fill the gap between the iPad and the iPad Pro, but it also brings some of the features of the Pro iPads at a much more affordable price. However, unlike the iPad Pro, the iPad Air, now in its fifth generation, is available in one size – a 10.9-inch screen. However, this could soon change as DigiTimes claims that Apple could be working on a 12.9-inch iPad Air. If the claim turns out to be true,…

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Despite what you may think, the new USB-C Apple Pencil isn't replacing the old second-generation Apple Pencil; read on to know why. News 

Apple Pencil With USB-C Is Not A Replacement For The Second-Generation Model From Five Years Ago

Yesterday, Apple announced the new Apple Pencil with USB-C as a press release. But despite being the latest Apple Pencil and the third model Apple has released, the new Apple Pencil won’t replace the second-generation Apple Watch. Instead, it replaces the first-generation Apple Pencil, which charged using the Lightning connector. First, the new Apple Pencil gets a USB-C slot for charging, and it doesn’t charge wirelessly like the second-generation Apple Pencil. And the new Apple Pencil with USB-C sacrifices a host of features for Apple to offer it at Rs…

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Apple is expected to announce fresh new iPads, including the iPad Air, iPad mini and the entry-level iPad with updated internals this week. News 

Apple May Unveil Updated iPad Air and mini This Week

Apple wrapped up its “Wonderlust” event where it launched the iPhone 15 series and the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9 last month in September. Notably, there were no updates for any iPads during the event. However, as the company has done in recent years, Apple is expected to unveil fresh new iPads this week with updated internals, as reported by Supercharged. The journalist responsible for this information, Sami Fathi, has accurately predicted the release of the MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets earlier…

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Apple could slowly bring OLED display technology to the iPad Air and iPad mini starting in 2026, following a predicted integration first in the iPad Pro in 2024. News 

Report Suggests Apple iPad Air and iPad mini Could Receive OLED Displays in 2026

Apple may consider switching the iPad Air and iPad mini to OLED panels starting in 2026, a new report from Omdia suggests. This change is expected to follow the integration of Apple’s OLED panel into the iPad model, which may enter the market in 2024. According to the publication, the OLED panels of the said iPad Pro could be supplied by LG Display and Samsung. In addition, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro Mini with LED backlight will be replaced with OLED technology going forward. While nothing of the sort has been…

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Apple iPad Air M1 is available for under Rs 45,000 on Amazon, but does it make sense to buy one at this price, or should you consider other tablets? Let's try to address this question here. News 

Should You Invest in the Apple iPad Air M1 for Under Rs 45,000 During the Amazon Sale?

In Amazon’s ongoing Great Indian Festival Sale, the Apple iPad Air M1 (5th generation) can be bought for less than Rs 45,000 if you avail the card offers. However, does it make sense to buy one at this price, or should I consider other tablets? Let’s try to answer this question here. Currently, the iPad Air with the M1 chipset is priced at Rs 46,998, which is the full price you would pay without the SBI card offer. If you have an SBI credit card, you can get the iPad…

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The Orion app, created by Lux, allows users to transform their iPad screen into an HDMI monitor, enabling them to connect various devices, including gaming consoles and DVD players. Gaming 

Transform Your iPad Into A HDMI Monitor With This App – Connect Gaming Consoles & More

Lux has launched a new app called “Orion” that allows users to turn their iPad display into an HDMI display and connect technically anything – whether it’s a games console, a laptop or even something like VHS. In particular, Lux is also the developer of the Halide camera app for the iPhone. Lux says they made Orion “scratch a few itches.” The app lets you connect your camera and use your iPad to get a better view of what you’re shooting – acting as a viewfinder. In addition, the app…

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Apple could launch the iPad Air 6 in October as the sole iPad refresh of this year with newer internal specifications, a Weibo account has claimed. News 

Report Suggests iPad Air 6 Could Be the Only iPad Model to Launch in October

The Apple iPad Air 6 may launch in October, and it may be the only updated iPad from this year’s lineup, according to a new Weibo rumor and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Currently, the fifth-generation iPad Air is offered with the Apple M1 chipset and is subject to an upgrade. As spotted by MacRumors, the Weibo post says, “Only the iPad Air series should be updated this year,” and that the other models in the iPad lineup — “mini” and “Pro” — won’t be updated this year. MacRumors says that the…

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Procreate Dreams is the latest app from its developer, designed to make 2D animation more accessible through features such as multi-touch timeline support and the gesture-based 'Performing' tool. Here are the details. News 

Creatives Can Now Animate Easily with Procreate Dreams iPad App

Procreate has been the most trusted app for advertisers to create images on the go while facilitating other use cases as well. Now the developer has announced a new application to the Procreate family called Procreate Dreams. This application makes it easier for creative users to work with 2D animation workflows. “Procreate Dreams is a brand new animation app packed with powerful tools that anyone can use. Create immersive hand-drawn animations, motion graphics and enhance them with photos, videos and audio,” notes the developer. Procreate Dreams release date and price…

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Here are all the tricks to saving your tablet’s screen. News 

Tips for Capturing a Screenshot on an iPad

If you have recently purchased an iPad and now rely on it for various tasks, you may have encountered a situation where you needed to capture a screenshot. The process of taking a screenshot differs depending on the model of your iPad. Whether your iPad has a home button or not, there are a few techniques to keep in mind. If you own an Apple Pencil, capturing a screenshot and making quick edits to the image is a breeze. Additionally, there is even a virtual home button that can assist…

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There isn't a singular headlining feature, but a lot of smart tweaks and updates. News 

iPadOS 17: Enhanced Multitasking for Power Users

Apple made a significant software update for the iPad last year with the introduction of iPadOS 16. This update included Stage Manager, a completely redesigned multitasking mode that allowed users to have overlapping and resizable windows on their iPads. Additionally, the update offered enhanced support for external displays, as long as the hardware was compatible. There were many other new features as usual, but Stage Manager in particular brought the iPad closer than ever to a Mac or Windows PC experience. iPadOS 17, on the other hand, is a more…

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Apple and must face a consumer antitrust lawsuit in U.S. court accusing them of conspiring to artificially inflate the price of iPhones and iPads sold on Amazon's platform, a federal judge in Seattle ruled on Thursday. News 

Antitrust Lawsuit Filed Against Apple and Amazon for Alleged Price Inflation of iPhones and iPads

A federal judge in Seattle has ruled that Apple and will have to confront a consumer antitrust lawsuit in U.S. court. The lawsuit alleges that the two companies conspired to increase the price of iPhones and iPads sold on Amazon’s platform. In his ruling, U.S. District Judge John Coughenour rejected Apple’s and Amazon’s bids to dismiss the potential class action on several legal grounds. Coughenour said the “competence” of the relevant market, a key issue in antitrust litigation, was a question for the jury. The lawsuit, filed in November,…

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