It may only apply to the 'new' Tweetdeck (aka X Pro) and not the old, good version. News 

Tweetdeck now offers a paid subscription plan

According to TechCrunch, Tweetdeck, which is now known as X Pro, a popular version of Twitter used by social media professionals, journalists, and others, has been included in the paid Blue subscription. Several users have mentioned that they were asked to subscribe when trying to access the service. The message states that Blue subscribers who have a verified phone number will receive a blue checkmark after their approval. The news is not unexpected, as code discovered by researcher Jane Manchun Wong earlier this year indicated that X Pro was becoming…

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That's a significant $2 increase with no official announcement. News 

YouTube Premium Increases Subscription Fee to $14 per Month

Without any official announcement, Google has discreetly raised the cost of YouTube Premium by a notable $2, as observed on the updated signup page by 9to5Google. The monthly price has now escalated from $12 to $14, while the annual subscription has surged from $120 to $140, resulting in a savings of approximately $28 for those who opt for the yearly plan. Additionally, YouTube has also hiked the price of Music Premium from $10 to $11 per month, aligning with similar price adjustments made by Apple and Amazon. In addition to…

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It may also expand audiobook access in the Premium tier. News 

Spotify Appears to be Preparing to Introduce a High-Fidelity Audio Subscription Plan

Speculations regarding a Spotify HiFi tier have been circulating since 2017, and the company had previously declared its intention to introduce this feature in 2021, only to retract the statement the following year. However, as per Bloomberg, the company is now possibly prepared to unveil a premium plan (internally referred to as “Supremium”) that would offer high-fidelity audio and be its priciest tier. The goal would be to increase income and meet the demands of investors to raise their prices. Spotify reportedly delayed the rollout of the plan in 2021…

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