Spotify personal recommendations update may be coming soon that will allow you to switch it off entirely. (Bloomberg) News 

Discover the Future of Spotify: Get Ready to Turn Off Your Personal Recommendations!

Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, has become a favorite app for many people seeking high-quality music. Since its launch in 2008, it has gained immense popularity, particularly for its free version. Offering a vast collection of songs and genres ranging from rock, pop, metal, reggae to rap, Spotify caters to diverse musical tastes. Through regular updates and innovative features, it successfully engages a large number of users on a daily basis. Recently, there have been reports of Spotify experimenting with a new feature that allows users to disable personal…

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Spotify hasn't specified when the ability to turn off personal recommendations will be available or if the trial is limited to specific regions. News 

Say Goodbye To Personalised Playlists: Try Spotify’s New Option!

Music streaming platform Spotify is testing a new feature that allows users to turn off their personal recommendations. This means that songs played by other people using your account will not affect your own music suggestions. According to a MacRumors report, the new option could allow users to prevent songs played on behalf of other listeners on their account from influencing their personal recommendations. The step will probably be welcomed by Spotify users who are not completely satisfied with the success rate of the service’s algorithms in matching new songs…

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Spotify estimates it can generate around a billion dollars in additional revenue for artists over the next five years. (REUTERS) News 

Spotify’s Billion Dollar Shakeup: How Will Rights Holders Get Paid?

Spotify, the leading music streaming platform, announced on Tuesday that it plans to make changes to its artist payment system by 2024. These modifications will involve implementing a minimum threshold for the number of streams a song must receive in order for artists to receive royalties. With the announced changes, Spotify estimates that it can generate approximately $1 billion in additional revenue for artists over the next five years. The world’s biggest music streaming platform said on its website for artists that it plans to “further prevent artificial streaming, better…

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Google has paid Samsung billions to get its apps on Galaxy phones, but that's not the only deal that the tech giant has made as per new reports. News 

Google and Spotify’s Secret Deal: What’s Got Other Developers Fuming?

Google and Epic Games are battling it out in court this week, and details emerging from the case have shed more light on how Google has operated the market over the years. The company has made selective deals with Apple to push its search engine into iPhones for billions and even paid Samsung to have its apps as the default on Galaxy devices. The latest revelation in this case is another secret deal Google has with music streaming platform Spotify, which has offered a free subscription business, as outlined in…

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This deal is very different from what most apps are subjected to on the Play Store, which is a 30 percent fee paid to Google for any transactions that take place. (REUTERS) News 

Google Gives Spotify a Free Pass: No Play Store Fees Required!

The ongoing Google antitrust trial is examining allegations that the company’s Google Play Store, the Android marketplace, has implemented monopolistic practices to exclude competition and affect the distribution of apps that choose not to be part of its marketplace due to high commission fees. On the ninth day of the trial, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney provided testimony, and Google’s representatives made a surprising disclosure that Spotify receives special treatment and is not required to pay any commission fees for transactions conducted directly on the platform. According to a report…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, November 16. (Pexels) AI 

Don’t Miss Out! 5 AI Developments That Could Change Your Life

1. Google Cloud and Spotify announce partnership On Thursday, Spotify announced a partnership with Google Cloud so that the music streaming platform utilizes Google’s artificial intelligence technology. In the release, Google Cloud revealed that Spotify leverages large-scale language models (LLM) to identify users’ listening habits, including podcasts and audiobooks, to provide tailored content and recommendations. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said: “Through this expanded partnership, Google Cloud’s AI tools will help Spotify improve the listening experience for its customers. Spotify also recognizes the potential of AI in their business, and…

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Earphones are seen on top of a smart phone with a Spotify logo on it, in Zenica. (REUTERS) AI 

Tune In to Spotify’s AI-Powered Podcast and Audiobook Recommendations!

In an effort to provide personalized recommendations, Spotify has extended its collaboration with Google Cloud by incorporating large language models (LLMs). This move aims to analyze users’ listening habits across podcasts and audiobooks, enabling the platform to offer customized suggestions. AI-powered LLMs, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard, are trained to use vast amounts of data to generate text and other content. Google Cloud, owned by Alphabet, has several LLMs, including PaLM 2, Codey, Imagen, and Chirp, trained in text, code, images, audio, and video. Spotify has been an…

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Spotify, on Thursday, expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to use large language models (LLMs) to help identify a user's listening patterns across podcasts and audiobooks in order to suggest tailormade recommendations. AI 

Google’s AI Powers Spotify’s Podcasts and Audiobooks Recommendations

Spotify on Thursday expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to use large-scale language models (LLM) to recognize user listening patterns for podcasts and audiobooks and suggest tailored recommendations. AI-powered LLMs such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard are trained on massive amounts of data to generate text and other content. Google Cloud, owned by Alphabet, has several LLMs, including PaLM 2, Codey, Imagen, and Chirp, trained in text, code, images, audio, and video. Spotify has been an early adopter of artificial intelligence, which it used for music recommendation algorithms a…

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Spotify continues to offer its free service in the country hoping that people will eventually for its premium version. News 

What We Know About Spotify’s Restrictions on Free Features in India

Spotify wants to limit the number of features its free ad tier offers users. The platform has sent a pop-up to Spotify users in India this week confirming changes related to playing songs in order or repeating the previous song and more. Spotify assures that free users of the platform can continue listening to their favorite artists, albums and playlists and use Spotify’s recommendation engine. It is likely that Spotify will gradually reduce the benefits available to free users in markets like India. The company is trying every trick in…

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Despite the tacit consensus on the future of drivetrains, obstacles remain for electric cars to meet their emissions-reduction potential. (Bloomberg) Gadgets 

Electric Cars Powered by Batteries Are the Future

The increase in electric vehicles is truly remarkable. Over the past decade, Teslas have gone from cars for the uber-rich to cars for Uber drivers. All the major automakers have invested in electric cars, lowering prices and expanding the options available. According to BloombergNEF, more than 14 million electric cars will be sold globally this year, up from just 700,000 in 2016. And some 23 countries have now passed the crucial electric car tipping point – 5% of new car sales – after which adoption will begin. up dramatically. In…

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The Spotify logo is pictured on a football table placed in a playroom at the company headquarters in Stockholm on February 16, 2015. (AFP) News 

Premium Spotify Users in UK and Australia Gain Access to 15 Hours of Audiobooks

As part of its expansion efforts in the UK and Australia, Spotify Technology SA is offering 15 hours of free audiobook listening per month to its premium subscribers. The bid, which Bloomberg News previously reported was in the works, will begin on Tuesday. US subscribers get free lessons this winter. More than 150,000 titles from five major book publishers are included. Users can purchase 10 additional hours for $11 per month in the US or £10 in the UK. Of the family package members, only the main account holder gets…

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The AI playlists feature was found in the Spotify app’s code by tech veteran Chris Messina. (REUTERS) News 

Discover How Spotify’s AI-Powered Playlist Creation Works

Spotify is reportedly testing a new feature that could revolutionize playlist creation. Instead of spending hours searching for songs and adding them one by one, users may soon be able to create playlists effortlessly through artificial intelligence (AI) prompts. This innovative approach would simplify the process, allowing users to enter a few prompts and have their playlist ready to go. AI powered playlists According to a TechCrunch report, Spotify has been testing AI-powered playlists on its platform. Tech veteran Chris Messina spotted the feature in the app’s code. In the…

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Apart from the transcripts, Spotify is adding one tool to its platform, called ‘Podcast Chapters’ (MINT_PRINT) News 

Spotify Unveils Automatically Generated Podcast Transcripts – Get the Details Here

Do you enjoy listening to Spotify podcasts but struggle with understanding the words and accents at times? If so, Spotify has introduced an exciting improvement for you. To improve the user experience of its vast podcast collection, Spotify has revealed the introduction of automatically generated podcast transcripts. This innovative addition will soon be available to more podcasters on the platform. Discover what this new Spotify feature will provide for you. Podcast transcripts automatically generated by Spotify Spotify’s new auto-generated transcription feature integrates seamlessly with millions of Spotify podcast episodes. It…

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Check out this new Spotify personalized feature called “Jam”. (Dado Ruvic/REUTERS) News 

Find Out How Spotify Jam Lets You Enjoy Music with Friends from a Distance

The new Spotify feature called “Jam” will make it easier for us to share playlists and listen to music together, even when our loved ones are far away. In the past, we would create long playlists on various devices to share our favorite songs, but we never considered the idea of listening to music simultaneously. With the Jam feature, users will be able to tune in to real-time jamming sessions and enjoy music together with their long-distance friends or close ones. It’s an incredible concept, and here’s how the Spotify…

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Spotify tests AI voice translation feature for its podcasts. (Dado Ruvic/REUTERS) News 

Trial of Voice Translator on Spotify Podcasts Underway

According to Spotify Technology, they are currently experimenting with an AI-driven function that can convert podcasts by popular hosts like Dax Shepard and Lex Fridman into different languages. This move is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to leverage generative artificial intelligence, which has gained immense popularity following the success of ChatGPT, in order to attract more users and increase their revenue. The translated versions, which use Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s recently released sound production technology, mimic the style of the original speaker and are more natural than traditional dubbing, Spotify said.…

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There’s a new limit on Spotify as to how many times you can play the same song in a day before you get a message “Choose songs to play again tomorrow”. News 

Spotify Requiring Subscribers to Pay for Repeated Listening of Songs

Spotify seems to be desperate to convert users into paying customers as it now forces users to pay to get songs repeatedly. In other words, if you want to listen to the same song again, you have to pay. A new limit has been set on how many times you can play the same song per day before you get the message “Select songs to play again tomorrow”. Not only that, you can’t skip playing ads simply by closing the app and restarting it, and the worst part is that…

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Spotify has seen a major surge in the number of users signing up for the free ad-tier but now it wants more people to pay for the service. News 

Spotify Introduces Lyrics Subscription Service for Users

Spotify is testing the possibility of using in-app lyrics as a premium feature only. The platform seems to be experimenting with new ways to get more paid subscribers. Several Spotify users noticed that the in-app lyrics that appear below the song being played were locked behind a paywall. Instead, all they saw was a notification bubble that read “Enjoy lyrics on Spotify Premium” with a link to sign up. Spotify confirmed to The Verge that the feature is currently in testing. “At Spotify, we routinely run a number of tests,…

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The anonymous investigative police officer told Svenska Dagbladet he contacted Spotify in 2021 to discuss the matter but the company never returned his call. (AFP) News 

Criminal Activity in Sweden Involving Money Laundering Through Spotify Reported by Media

According to a Swedish newspaper, criminal gangs responsible for a rise in bombings and shootings in Sweden have been utilizing fabricated Spotify streams as a means to launder money. For several years, criminal networks have used funds from drug deals, robberies, fraud and contract killings to pay for fake Spotify songs released by artists with gang ties, an investigative report by Svenska Dagbladet claimed. They are then paid by the platform for a large number of streams, which launders the money. The newspaper said that its information had been confirmed…

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This seems to be another move to attract more paying users. News 

Spotify Tests Restricting Access to Lyrics Behind Premium Paywall

Spotify is currently conducting tests on its Premium service by making changes to its offerings. Recently, a number of Spotify users who were on the free tier observed that they could no longer access in-app lyrics. Instead, they received a notification bubble stating, “Enjoy lyrics on Spotify Premium,” along with a sign-up link. Spotify explains that this move to place in-app lyrics behind a paywall is simply a part of its regular testing process. “At Spotify, we routinely run a number of tests, some of which end up paving the…

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The move will impact podcasters' earnings and boost the company's bottom line. News 

White Noise Podcasters Allegedly Excluded from Spotify Advertising Program

According to Bloomberg, Spotify’s relationship with white noise podcast creators has been difficult, and the company appears to be intensifying its actions against them. Starting from October 1, white noise podcasters will no longer qualify for Spotify’s Ambassador Ads program. As part of the program, Spotify pays podcasters to read ads for the company’s own products. Its goal is to get more people to make presentations on the platform. Bloomberg previously reported that some white noise podcasters were making as much as $18,000 a month, largely due to Spotify itself…

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