Most companies have decided to end the work-from-home setup and people will now have to also tackle the challenges posed by the threat of AI.AI 

TCS Chief Clarifies: AI Won’t Replace Jobs, But Employees Must Return to Office for Work Opportunities

People who are used to working from home in India, their time is up and companies are now ready to invite their employees back to the office as things go back to pre-pandemic state. TCS is one of the many tech companies asking their employees to return to the office, meaning many people will have to move back to the metros.

Tech companies also give a clear warning to their employees that if you don’t come to the office, the chances of hikes and promotions are slim. Speaking on the sidelines of a tech event recently this week, the TCS chief was asked about the reasons for resuming work from the office and how people are reacting to these changes.

TCS CEO K Krithivasan mentioned that office work means better team building and overall employee learning. He also pointed out that the experience of coming into the office and hanging out with colleagues will never match the virtual quality of Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls.

Essentially, companies feel the need to move beyond the pandemic approach, which means asking people to work from the office, which may always force people to change jobs or return to metros, where expenses increase and need to be covered. the salary they receive. Talking about jobs, the TCS chief was quick to dismiss the impact of AI on the labor market in the short term, as companies need to invest in resources and technology to integrate it into their systems.

Jobs have come a long way, and AI is being used as a convenient reason for change at companies like Google, Meta, Amazon and others. TCS isn’t ready to push the boat on this front, but hiring is likely to face challenges in the coming years, meaning the workforce will need to retrain and learn new tools to stay relevant in the market.

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