A study has found that people who performed online searches to verify the truthfulness of a piece of possible misinformation actually ended up believing it due to "poor quality results" from search engines. (Pixabay) News 

People were led to believe misinformation due to poor quality online search results, according to a startling study.

According to a recent study, individuals who conducted online searches to fact-check potential misinformation ended up believing it instead, primarily because search engines provided them with unreliable and subpar information. According to the researchers, the findings show that online search engines have to respond to the challenge caused by the appearance of implausible information above the search results. The study, conducted by a research team at New York University, University of Central Florida, and Stanford University, aimed to understand the impact of the search results produced when people use search…

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The case being argued is that Amazon is a monopoly and is using its dominance to prevent competition from flourishing in the marketplace. (AP) News 

FTC Faces Lengthy and Difficult Road Ahead with Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit

With a lawsuit looming over its operations, Amazon is approaching Prime Day, one of its largest sales events of the year. The lawsuit alleges that the company is obstructing sellers from offering their products at lower prices on alternative platforms. The Federal Trade Commission’s long-awaited antitrust case is the agency’s most aggressive move yet to curb Amazon’s market power. The company has become synonymous with online shopping and fast deliveries. Under Chairman Lina Khan, the agency has not been shy about taking big swings at some of America’s biggest companies…

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A boom in deepfake porn is outpacing US and European efforts to regulate the technology. (AFP) AI 

Google and Microsoft Take Steps to Enhance AI-Generated Fake Porn

Fans of Kaitlyn Siragusa, a well-known internet personality called Amouranth, can choose to subscribe to her channel on Amazon.com Inc.’s Twitch for $5 per month to watch her play video games. Alternatively, if they wish to view her adult content, they can subscribe to her explicit OnlyFans page for $15 per month. And when they want to watch him do things he doesn’t and has never done for free, they search Google for so-called “deepfakes” — videos made with artificial intelligence that create a realistic simulation of a sexual act.…

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The first phase of the European Union’s groundbreaking new digital rules will take effect this week. (AFP) News 

Europe’s Regulations for Tech Giants Google, Facebook, TikTok and Others to Take Effect – Explaining the Details

Some of the largest technology companies, including Google, Facebook, and TikTok, are currently confronting a significant initiative in Europe aimed at purifying the online content that users come across. The first phase of the European Union’s ground-breaking new digital rules comes into effect this week. The Digital Services Act is part of a technology-focused code drawn up by the 27-nation bloc, which has long been a world leader in cracking down on tech giants. The DSA, which the major platforms must begin on Friday, is designed to keep users safe…

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Gates said it would disappoint him if Microsoft were not in the running, though there was a 50% chance the top player to emerge will be a startup News 

The most popular artificial intelligence agent will replace search and shopping sites, says Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp, said on Monday that the winner of the technology race is to develop the best artificially intelligent agent ready to disrupt search engines, productivity and e-commerce sites. “You’ll never go to a search site again,” he said. “You never go to Amazon.” Speaking at the AI Forward 2023 event in San Francisco, hosted by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and SV Angel, Gates said he would be disappointed if Microsoft was not in the running, although there is a 50 percent chance a top…

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The company has faced multiple challenges to sustain and become a rival to Google Search. News 

Google Search challenger Neeva is shutting down

Neeva, which challenged Google’s search engine, is shutting down after founders Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan admitted they had faced significant challenges attracting new users. The founders wrote in their blog post that they started Neeva with a mission to bring search back to their users. “We’ve been working on search and search ads for over a decade, and we truly believed there was room for a search model that prioritized the interest of the user, not the advertiser — for a private, ad-free experience,” he added. But during this…

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Samsung has decided against removing Google as the default search engine and choosing Microsoft's Bing—the Wall Street Journal has reported. News 

Samsung will continue using Google as its default search engine and won’t opt for Microsoft Bing

Samsung has decided not to remove Google as the default search engine and opt for Microsoft’s Bing, the Wall Street Journal reports. This development follows reports that Samsung is internally evaluating a move to replace Google Search with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine across its range of devices. As a result, Google parent Alphabet’s shares rose more than 1 percent in premarket trading, while Microsoft’s shares fell about 1 percent, Reuters reported. According to a report published by the New York Times on April 16, Google will earn…

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The company has evolved with the data powered by ChatGPT and it feels the need to protect its content and technology. News 

Microsoft might cut off access to Bing data from other search engines

Microsoft has taken a strong lead in the AI chatbot race thanks to its smart investment in OpenAI for ChatGPT earlier this year. The company has seen Bing Search become the Internet’s traffic hit, leaving behind the likes of Google and Amazon. But the company is now looking to capitalize on that access, which could prove detrimental to its competitors. According to new reports, Microsoft has warned a few unnamed search engines powered by Bing that use their data with its AI tools. The company believes such actions are against…

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Baidu on Thursday unveiled its muchanticipated artificial intelligencepowered chatbot known as Ernie Bot, with its CEO saying that it was the culmination of the firm's years of hard work in artificial intelligence. News 

Chinese search giant Baidu introduces Ernie Bot to rival ChatGPT and others

BEIJING: Baidu on Thursday unveiled a much-anticipated artificial intelligence-powered chatbot known as Ernie Bot, which its chief executive said was the culmination of years of hard work by the company on artificial intelligence. The bot was not perfect, but they released it now because of market demand, Robin Li said at a media conference in Beijing. The company’s Hong Kong-listed shares fell 10% after he introduced the bot to answer questions, write a poem and produce video and image prompts. So far, 650 companies have announced they will join the…

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The popular search engine is using ChatGPT and other sources to give responses. News 

DuckDuckGo uses artificial intelligence technology to provide you with chatGPT-style search results: Learn more

DuckDuckGo also collects artificial intelligence to provide its users with search results similar to ChatGPT. The search engine follows Microsoft and Google to give you results through a chatbot called DuckAssist. DuckDuckGo (DDG) says it leverages Open AI technology, from ChatGPT itself and Anthropic, an AI startup from former Open AI employees. Both companies have provided their chatbots to power DDG’s natural language, but it also returns results via Wikipedia, which some of you might be happy with because the platform’s data editing feature skews the results. DDG users can…

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