With this shortcut, the instant messaging app is making it easier for users to select photos and videos from their app gallery.News 

WhatsApp Introducing Functionality to Easily Share High-Resolution Photos and Videos

WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform owned by Meta, is reportedly introducing a feature that allows you to quickly send original quality photos and videos. The purpose of the feature is to make it easier for users to share media in original quality without wasting time navigating through multiple menus or folders.

“The feature was developed in previous updates, but thanks to the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update available from the Google Play Store, we found that WhatsApp is now enabling the ability to quickly share original quality images and videos to some beta testers,” WABetaInfo reported.

According to the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, the document picker has a new entry point. With this shortcut, the instant messaging app makes it easy for users to select images and videos from their app gallery. After selecting photos and videos from this shortcut, they are shared as documents to preserve their quality and HEIC metadata.

It is important to note that already in previous updates it was possible to share photos and videos as documents to preserve the quality of the media, but the new entry point simplifies this process by introducing a media selector, which ensures that users can quickly share media in its original form. quality even better than before.

According to the report, this feature will definitely improve the user experience in media sharing. The Meta-owned app allows users to share original quality photos and videos, and provides users with a new tool to preserve media quality as the ultimate solution.

“When users share photos and videos in their original quality, this feature ensures that the content retains its original resolution, clarity and sharpness. It also means that photos and videos do not lose detail, sharpness or color accuracy due to compression or scaling during the sharing process.” the report says.

This feature to send original quality photos and videos is currently available to select beta testers who update their WhatsApp beta for Android through the Google Play Store. It will gradually become available to a wider audience in the coming days.

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