X acts on accounts that break its policies and it seems that in August a record number of accounts in India were banned.News 

X Corp Bans 12 Lakh Accounts in India During Previous Month

X Corp, formerly Twitter, banned a record 12,80,107 accounts in India between July 26 and August 25, mainly for promoting child sexual abuse and non-consensual nudity.

The microblogging platform, which is undergoing a ramp-up under Musk, who has recently appointed new X director Linda Yaccarino, also shut down 2,307 accounts for promoting terrorism in its country.

In total, X banned 12,82,414 accounts in India during the reporting period.

In its monthly report under the new IT rules 2021, X said it received 1,467 complaints from users in India during the same period through its complaint redressal mechanisms. In addition, X handled 78 appeals complaining about account suspension.

“We lifted 10 of these account freezes after reviewing the details of the situation. The other reported accounts remain frozen,” the company said. “During this reporting period, we received 10 requests related to general questions about Twitter accounts,” it added.

Most complaints from India were about abuse/harassment (1,267), followed by hostile behavior (62), child sexual abuse (43) and invasion of privacy (27). Under the new IT Rules 2021, large digital and social media platforms with more than 5 million users must publish monthly compliance reports.

Between June and July, X Corp banned a record 23,95,495 accounts in the country. X banned 5,44,473 accounts in India between May 26 and June 25. The microblogging platform also closed 1,772 accounts for promoting terrorism on its platform in the country.

Additionally, between June 26 and July 25, X banned 1,851,022 accounts and also closed 2,865 accounts for promoting terrorism in their country. Under Musk, X recently approved a staggering 83 percent of government requests to restrict or block content worldwide, including in India and Turkey.

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