While innovative, NFC wireless charging poses questions about its practicality for larger gadgets due to power limitations. (Unsplash)News 

Android 15 will feature NFC wireless charging technology

Google’s soon-to-be-released Android 15 is set to transform the way we charge our devices by introducing a new wireless charging feature using Near Field Communication (NFC). This advancement will make wireless charging more accessible to smaller devices such as trackers, styluses, and wireless earbuds.

Change from Qi Standard to NFC

Typically, wireless charging has been synonymous with the Qi standard. However, Android 15’s support for NFC wireless charging offers a new option that’s especially useful for devices with limited space that may struggle with larger charging coils, Android Authority reports.

Wireless NFC charging: See more

Introduced by the NFC Forum in 2020, the NFC Wireless Charging (WLC) specification paved the way for power transfer via compact antennas. Recent finds of Android 15 Beta 1 reveal Google’s active integration efforts, with special code referring to “NfcCharging”. Although not yet fully integrated into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), signs point to Google’s serious commitment to incorporating NFC wireless charging into its ecosystem.

Limitations of NFC wireless charging

Although the concept is promising, NFC wireless charging has its limitations. The technology can transfer up to 1W of power, significantly less than the slowest Qi chargers available. This limitation calls into question its practicality for larger devices that require more power.

Ideal for small accessories

The true potential of NFC wireless charging shines when considering smaller devices. The NFC Forum originally proposed this technology for a variety of small-sized devices, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, wireless headphones, and digital pens. By bypassing the need for larger charging coils, these devices can become more streamlined and efficient.

What does this mean for Android users?

With Android 15’s native support for NFC wireless charging, we may see a flood of innovative accessories tailored to take advantage of this technology. While specific apps and the accessory ecosystem have yet to be fully explored, the introduction of this feature undoubtedly marks a new frontier in mobile charging.

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