Ever wondered how much it costs Apple to make the Vision Pro headset, especially with its several high-end components and new technologies? Read on to find out.Gadgets 

Apple’s Cost to Produce the Vision Pro Headset Finally Unveiled

The Apple Vision Pro is definitely not a cheap product, coming in at a whopping $3,500 for the base 256GB storage model. Apple states that the price is high because of the many high-end components and new technology in this game, but do the components really make up the full retail price? Well no. Like most products, the bill of materials, or BOM as it’s called, is said to be around $1,500. That’s a full $2,000 less than what you pay Apple for headphones.

According to Omdia‘s research, the materials for the Vision Pro mixed reality headset total $1,542 (roughly Rs. 1,28,000). The most expensive parts are the two Micro OLED displays supplied by Sony Semiconductor, which cost $456 and make up 29.6% of the list.

After that, Apple’s own R1 and M2 chips are the most expensive, totaling $240. Notably, the M2 is the same chipset that currently powers Apple’s MacBook Air, its Mac Mini, and several other devices, including the iPad Pro.

When you compare this to other headsets like the Sony PS VR2, its OLED panels cost only 30% of the BOM, the Meta Quest 2 has a panel that makes up 18% of the BOM, and the screen on the Huawei Vision VR. accounts for 39% of the cost of the product catalog.

The study adds that Apple Vision Pro is expected to gradually become more user-friendly, offer better adaptability and ultimately better image performance.

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