British chipmaker Arm Ltd is building its own semiconductor to showcase the capabilities of its products, as it seeks to attract new customers and fuel growth following its Initial Public Offering (IPO) later this year, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. News 

A chipmaker’s arm to manufacture its own semiconductor: Report

British chipmaker Arm Ltd is building its own semiconductor to showcase the capabilities of its products as it seeks to attract new customers and boost growth after an initial public offering (IPO) later this year, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. Arm is working with manufacturing partners to develop the new semiconductor, the FT said, citing people briefed on the move, adding that the company has built a new “solutions engineering team” to lead the development of these prototype chips for mobile devices and laptops. and other electronics. The latest…

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Nvidia has released a paper showing that it could use a combination of artificial intelligence techniques to find better ways to place big groups of transistors. News 

Nvidia’s AI-based chip design can help with better placement of transistors, lower costs

Nvidia Corp, the world’s leading designer of computer chips used to create artificial intelligence, presented new research on Monday that explains how artificial intelligence can be used to improve chip design. In the chip design process, it is decided where to place tens of billions of small on-off switches called transistors on a piece of silicon to create working chips. The exact placement of these transistors has a big impact on the cost, speed and power consumption of the chip. Chip design engineers use complex design software from companies such…

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Silicon Valley titan Gordon Moore, one of the co-founders of chip-maker Intel and the creator of Moore's Law, has passed away at age 94. News 

Gordon Moore, founder of Intel and creator of Moore’s Law, has died at the age of 94

Silicon Valley titan Gordon Moore, co-founder of chip maker Intel and creator of Moore’s Law, has died at the age of 94. Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announced that Gordon Moore died peacefully Friday “surrounded by family at his home in Hawaii.” Moore and his longtime colleague Robert Noyce founded Intel in July 1968. Before founding Intel, Moore and Noyce co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor, where they played a key role in the first commercial production of distributed silicon transistors and later in the world’s first commercially viable integrated…

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Google has discovered 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in Samsung Exynos chips--putting several top Android phones at risk. Here is what we know. News 

Google finds 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in Samsung Exynos chips: what it means

Google’s security teams have discovered 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in several top Android smartphones and Samsung Exynos wearable chips that could compromise those devices. Google’s Project Zero director Tim Willis said in a blog post that the four most serious of these vulnerabilities “allow remote code execution from the Internet into baseband.” Tests by Project Zero confirmed that these four vulnerabilities allow an attacker to remotely compromise a phone’s baseband without user intervention and only require the attacker to know the victim’s phone number. With limited additional research and development, “we…

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Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 with 2x improved performance, better low-light photography, AI integration, and 5G connectivity. News 

Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 Chipset with Flagship Features: All the Details

Qualcomm has announced a new Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 Mobile SoC designed to boost CPU and GPU performance for better gaming, dynamic low-light photography and 4K HDR video, AI integration, and fast 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity. Qualcomm claims that the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 SoC has a peak clock speed of up to 2.91GHz, allowing for over 50% better performance, and when paired with the Qualcomm Adreno GPU, users can expect double the performance. Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 also has up to 13% improved power consumption across the entire system…

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Oppo is the latest smartphone brand dipping its toes into the chip manufacturing segment, and compete with giants like Apple and Samsung. News 

Oppo is ready to compete with Apple and Google with its own chipset in 2024

Oppo is the latest tech giant to design its own chipset that will become part of products in the coming years. New reports coming out this week suggest that Oppo will unveil its own chip in 2024. We’ve been hearing about Oppo’s chip plans for the past few years, so we’ll have to wait and see if that timeline materializes. The development will surely come as a surprise to chip giants like Qualcomm and MediaTek, which have been regular partners of Oppo in its smartphones over the years. And the…

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Product Apple iPhone 12 Red (Apple) News 

After processors, Apple makes its own modem for iPhones; May drop Qualcomm in future

Apple has made huge strides in the chipset and processor market. Although it was already using some of its processors in iPhones and MacBooks, it made a big leap this year by introducing the M1 chipset for Mac. And now the company is planning to make its own iPhone modem chips. The news comes from a Bloomberg report that said Apple’s head of chipset and processor segment has confirmed internally that a second chip transition is also underway and is in its early stages at the moment. This will concern…

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