Discover unknown features of Tinder and Bumble for effortless Valentine's Day dating. From love styles to safety tools, enhance your online experience. News 

Uncover hidden features of Tinder and Bumble to enhance your Valentine’s Day dating experience

With Valentine’s Day approaching, there is no better moment to explore the realm of online dating. In today’s technological era, platforms such as Tinder and Bumble have become popular choices for individuals seeking love, companionship, or even a casual encounter. Regardless of whether you are an experienced online dater or a newcomer, we have discovered some hidden features of Tinder and Bumble that could elevate your Valentine’s Day journey. Unknown features of Tinder: 1. Love Styles: Tinder’s Love Style feature allows users to express their preferred ways of giving and…

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The Deception Detector feature has been rolled out by Bumble. Check details. (Unsplash) News 

Bumble introduces an AI-driven Deception Detector feature to identify and eliminate fraudulent profiles and scams.

Bumble, the popular online dating platform, has introduced a new AI-driven feature to enhance user experience by detecting fraudulent profiles, spam, and scams. This women-centric app aims to offer its users a higher level of security and convenience. With the implementation of this advanced technology, Bumble strives to create a safer and more enjoyable dating environment. Fraud detector on Bumble The new AI-powered feature is called Deception Detector. Its purpose is to weed out all fake profiles and scams on the online dating platform before users see them. When testing…

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Major brands including Bumble, Disney, Pizza Hut, and Walmart were among others that had their Instagram ads placed next to disturbing content. (Unsplash) News 

Bumble and Match Take a Stand: Stop Advertising on Instagram Amid Content Controversy

Brands generate significant revenue through advertising on social media platforms. However, there is a potential risk involved if their ads are displayed alongside inappropriate content, which can harm the brand’s reputation and create negative associations. Additionally, there is a danger of targeting the wrong audience, further damaging the brand’s image. In a surprising development, popular online dating platforms Bumble and Match have chosen to halt their advertising on Instagram. This decision comes after a report by The Wall Street Journal revealed that their ads were being shown alongside explicit and…

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According to reports, Bumble's stock price plummeted by 10 per cent, hitting a record low of $12.29, following the announcement of Wolfe Herd's departure. News 

Whitney Wolfe Herd Bids Farewell: Bumble CEO to Step Down

Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of the popular online dating and networking app, is leaving the company’s CEO position in a surprising move. He will be succeeded by Lidiane Jones, the current CEO of instant messaging service Slack. The management change will take effect in January 2024. “It is a monumental moment that has required a great deal of time, consideration and care before handing over the baton to a leader and woman I deeply respect. This move to Executive Chair will allow me to step forward into a new…

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The Bumble logo is seen on a smartphone in front of a stock graph in this illustration taken February 11, 2021. (REUTERS) News 

Woman Drugged Man During Bumble Date and Stole His iPhone 14, Gold, and Money

According to the police, a man who went on a Bumble date was reportedly robbed of his iPhone 14, gold jewelry, and had his bank accounts emptied of ₹1.78 lakh after being drugged at his residence in DLF Phase 4. The victim, Rohit Gupta, stated in his complaint that he had connected with a woman named Sakshi, also known as Payal, through the Bumble dating app. Gupta mentioned that the woman claimed to be from Delhi and was presently residing with her aunt in Gurugram. “On October 1, he called…

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AI coach for dating? Check out what Bumble CEO predicts. (REUTERS) AI 

Bumble CEO Forecasts AI Dating Mentor to Guide You in Flirting

Numerous speculations regarding our AI future, reminiscent of the dystopian series Black Mirror, revolve around the unsettling notion of how artificial intelligence might alter the dynamics of relationships. Could we develop romantic feelings towards our computers? Will youngsters favor AI tutors over human educators? No matter what happens, people will probably still be looking for other people’s company. And technology can help. First, AI could improve dating for singles, says Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of one of the most popular dating apps, Bumble Inc. “The average single American…

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The company is also taking aim at the use of bots as well as the promotion of OnlyFans pages. News 

Bumble Strengthens Community Guidelines to Combat No-Shows for In-Person Dates

Bumble is striving to create a secure environment within its apps for individuals to connect with new people, including when they meet in person. The most recent set of community guidelines, which are also applicable to Badoo and Bumble For Friends, specifically address the issue of ghosting or individuals not showing up for previously scheduled meetups. The guidelines “prevent no-show behavior by prohibiting not coming to an in-person meeting despite clear plans that both parties have agreed to,” Bumble said. It claims to be the first dating platform to “take…

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It's a spinoff of Bumble BFF. News 

Bumble Launches Separate App for Finding Friends

After seven years since its launch, Bumble is now providing users with their own app specifically designed for making friends. Bumble has recently revealed the introduction of Bumble For Friends, an app solely focused on connecting individuals with potential friends in their vicinity. According to Mashable, the company began testing the app earlier this year in the United Kingdom and certain parts of Asia. Bumble For Friends works almost exactly like Bumble BFF (which makes up 15 percent of Bumble’s monthly active users, a Bumble spokesperson told TechCrunch). There’s no…

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Bumble rolled out a new feature that allows users in India to send two 'Compliments' messages per week to other users they see on their feed, even before matching. News 

Bumble’s New Feature in India Could be Unpopular With Women

For men using Bumble to find a date, a new feature has been introduced to enhance their chances. However, women in India might receive an overwhelming number of compliments from unfamiliar individuals, even before they have the opportunity to determine if someone is deserving of their attention. Popular online dating app Bumble rolled out a new feature that allows users in India to send two “Complements” messages per week to other users they see in their feeds, even before finding a match. This is available to all Bumble users. “Any…

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Check out the newly launched feature on Bumble. (Bumble) News 

Bumble Introduces ‘Compliments’ Feature to Allow Messaging Before Matching

Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, has recently introduced a feature called ‘Compliments’. This innovative feature allows members to send a message before connecting, enabling them to make a memorable impression and enhance user comfort. With this feature, Bumble’s community can enhance the first conversation or get the first conversation off to a positive start. Members who use comments are statistically more likely to match and are more likely to have a good conversation. According to a new Bumble survey, about 85% of Indians surveyed say that receiving…

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The company reported revenue of $242.9 million in the quarter ended March 31, compared with analysts’ estimates of $241.0 million, according to Refinitiv data News 

Bumble Beats Q1 revenue estimates despite recession fears

Bumble Inc beat first-quarter revenue estimates on Thursday as user spending on its dating app has remained strong despite a looming recession, sending its shares up 4.6% in aftermarket trading. According to Refinitiv’s data, the company’s revenue was $242.9 million in the quarter ended March 31, compared to analysts’ estimates of $241.0 million. New features like “Compliments,” which allow users to engage by sending a message before deciding to connect, have helped the company weather high inflation and rising interest rates. Total paying users grew to 3.5 million in the…

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Bumble has launched a new feature called 'Speed Dating' where users prioritise personality over looks by hiding profile photos for the first three minutes of interaction. News 

Bumble launches Speed Dating feature to help users prioritize personality over looks

Bumble, the popular dating app, has recently launched a new feature called “Speed Dating”. According to the company, this new feature allows users to go into the experience “blind” and prioritize personality over physical attraction and looks by hiding profile pictures for the first three minutes of interaction. After the first three minutes, each user is asked to indicate their interest in continuing the conversation. If both users show mutual interest, their conversation will move to the Date Mode queue where they can continue to interact and view each other’s…

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