Meta Platforms' paid no-ads subscription service launched in Europe this month faced one of its biggest tests as advocacy group NOYB. News 

Pay for Privacy? Meta’s Ad-free Service Under the Microscope

BRUSSELS: Meta Platforms’ paid ad-free subscription service, launched in Europe this month, faced one of its biggest tests when advocacy group NOYB filed a complaint with an Austrian regulator on Tuesday, saying it amounted to paying a fee for privacy. Meta announced the service for Facebook and Instagram last month. It said the move was in line with EU rules, which require users to be given the option to choose whether their data can be collected and used for targeted advertising. The ad-free service costs €9.99 ($10.90) per month for…

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Major tech companies like Apple don't see huge staff turnover but when it does most of them like going to other tech brands. News 

Apple Employees: Here Are The Top 10 Tech Companies You Should Consider Joining!

Apple is one of the largest and most popular technology companies in the world, and many of its employees have been with the company for decades. But even then, many of them leave Apple to pursue other career opportunities, and most of them stay in the industry and join Apple’s competitors, which is hardly surprising to hear. And now there’s been an official analysis of data based on Apple employees leaving the company and having a wish list of brands they want to join in such cases. According to an…

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XROS aimed to bolster Indian developers venturing into XR technologies. Extended reality or XR is an umbrella term encompassing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) News 

XROS Initiative Expands Beyond Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai: Meta Public Policy Head

The XR Open Source (XROS) Fellowship, a key component of Meta’s global XR programs and research fund, has celebrated the diverse pool of Indian talent in emerging technologies. XROS aimed to support Indian developers pursuing XR technologies. Augmented reality or XR is an umbrella term that covers augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). These technologies enhance the perception of the real world by adding or combining digital elements to create interactive and immersive experiences. Led by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)…

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Meta Platforms is dispersing the members of its Responsible AI team among other groups in the company where they will continue to work on preventing harms associated with artificial intelligence, the company said on Saturday. AI 

Meta Moves Its AI Team to New Horizons!

(Reuters) – Meta Platforms will disperse members of its Responsible AI team to other groups within the company, where they will continue to work to prevent harm from artificial intelligence, the company said on Saturday. A spokesperson for Meta, which owns Facebook, said in an email that the company intends to bring its personnel closer to the development of core products and technologies. Most members of the Responsible AI team will transition to generative AI “and continue to support relevant cross-Meta efforts in the development and deployment of responsible AI,”…

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Meta's head of augmented reality software is stepping down from his role, a company spokesperson told Reuters on Friday, raising questions about the company's progress in developing a custom operating system for its planned AR glasses. News 

Meta’s AR Software Chief Taking Leave: What’s Next?

Meta’s head of augmented reality software is stepping down, a company spokesman told Reuters on Friday, raising questions about the company’s progress in developing a custom operating system for its planned AR glasses. Director of engineering Don Box announced the end of his tenure at Meta internally this week, but did not specify what he would do next, according to a source familiar with the matter. A Meta spokesperson confirmed that Box will be leaving the company at the end of this week, saying he is doing so for personal…

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Meta on Wednesday appealed against "gatekeeper" designations for its Messenger and Marketplace platforms, the first Big Tech company to challenge new European Union rules setting out dos and don'ts for the online services. News 

“Messenger and Marketplace Apps Challenge EU’s Gatekeeper Status – Meta Appeals!”

STOCKHOLM/BRUSSELS: Meta on Wednesday complained about the “gatekeeper” designation of its Messenger and Marketplace platforms, the first Big Tech company to challenge new European Union rules on dos and don’ts for online services. As part of the latest crackdown on Big Tech, the EU in September singled out 22 “gatekeeper” services run by six of the world’s biggest tech companies to be subject to new rules under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace and WhatsApp were accepted as gatekeepers under the DMA, which was designed to level…

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Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and CEO of Meta, announced that Threads will soon undergo testing for a feature allowing users to tag topics. News 

X Rivals the Hashtag Game: Threads App Introduces New Feature!

Threads, a microblogging platform owned by Meta, is developing a feature similar to its competitor X (formerly Twitter). Instagram’s Threads is adding a new hashtag feature to its platform and has begun testing the feature with select users. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s founder and CEO, announced that Threads will soon be testing a feature that allows users to tag topics. This allows you to categorize posts based on interests or themes. “We’re testing a way to categorize your posts using a tag. We’re starting in Australia and more countries are coming…

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Meta Threads could integrate Instagram’s inbox, and this would bring DM functionality to the platform, as Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has said. News 

Meta’s Threads Get a Clever Upgrade: Direct Messaging is Coming!

When Meta’s X competitor Threads first launched, it lacked a lot of features. But Meta has been working hard to add features and is gradually becoming a better competitor to X. However, it still lacks some core features, such as the ability to send to anyone directly. This is because Meta didn’t intend to add DMs to it. But that may soon change as Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has revealed new details about the same. Mosseri answered Threads for The Platformer News’ Casey Newton. Mosseri, who responded to Newton’s post,…

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It is now finally possible to independently delete your Meta Threads profile without affecting your Instagram account. Here's how you do it. News 

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Threads: Meta Now Lets You Delete Your Profile Without Deleting Your Instagram!

Meta’s Threads is slowly shaping up to be a serious competitor to Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) and is starting to add several features that were missing at launch, such as the ability to edit posts, and only recently has also added the ability to independently delete a Threads profile without deleting his Instagram account. Yes, until now it was impossible for you to delete your Threads profile unless you deleted your Instagram account. Instagram head Adam Mosseri told Threads about this release, along with another feature that allows you…

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Meta Threads now allows you to disable post suggestions from showing up on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. News 

Hide Your Posts From Viewers: Instagram and Facebook Introduce Meta Threads Suggestion Feature

Meta’s Threads has reportedly given users the ability to prevent message suggestions from appearing on Meta’s other platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook. This comes after users expressed displeasure with Meta’s Threads integration, specifically the “For You on Threads” carousel on Instagram and Facebook feeds. This feature, as noted by The Verge, is gradually rolling out to users. To check if you have it and to turn off the suggestion carousel box on Instagram and Facebook, follow these steps: Open the Threads app and go to Privacy. Here you will…

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Meta says advertisers must disclose when a social issue, election, or political ad on Facebook or Instagram has been “digitally created or altered,” or by AI. AI 

Meta’s Move: Helping India Fight Fake News with Political Ad Disclosure Policy

Earlier this week, India’s Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar slammed social media platforms for their inability to deal with deeply fake content and warned them of consequences if they do not remove reported fake information within 36 hours of notification. . This happened after actress Rashmika Mandanna’s recent deep fake controversy. A deepfake about him was spread on social media, and several big-name celebrities stood up to support the actor and opposed AI-driven deepfakes. Now, while it may just be a coincidence, but coupled with…

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Meta Platforms on Wednesday said come 2024, advertisers will have to disclose when artificial intelligence (AI) or other digital methods are used to alter or create political, social or election related advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. News 

Reveal the Truth: AI-Altered Political Ads Must Now Be Disclosed!

Meta Platforms said on Wednesday that by 2024, advertisers will have to disclose when artificial intelligence (AI) or other digital methods are used to modify or create political, social or election-related ads on Facebook and Instagram. Meta, the world’s second-largest digital ad platform, said in a blog post that it would require advertisers to disclose whether their altered or created ads depict real people doing or saying something they didn’t do, or digitally reproduce a real-looking person who doesn’t exist. The company also asks advertisers to disclose whether these ads…

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Instagram is getting a new feature where you will be able to turn off read receipts, just like WhatsApp. Here's how it works. News 

See Without Being Seen: Instagram’s Stealthy New Feature

Instagram has been slowly building its DM features, and currently the communication experience you get on the platform is quite versatile and comprehensive. But at the end of the day, it still lacks a number of features, such as the ability to enable read receipts, that other dedicated messaging apps like Meta’s own WhatsApp have. This will soon change as Instagram gets a new feature to turn off read receipts like WhatsApp. Announcing the same on his Instagram channel, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that this feature is currently under…

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Facebook owner Meta is barring political campaigns and advertisers in other regulated industries from using its new generative AI advertising products. AI 

Meta’s AI Tools: No Political Ads Allowed!

(This Nov. 6 story has been updated to correct a reference to Snapchat’s policy on political ads in point 11) NEW YORK: Facebook owner Meta is blocking political campaigns and advertisers in other regulated industries from using its new generative artificial intelligence advertising products, a company spokesman said Monday, denying access to tools that lawmakers have warned could turbocharge the spread of election misinformation. Meta announced the decision publicly in updates posted to its help center Monday night after this story was published. Its advertising standards prohibit ads whose content…

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WhatsApp has denied bringing ads on the chat screen for users but the platform could have other plans to monetise its user base. News 

WhatsApp Chief Reveals How Ads Could Enhance User Experience

WhatsApp has categorically denied bringing ads to the main chat window for its users, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have other places it can put ads. And this week Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, has hinted at these other places where users might start seeing ads in the near future. Cathcart was recently quoted in a report talking about running ads in other places. He even pointed out that WhatsApp didn’t think placing ads on the messaging app’s main chat screen was the right model. He then suggested…

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New tools for creators have been announced by Meta. (Meta Platforms) News 

Meta Launches New Features for Content Creators

Meta has unveiled fresh tools for content creators on Facebook to enhance their interaction with their audience. In June, the company introduced a revamped Reels editor, along with an Inspiration Hub and Templates Hub, which simplified the process of creating reels by providing creators with ideas and inspirations. Additionally, a Professional mode was introduced, featuring a daily checklist module with tips to assist creators in expanding their audience. Now, Meta has announced additional methods for content creators to improve audience engagement through their reels. Let’s delve deeper into these new…

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Meta faces EU ban on targeted advertising. (REUTERS) News 

Mark Zuckerberg Facing Prohibited Targeted Advertising from European Union

On Wednesday, the European data regulator announced its decision to expand the ban on “behavioural advertising” on Facebook and Instagram, which was initially imposed by Norway, to include all 30 countries within the European Union and the European Economic Area. The ban on such advertising, which targets users by harvesting their data, is a setback for US tech giant Meta Platforms, owner of two social media services, which has resisted efforts to curb the practice. Norway’s data protection authority said Metal faces a fine of up to 4% of its…

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Facebook and Instagram users see ads based on their web activity but Meta is being forced to restrict those features in the Europe. News 

Be Prepared To Pay To Avoid Ads On Facebook And Instagram

Facebook and Instagram users now have the option to pay a monthly fee to stop seeing ads on the platforms. These changes have been announced this week, and Meta says they will be available to users in certain parts of the world from November onwards. These monthly subscription fees for Facebook and Instagram users are different if they sign up online, and slightly higher if they do it via Android and iOS, just like how Elon Musk decided to price his X platform. Meta is moving to the subscription route…

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The logos of Facebook and Instagram and the words "Monthly subscription" are seen in this picture illustration taken January 19, 2023. (REUTERS) News 

Meta to Provide Subscriptions for Ad-Free Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Meta Platforms Inc. plans to provide European users with the option to access Facebook and Instagram without advertisements by subscribing to a paid service. Starting in November, users can subscribe to social media sites for 9.99 euros ($10,574) a month online or 12.99 euros a month through Apple Inc.’s and Android’s mobile operating systems, the company said in a release. Monday. Subscription services are offered to everyone in the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland. The orders are a reaction to increasing regulations on the collection and use of…

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On WhatsApp, there are a few indications that could potentially help you identify if you have been blocked. Read on for all the details. News 

5 Signs You May Have Been Blocked on WhatsApp by Someone

WhatsApp is certainly an important part of many of our digital lives and helps us connect with loved ones, colleagues and others. Although this rarely happens, things can turn sour and someone can block you – for a myriad of reasons. If you want to know if that person has blocked you or if it’s something else, there’s no surefire way to tell if they have. Nevertheless, there are a few signs that can help you identify if you have been blocked on WhatsApp. Here are the following terms: Missing…

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