PhonePe is working with a local payment provider to support the QR code that can be scanned on its app to make the payment. News 

PhonePe App Allows Indian Users to Make UPI Payments in UAE

UPI payments are gradually rolling out to more countries, and Indian users now have more reasons to be happy about using the digital payment service. PhoneP has announced this week that people heading to or coming from the UAE to India can benefit from using UPI payments through its mobile app. UPI payments are available through Paytm, Google Pay and even WhatsApp, but PhonePe has stolen a march over its competitors with this announcement. PhoneP users just need to log in with their mobile number, which is directly linked to…

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The new video feed feature allows users to discover bite-sized career insights and engage with professional content in a more accessible format. (unsplash) News 

LinkedIn introduces a video feed similar to TikTok for professionals; Learn more about the new feature

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is joining the ranks of popular apps such as Instagram and Snapchat by testing out a short-form video feed similar to TikTok. This new feature, discovered by Austin Null, a strategy director at McKinney, introduces a vertical feed of brief videos that can be accessed through a designated “Video” tab in the app’s navigation bar. Users have the ability to swipe through the videos, interact with them by liking, commenting, or sharing, and discover professional content in a more engaging format. LinkedIn publishes a TikTok-style…

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Indian travellers in the UAE can now conveniently make payments using the PhonePe app through UPI integration. (PhonePe) News 

PhonePe app now allows Indians residing in UAE to make UPI payments

Indian tourists and NRIs in the UAE can now use the PhonePe app to make UPI payments, thanks to a partnership between the NPCI and Mashreq Bank’s NEOPAY. This collaboration has enabled UPI-based payments in the Gulf Nation, making financial transactions easier for Indian travellers in a country with a significant Indian expat population. Earlier, in 2021, UPI services were successfully launched in Bhutan in collaboration with Royal Monetary Authority, the central bank of Bhutan. “The UAE is a very popular destination with millions of Indian visitors every year. With…

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Indian companies face the threat of cyberattacks which needs a robust system but it seems very few businesses are ready for the battle. News 

Report: Only 4 Percent of Indian Companies are Prepared for Major Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are a major threat, and most companies recognize the need to arm themselves with weapons to deal with major incidents. However, only 4 percent of organizations in India have the “mature” level of preparedness needed to counter modern cyber security risks, a new report released on Thursday showed. According to Cisco’s 2024 Cyber Security Readiness Index, preparedness is critical, with 82 percent of respondents saying a cybersecurity breach is likely to disrupt their business in the next 12 to 24 months. However, 88 percent of companies still feel…

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Globally, the semiconductor industry has been predominantly male-dominated, with women comprising only a fraction of the workforce, including in technical leadership positions News 

Will women seize the opportunity for lucrative careers in India’s semiconductor future?

However, realizing the full potential, especially in the chip sector, requires a significant influx of technical talent and engineering skills – with equal representation of both men and women. All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2021-2022 data sheds light on gender distribution in engineering and technology studies at the undergraduate level. Out of 39.04 million students, only 29.1 percent are female and 70.9 percent are male. This is in stark contrast to disciplines like the arts and medicine, where gender equality is more pronounced. In the broader field of…

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iPhone users can forget password which requires a reset but attackers are now using this trick to steal data and gain access to the device. News 

Learn more about the password reset requests targeting iPhone users that could be exploited by hackers to steal data.

People often forget passwords and quickly decide to set a new one using the password recovery process provided by most tech platforms, including Apple. But iPhone users are being warned about a major security issue that hackers are using to attack the device. New reports this week talk about a new attack that uses the password recovery mechanism and floods the iPhone user with several messages of this nature, causing them to worry. These people don’t have to worry about clicking these notifications, but when you see 100 of these…

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The new Vivo foldable phones have a similar design appeal, featuring a carbon-fibre hinge, and a circular back camera housing. News 

Vivo X Fold 3 and Fold 3 Pro Foldable Series Makes Debut in China, Possible Launch in India?

Vivo launched the new X Fold3 and X Fold3 Pro in China this week, with a global launch expected in the coming months. The latest third-generation X Fold series is said to be thinner than the X Fold2, with better cameras and batteries. Both versions of the X Fold3 feature a lightweight carbon fiber hinge that weighs just 14.98 grams and is certified by TUV Rhineland to withstand 500,000 folds. Compared to the X Fold2, Vivo has improved the phone’s drop resistance; the front is now 11 times more durable,…

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YouTube follows a strict content policy that needs to be followed or else the videos can be removed for violation and even accounts are banned. News 

Reason for Removal of Over 2 Million YouTube Videos from Indian Users in Q4 2023

YouTube has removed more than 2.25 million videos in India for violating community rules in the last quarter of 2023, the popular video streaming platform said in a report released on Tuesday. The number of videos removed from the platform between October and December 2023 in India is the highest among 30 countries, YouTube said in a report. Singapore (1,243,871) and the United States (788,354) had the second and third most videos removed. Iraq came in last with 41,176 videos. Globally, YouTube removed 9 million videos during the same period,…

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Samsung's new Galaxy Book 4 model is powered by Intel Core Ultra processor, has Windows 11 out of the box and features a premium and lightweight design. News 

Samsung’s latest Windows laptop, a rival to the MacBook, is now on sale in India: Check out the price and features.

Samsung has launched its new MacBook competitor in the Indian market, the Galaxy Book 4 laptop, which runs on the Windows 11 operating system. Samsung has other Galaxy Book laptops available in the country, but the vanilla Book 4 model focuses on being premium without burning a deep hole in the wallet. It has an AMOLED display, weighs less than 1.6 kg, and has the latest Intel Ultra processors. Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Price in India The Samsung Galaxy Book 4 has been launched in India for the Intel Core…

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Spotify joins hands with several e-learning platforms to provide video-based courses. (unsplash) News 

Spotify launches video-based educational courses in the UK for premium subscribers

Spotify, a well-known music streaming platform, has recently expanded its services to include video-based courses in partnership with various educational platforms. This new feature is currently being introduced in the UK, alongside the music and podcast tabs. Users interested in accessing these courses may need to subscribe to Spotify’s premium plan to gain full access or purchase them separately. Stay informed about Spotify’s latest venture into the e-learning industry. Spotify offers video-based courses in the UK According to a report by Android Police, Spotify has integrated video courses on several…

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Dell Technologies reduced its workforce as part of a broader initiative to cut costs that included limiting external hiring and employee reorganizations. News 

Dell to Cut Jobs in 2024 in Effort to Lower Employee Expenses

(Reuters) – Dell Technologies reduced its workforce as part of a broader cost-cutting initiative that included limiting external hiring and employee restructuring, it said in a filing on Monday. On February 2, 2024, it employed almost 120,000 employees, compared to approximately 126,000 a year earlier. The layoffs came after sluggish demand for its personal computers for nearly two years partly contributed to an 11 percent drop in revenue in its fourth-quarter results released last month. Dell expects net sales at its Customer Solutions Group (CSG), the home of PCs, to…

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Holi 2024 is all about colours and spending quality time with your friends and family. But don't forget to capture these moments and we're here to help you. News 

Tips for Capturing the Best Holi 2024 Photos with Your Smartphone Camera

Holi 2024 is already here with everyone belting out their favorite Holi songs at the festival of colors. But you might also be interested in capturing the favorite moments you spend with loved ones. And for that, you need to be well prepared to handle the camera all day. Luckily, smartphones these days are more than capable of helping you out in such situations, but even then, if you’re worried about taking pictures in a crowded space, we’ve got you covered with special Holi camera tricks and tips that will…

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NASA-ISRO mission NISAR faces launch delay as a vital component undergoes a special coating process for temperature control. (NASA/JPL-Caltech) Space 

Launch delay for ISRO’s Nisar mission as crucial component sent back to NASA for thermal precautions

The NISAR mission, a collaboration between NASA and ISRO, has faced a setback, causing a delay in its launch schedule. The mission, which was highly anticipated, is now aiming for a late April launch date. The Earth observation satellite to be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center on India’s southeast coast is in the final stages of preparations. A key aspect of mission readiness is the application of a special coating to the satellite’s 39-foot (12-meter) diameter radar antenna reflector. This important contribution by NASA is a component that…

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Nothing Phone 2a is the most affordable device from the brand which uses more plastic than aluminum but does it affect its durability? News 

Here’s What Happened When Nothing Phone 2a Underwent a Drop and Scratch Test

The Nothing Phone 2a is a solid mid-range device that fights in a crowded market. But like all other phones, the Phone 2a has recently gone through the dreaded drop and scratch tests. The results may surprise some of you, but overall nothing seems to have struck the right balance between quality and value. The phone 2a was dropped several times in the hope that the device would break, after all it is made of cheaper materials, especially the body and back panel. None Phone 2a drop test: how did…

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Prof Murthy expresses delight at having an asteroid named after him for his work on NASA's New Horizons mission. (IIA) Space 

Indian professor honored by IAU with asteroid named after him for his contributions to astronomy

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has recognized Prof Jayant Murthy, a distinguished Indian astrophysicist from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) in Bengaluru, by naming an asteroid after him. The asteroid, formerly known as “2005 EX296,” has been officially renamed “(215884) Jayantmurthy” by the IAU’s Working Group on Small Bodies Nomenclature. Located between Mars and Jupiter, this asteroid completes a full orbit around the Sun every 3.3 years. Professor Murthy’s contributions to the New Horizons mission Professor Murthy, who will retire from IIA in 2021 but will continue as an…

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Firefox browser is used by millions across the globe, including India, and any security risk is likely to be of high importance to all of them. News 

Indian Government Issues High Security Alert for Firefox Browser Users

The Indian government has proactively warned its users of major security threats, which we have seen happen to users of Apple, Chrome and Adobe. But now Firefox users have also been warned about some major security risks that can be managed by updating to the latest version of Mozilla products. You can go to the CERT-In website for the latest security bulletin detailing the issue in Firefox and what this high severity warning means for users. and how it can be used to steal information from affected users. The main…

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With Pushpak viman's successful launch, ISRO enters the realm of reusable rockets, aiming to reduce costs and minimize space debris. The craft has been dubbed as Swadeshi space shuttle. (PTI) Space 

ISRO launches Pushpak Viman, a Swadeshi space shuttle, marking a significant move into reusable rocket technology

ISRO has reached a major milestone by successfully launching and landing the Pushpak viman, a winged rocket the size of an SUV that is commonly referred to as the “Swadeshi space shuttle.” The test, which took place in Karnataka, involved the precise landing of the Pushpak viman on a runway after being released from an Air Force helicopter. This achievement represents a significant step forward in India’s efforts to enter the reusable rocket market, indicating a promising development in the country’s space exploration initiatives. ISRO chief S Somanath expressed satisfaction…

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Asteroid 2024 EU4 belongs to the Aten group of Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs), says NASA. (Pixabay) Space 

NASA reveals massive 420-foot asteroid approaching Earth; Find out its proximity

There has been a high number of asteroids passing near Earth recently, with up to four space rocks flying past in a single day. Although most of these asteroids do not pose a danger, it is important to track them to reduce uncertainties. NASA has shared information about a 420-foot wide asteroid that will have a close encounter with Earth tomorrow, March 23. Asteroid 2024 EU4 Asteroid 2024 EU4 is just one of many space rocks orbiting the Sun’s main asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Jupiter and…

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Honor sells its phones and other products in the country via Htech which is run by ex-Realme CEO, Madhav Sheth who has teased these new phones. News 

Learn more about the upcoming launch of the Porsche Design Magic 6 RSR and Magic 6 Ultimate in India.

Honor updated its Magic 6 lineup by introducing the new Porsche Design Magic 6 RSR and Magic 6 Ultimate in China earlier this week. And now it looks like have company is ready to unleash these high-end devices in markets like India. That’s right, HTech CEO Madhav Sheth has teased the launch of these products by asking users what they would like Honor to launch its next product in India. He suggested Porsche Design Magic 6 RSR or Honor Magic 6 Ultimate Edition. “Which innovation are you most excited to…

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Android users can now search for songs in the app by playing, singing, or humming them. Here's how it works. News 

Having Trouble Recalling a Song? YouTube Music’s New ‘Hum To Search’ Feature Can Assist You

Have you ever found yourself with a song stuck in your head and can’t remember the name or the lyrics? This frustration can leave you restless. While Android users already have the ability to search for songs by humming, Google has extended this feature to YouTube, allowing users to find songs even if they don’t remember certain details. YouTube Music has added a new search option to help users find songs in the app more easily. According to 9to5Google, when you activate the search function, a new “Song” tab will…

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