Google continues to pull the plug on its products and in some cases the news does shock people but this time people were informed way earlier.News 

Google is closing down an app and advising users to transfer their data immediately: Here’s the latest information.

The Google Podcast app is the company’s latest product, which will be rolled out to all users from the beginning of April. The podcast is popular across platforms, and Google doesn’t think it needs a separate app to keep the business going. So, starting April 2nd, the Google Podcast app will be retired for good. Yes, the Podcast app will close.

But the company is not completely abandoning the podcast segment, in fact, YouTube Music will be the platform for podcasts, as the company is ready to put all its resources into one app instead of two. Google talked about shutting down the app back in September of last year, so it’s not like people weren’t given enough time to make changes / switch.

Google is essentially asking people to pay for YouTube Music if they want to access podcasts starting April 2nd, which is a clear concern for many people who invested in the platform and kept their data. Google only offers the feature and service switching to people in the US, and we’re not sure what will happen to other people using the Podcast app outside of the region.

Google says you can either move all your current podcasts to the YouTube Music app, or choose a different podcast app entirely, for which you’ll need to export and then import an OPML file.

Transferring Google Podcasts to other apps: how it works

– Go to the Google Podcast app

– Click on export orders option

– Tap Export under Export to YouTube Music

– Select Transfer in the YouTube Music app

– Click Continue

– Now you can check in the library that your order has been transferred

The podcast app is shutting down this week, and people can switch their content to another until July this year.

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