Viral video captures the incredulous moment as a man showcases his jaw-dropping Uber bill, raising questions about the accuracy of ride fares. (Pixabay/ X)News 

Uber auto ride in Noida results in man receiving a bill of ₹7.66 crore; Uber responds to the incident

A man in Noida, Uttar Pradesh was shocked to receive a bill of Rs.7.66 crore for an Uber auto ride that was originally priced at just Rs.62. The incident gained attention after Ashish Mishra shared it on social media, causing it to go viral.

Details from the video

The post included a video of regular Uber customer Deepak showing the staggering amount he was charged for the ride. In the video, Deepak revealed that the total amount of the bill was Rs. 7,66,83,762, excluding Goods and Services Tax (GST). The bill breakdown showed the trip cost at Rs 1,67,74,647 and the waiting time cost at Rs 5,99,09,189 with a promotional discount of Rs. 75 deducted.

Online reactions and humor

The astronomical calculation sparked reactions on social media, where users expressed their disbelief and amusement. Some joked about the amount, comparing it to the cost of a trip to Mars or even the budget of the Chandrayaan mission. Others joked about the absence of such massive amounts even in cases of corruption.

Amidst the humor were comments highlighting the potential seriousness of the situation, with one user suggesting that the driver could refuse to let the passenger off until the amount is paid.

The case highlights the importance of vigilance when using ride-hailing services and the need for platforms like Uber to ensure accurate billing systems to avoid such startling discrepancies.

As the virus continues to spread online, it serves as a warning to passengers to check their fares and service providers to maintain transparency in the billing process to prevent such alarming incidents in the future.

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