Apart from the transcripts, Spotify is adding one tool to its platform, called ‘Podcast Chapters’ (MINT_PRINT) News 

Spotify Unveils Automatically Generated Podcast Transcripts – Get the Details Here

Do you enjoy listening to Spotify podcasts but struggle with understanding the words and accents at times? If so, Spotify has introduced an exciting improvement for you. To improve the user experience of its vast podcast collection, Spotify has revealed the introduction of automatically generated podcast transcripts. This innovative addition will soon be available to more podcasters on the platform. Discover what this new Spotify feature will provide for you. Podcast transcripts automatically generated by Spotify Spotify’s new auto-generated transcription feature integrates seamlessly with millions of Spotify podcast episodes. It…

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Spotify tests AI voice translation feature for its podcasts. (Dado Ruvic/REUTERS) News 

Trial of Voice Translator on Spotify Podcasts Underway

According to Spotify Technology, they are currently experimenting with an AI-driven function that can convert podcasts by popular hosts like Dax Shepard and Lex Fridman into different languages. This move is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to leverage generative artificial intelligence, which has gained immense popularity following the success of ChatGPT, in order to attract more users and increase their revenue. The translated versions, which use Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s recently released sound production technology, mimic the style of the original speaker and are more natural than traditional dubbing, Spotify said.…

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They only need to sync the two accounts to get started. News 

Spotify Launches Subscriber-Only Podcasts for Patreon Creators

Spotify has officially launched its integration with Patreon, allowing creators and users worldwide to access subscriber-only podcasts from the creator platform. This partnership enables patrons to enjoy exclusive content alongside other episodes on Spotify. If you come across a show that you haven’t financially supported yet, you can easily gain access with just a few taps within the streaming app. A Patreon podcaster just needs to sync their account with Spotify to get started. Afterwards, all patrons’ exclusive content will be on a dedicated page on their Spotify show profile.…

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Race towards 'autonomous' AI agents grips Silicon Valley (REUTERS) AI 

Silicon Valley Accelerates Development of Autonomous AI Agents

A new generation of AI assistants, equipped with advanced technology similar to ChatGPT and its competitors, is emerging, intensifying the competition in the field. This comes approximately ten years after the introduction of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. These new AI helpers possess enhanced autonomy, taking the capabilities of virtual assistants to a whole new level. Experimental systems running on GPT-4 or similar models are attracting billions of dollars as Silicon Valley races to capitalize on advances in artificial intelligence. The new assistants — often called “agents” or “co-pilots”…

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The partnership comes through Spotify Open Access. Space 

Spotify to Offer Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation Content from Calm

Calm, the well-known meditation app, is joining forces with Spotify to provide its content through the streaming service, aiming to capture a portion of the time you spend listening to music and podcasts. As part of Spotify Open Access, an initiative introduced in 2021, select Calm meditations will be accessible on Spotify without the need for an extra app. This collaboration allows companies to offer their paid content on Spotify across various subscriber levels. In this case, Calm offers a sampling of its various offerings of Sleep Stories that can…

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The company did not renew Meghan’s 'Archetypes' podcast, which ran for 12 episodes. News 

Spotify terminates agreement with Duke and Duchess of Sussex for podcast production

Spotify and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have come to a mutual decision to end their partnership, which involved Harry and Meghan producing podcasts for the company. The deal, which was agreed upon in 2020, was reportedly valued at $25 million. Meghan hosts a podcast called Archetypes. It tried to confront stereotypes of women by talking about Meghan and the likes of Serena Williams and Mariah Carey. The show ran for 12 episodes last year and was the only podcast made by the couple’s Archewell Audio business for Spotify.…

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Creators can use the text-based editor to create clips, generate translations and add subtitles. News 

Streamlabs Launches AI-Powered Podcast Editing Tool

Logitech has introduced advanced AI-based features for its Streamlabs platform that can significantly speed up the process of editing podcasts. Streamlabs Ultra subscribers can now benefit from the Podcast Editor tool, which offers effortless text-based editing options to generate transcripts and translations in real-time. Additionally, users can add subtitles to their video podcasts in multiple languages and create clips of varying sizes and designs for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok. The screenshot below shows the tool’s interface with its text editor, where users can highlight parts…

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