Apple introduced its next generation CarPlay in 2022 claiming to “fundamentally change the way people interact with their vehicles” with plans to deeply integrate CarPlay with a car’s hardware. (Apple) News 

Mercedes CEO Rejects Apple, Embraces Google, and Makes Bold Statement on CarPlay, Says Ola Källenius

Apple spent four years developing a strategic plan to replace Android Auto with its CarPlay software in cars, alongside its ambitious goal of creating the Apple Car. However, with the abandonment of the Apple Car project, the focus has shifted to promoting CarPlay on the dashboards of modern vehicles. As large smart screens become more prevalent in luxury cars, car manufacturers are increasingly looking to partner with trusted software providers such as Google, Apple, and even Samsung. The CEO of Mercedes wants a comprehensive software architecture In a recent interview…

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Check the new Android Auto apps updates and related features that are rolling out now. (Unsplash) News 

Certain Android Auto apps will only function when the vehicle is in ‘P’ mode, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on the road.

Safety is a top priority for Android Auto, as the platform is now restricting the use of entertainment apps while driving. Google is implementing measures to ensure that certain apps can only be accessed when the car is parked and fully stopped. These apps will be available for electric vehicle users to enjoy while their car is charging or when they are waiting. The latest version of Android Auto includes touchscreen games designed to keep drivers entertained during breaks in their journey. Android Auto version 11.4 According to a report…

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Android Auto works both in wired and wireless mode on select cars but Android 14 update has caused issued for some users. News 

These Users Are Experiencing Android Auto Breakage Due to Android 14 Update

Android Auto is quite popular among users who rely on the system to work in their car and give them seamless access to their device on the screen. But recently, many users complained that Android Auto in wireless mode was broken when they installed the new Android 14 update on certain devices. The problem especially affects those who use Samsung Galaxy phones and have recently updated to the new Android 14-based One UI 6.0 version. Galaxy phone owners have shared their issues on the Google forums as per this report,…

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The center touchscreen also integrates with Apple CarPlay. News 

Acura ZDX EV Equipped with Android Auto and Pre-Installed Google Apps

The 2024 ZDX, Acura’s inaugural fully electric vehicle, is set to debut soon and will now come equipped with a comprehensive range of Google products, such as Android Auto. These features will be accessible across all ZDK models and will provide access to apps like Google Assistant and Google Maps, resulting in a more customized and efficient driving experience. With Google Assistant, you can give voice commands while keeping your eyes on the road to make calls, send text messages to friends, set reminders, change the temperature in your closet,…

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