Apple Maps lags behind Google's navigation platform in many ways but the company is finally looking to bring more features for iPhone users. News 

Apple Maps may receive a custom route feature in the upcoming iOS 18 update.

Apple is known for its knack for incorporating competitors’ existing features into its products with its unique spin. The latest speculation is about the possible addition of custom routes to Apple Maps. MacRumors reports that a file called “CustomRouteCreation” was found in the Maps backend, pointing to this upcoming feature in iOS 18. Although it has not yet been officially confirmed, some believe that Apple should have done it earlier, as competitors such as Google Maps have offered similar functionality for years. The possibility for users to plan their route…

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Google Maps is used by billions across the globe for navigation between places but the new colours haven't gone down well with users. News 

Google Maps’ Color Coding: Too Cold for Comfort?

If you have used Google Maps recently, you may have noticed that the colors of the interface have changed, in fact they look quite cold. And you are not alone in observing these changes. Google Maps has received a new update that includes changes to the colors of roads, water, land and more. The next time you browse the app, you’ll notice that the roads are now gray, the water color in Maps is now teal instead of blue, and even the parks and forests have been recolored. You will…

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Google regained only 40% of the mobile traffic it lost when Apple replaced Google Maps with its own app on iPhones. (Unsplash) News 

Executive Reveals Impact of Apple Maps on Google’s Map Traffic

During the antitrust trial against Alphabet Inc., a Google executive testified that despite Apple Inc. replacing Google Maps with its own app on iPhones two years ago, Google has only managed to regain 40% of the mobile traffic it previously had on its mapping service. Google Vice President Michael Roszak said Tuesday that the company used the Apple Maps switch as a “data point” in modeling what might happen if the iPhone maker replaced Google’s search engine as the default in Apple’s Safari browser. In a June 2020 email to…

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Noida traffic advisory: Places of interest, hospitals and major parking spots will be marked on Google Maps. (Bloomberg) News 

Google Maps Executives Meet with Noida Police Ahead of G20 and Moto GP Events

The Delhi Police has recently released a traffic advisory for Noida, informing residents about the movement restrictions during the upcoming G20 Summit on September 9 and 10. However, it has been clarified that the entire city will remain accessible, with only a few areas under the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) facing limited movement. Additionally, the Moto GP India Grand Prix and the Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show are also scheduled to occur later this month. To ensure smooth flow of traffic during these events, the Noida police met Google…

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iOS 17 users will have the ability to download portions of a map for offline use and navigation. Apple says that the new feature will be coming during fall this year, likely with the stable release of the OS. News 

Apple Maps to Receive Offline Support with iOS 17 Release

Apple Maps users have long been frustrated by the unavailability of offline maps. But this is all set to change with the upcoming release of iOS 17. The update will allow users to download specific sections of a map for offline navigation. To download a part of the map, users just need to select an area on their device and tap to download it. Apple claims that when offline, users now have the option to use turn-by-turn navigation while driving, walking, moving or cycling. In addition, users can see their…

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