Google Maps for Android is finally getting the compass feature back.  (Google) News 

Explore the Colorful New World of Android Auto with Google Maps!

Google Maps has become the go-to app for navigating within cities, states, and countries. It is ideal for both long-distance travel and checking routes with heavy traffic. Recently, Google Maps has undergone a major visual update, including a revamped color palette. This update is now also available on Android Auto. Stay informed about the changes made to your trusted navigation companion and make the most of its features. The color palette of Google Maps has been renewed According to a report by 9To5 Google, a recent update to Google Maps…

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There are three methods that Google Maps implements in order to stave off abusive content from its platform. (Google) News 

Uncovering the Secrets of Google Maps: Protecting You from Fake and Unhelpful Content!

Google Maps has provided information on how it actively identifies and addresses fake and unhelpful content on its redesigned platform. The platform has undergone significant updates, including Immersive View, new AI capabilities, and a fresh color scheme. However, these enhancements have increased the need to protect the platform from false reviews and misleading information. Google has outlined three strategies it is employing to combat such content and ensure a secure experience for its users. Let’s explore these approaches. Google Maps posted a blog post: “With more than 20 million reviews,…

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Google Maps is used by billions across the globe for navigation between places but the new colours haven't gone down well with users. News 

Google Maps’ Color Coding: Too Cold for Comfort?

If you have used Google Maps recently, you may have noticed that the colors of the interface have changed, in fact they look quite cold. And you are not alone in observing these changes. Google Maps has received a new update that includes changes to the colors of roads, water, land and more. The next time you browse the app, you’ll notice that the roads are now gray, the water color in Maps is now teal instead of blue, and even the parks and forests have been recolored. You will…

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Gmail could get a new UI to resemble instant messaging apps. (Unsplash) News 

Unlock the Power of Google: Maps Chatbot, Chrome Tab Memory and More!

Google is preparing a range of enhancements for its different platforms. The company has begun testing two new generative AI features for YouTube and has also introduced various generative AI features like ‘Help me write’ for Gmail. However, this is just the beginning as Google is said to have multiple new features in the pipeline for platforms including Maps, Gmail, and Chrome. Stay informed about what’s on the horizon. Google Chrome memory consumption One feature that has already arrived in Chrome is memory usage. Although Google had already added a…

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Both “India” and “Bharat” are now recognised as a “Country in South Asia” and Google Maps users can use either “Bharat” or “India” to see the official Indian map. News 

Google Maps Identifies India With Its National Flag

If you type “Bharat” into the Google Maps search box, it will now appear as “Country in South Asia” along with the digital code of the Indian flag. Whether you use Google Maps in Hindi or English, searching for “Bharat” will give the same result as Google showing “India”. Both “India” and “Bharat” are now recognized as “South Asian countries”, and Google Maps users can use either “Bharat” or “India” to see the official map of India. In the Hindi version of Google Maps, Google will show “भारत”, on the…

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Check out the new immersive View for routes, EV updates, AI features, and more introduced in Google Maps. (Google) AI 

Google Maps unveils new features: Immersive view, EV charging, AI capabilities, and more

Google Maps, a widely popular app for discovering new places and navigating various destinations worldwide, has recently unveiled substantial enhancements and additions. These updates aim to enhance user satisfaction by providing a more seamless and enjoyable experience, as well as introducing novel features that streamline route navigation. With these latest updates, users can now benefit from artificial intelligence capabilities, effortlessly explore their surroundings, and effortlessly navigate their desired routes. Curious to learn more about these exciting features and updates? Discover the details of these Google Maps updates and their functionalities.…

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Google regained only 40% of the mobile traffic it lost when Apple replaced Google Maps with its own app on iPhones. (Unsplash) News 

Executive Reveals Impact of Apple Maps on Google’s Map Traffic

During the antitrust trial against Alphabet Inc., a Google executive testified that despite Apple Inc. replacing Google Maps with its own app on iPhones two years ago, Google has only managed to regain 40% of the mobile traffic it previously had on its mapping service. Google Vice President Michael Roszak said Tuesday that the company used the Apple Maps switch as a “data point” in modeling what might happen if the iPhone maker replaced Google’s search engine as the default in Apple’s Safari browser. In a June 2020 email to…

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Google is now letting more people help add missing roads to Google Maps around the world with its new Road Mapper feature. News 

Google Opens Up Mapping Platform To Widen Road Coverage, Invites More Contributors

Google announced Tuesday that it is opening up access to more participants to contribute to its Road Mapper feature to add missing roads to Google Maps worldwide. Since the release of Road Mapper in 2021, assistants have mapped more than 1.5 million kilometers of roads and enabled more than 200 million people to navigate using Google Maps. “Their contributions have made a real difference to people’s lives worldwide. We’re excited to announce that we’re opening up access to more contributors so we can continue to improve our maps,” the tech…

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Google Maps to add a new custom emoji feature for a list of saved locations in the app. (Google Maps/X) News 

Google Maps Gives You the Option to Personalize Your Saved Locations with Emojis

Google Maps has introduced a range of fresh features aimed at enhancing user engagement, comprehension, and overall experience. Notably, users can now interact with the voice assistant by issuing commands and receiving directions. Additionally, the company has released a sneak peek of its upcoming updates, showcasing the depiction of locations through emojis. Google Maps custom emoji feature Google recently shared a post on its X handle announcing a new Maps update that will allow users to customize their favorite places with custom emojis. The message said: “NEW UPDATE: now you…

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Noida traffic advisory: Places of interest, hospitals and major parking spots will be marked on Google Maps. (Bloomberg) News 

Google Maps Executives Meet with Noida Police Ahead of G20 and Moto GP Events

The Delhi Police has recently released a traffic advisory for Noida, informing residents about the movement restrictions during the upcoming G20 Summit on September 9 and 10. However, it has been clarified that the entire city will remain accessible, with only a few areas under the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) facing limited movement. Additionally, the Moto GP India Grand Prix and the Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show are also scheduled to occur later this month. To ensure smooth flow of traffic during these events, the Noida police met Google…

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The apps will be available to developers starting August 29th. AI 

Google Launches APIs to Estimate Solar, Pollutant, and Pollen Output for Sustainability

In 2015, Google introduced Project Sunroof, a smart feature on Maps that utilized location, sunlight, and navigation information to display the potential energy output of solar panels installed on any roof, whether it belonged to you or your neighbor. Google successfully mapped out this information for almost every house worldwide, showcasing the platform’s impressive technical abilities while also contributing to the company’s environmental sustainability initiatives. At the Google Cloud Next event on Tuesday, the company will officially unveil a set of new sustainability APIs that leverage the company’s AI goals…

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The first phase of the European Union’s groundbreaking new digital rules will take effect this week. (AFP) News 

Europe’s Regulations for Tech Giants Google, Facebook, TikTok and Others to Take Effect – Explaining the Details

Some of the largest technology companies, including Google, Facebook, and TikTok, are currently confronting a significant initiative in Europe aimed at purifying the online content that users come across. The first phase of the European Union’s ground-breaking new digital rules comes into effect this week. The Digital Services Act is part of a technology-focused code drawn up by the 27-nation bloc, which has long been a world leader in cracking down on tech giants. The DSA, which the major platforms must begin on Friday, is designed to keep users safe…

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Google has introduced a new Google Maps feature in its latest update. (Google) News 

Google Maps Update to Help You Save Time

Did you know that Google Assistant is now integrated with Google Maps? A new update has been rolled out by Google, allowing users to give directions through the Google Maps app. This integration enhances the functionality of the app and makes it even more convenient to use. Check out the new Google Maps update The Google News Telegram channel announced that Google Maps will replace its voice service with Google Assistant voice typing. The report briefly explained how the new feature works. It noted that in the previous version, the…

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Google Calendar events can be created directly in Chrome without needing to swap apps. Chrome users can press and hold on a detected date and choose the option to add it to Google Calendar. News 

Google Chrome Enhances iPhones with Translation, Lens and Maps Enhancements: Details

Google has recently revealed that it will be introducing four fresh features to the Chrome app for iPhone and iPad, which will be a welcome development for iPhone users globally. These features will include enhanced integration with Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Google Lens. Check out the four updates coming to Chrome for iOS: Google Maps When you see an address in Chrome on iOS, you no longer need to switch apps to find it on the map. Chrome now uses artificial intelligence to recognize web page addresses, and when…

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Google launched the Immersive View feature earlier this year using AI to fuse together billions of images and create a multidimensional view of the world with trusted information layered on top. News 

Google Maps Introduces ‘Immersive View’ Feature in 4 Cities, Over 500 Landmarks

Immersive View, a feature of Google Maps, has been introduced in four additional cities, namely Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice. Moreover, the feature has been extended to more than 500 renowned landmarks worldwide, including Prague Castle and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on both Android and iOS platforms. Earlier this year, Google released Immersive View, a feature that uses artificial intelligence to stitch together billions of images to create a multidimensional view of the world through layers of trusted data. “If you’re planning a trip to Boston and want to see…

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Other search updates include Lens identifying skin abnormalities, more places to try Immersive View and more. AI 

Google Search Now Offers Skin Condition Detection and AI Model Clothes Try-Ons

Google has unveiled a range of new search updates, including features for travel planning and clothes shopping. Additionally, Lens, which was previously used for identifying plants and historical objects, can now identify skin abnormalities. By uploading a picture into Lens, users can view similar images to determine if they have a tick bite or other skin issues. However, it is important to consult with a doctor if there are any concerns about spots on the skin, as relying solely on Google searches can lead to unnecessary anxiety. What’s more fun…

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Street View allows users to explore their surroundings virtually, offering a 360-degree view of streets, landmarks, buildings, and more. Here's how to use it. News 

Google Maps Street View feature is now available for mobile and desktop users in India

Google has brought Google Maps Street View to India, which provides users with a virtual view of different cities across the country. The feature was initially launched as a trial version in Bengaluru, Karnataka last year and is now available in multiple locations nationwide. As the name suggests, Street View allows users to explore their surroundings virtually, offering a 360-degree view of streets, landmarks, buildings and more. This feature proves particularly useful when evaluating a place before visiting, providing valuable insights and settings, especially for unfamiliar destinations. It should be…

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Live Activities was introduced with the iOS 16 version but third party apps have only become compatible after the iOS 16.1 version. News 

iPhone 14 Dynamic Island will soon offer Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation

iPhones equipped with Dynamic Island will soon offer turn-by-turn navigation similar to Google Maps. Apple introduced the Live Activities feature in the dynamic notch of the iPhone 14 Pro series, and now Google has signed up to the platform and is bringing its app to iPhone users via Google Maps. Google announced this week that means iPhone users can use their 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max models running iOS 16 and get turn-by-turn navigation in the notch or even on the lock screen. Get real-time arrival times for your…

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Google maps News 

Google Maps gets a new community feed in Explore

Google has updated Maps with new features and improvements as people adjust to the new normal. Google is now adding a new community feed to the Explore tab of Maps. The community feed has all the latest reviews, photos, and posts added to Google Maps by local experts, as well as people you follow. It will also feature content from food and drink merchants and articles from publishers like The Infatuation. Google Maps will also show updates from restaurants you follow in your feed and recommend things to do in…

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Google mentioned that the timeline will roll out quickly on the Google Photos map. (HT Tech) News 

Google Maps introduces the Trips tab to recall previous vacations

Google Maps will soon roll out a new Trips tab in the timeline on Android that can present customers with a summary of previous vacations and full kilometers traveled. According to Mashable, Google Photos will quickly receive the timeline as well which can allow customers to see the paths they’ve taken during the day, alongside the images. Users can view and share previous travel routes and dining locations. They will also have the option to get confirmations, in their Gmail by tapping the Trips tab on the desktop website,…

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