Google Maps continues to evolve and help people travel with its accurate navigation tech and other useful features. News 

Google Maps Introduces Three New Features to Assist with Holiday Travel

Google has added three new features to Maps as the summer travel or vacation season approaches. Not only that, but according to Google, users are starting to see new design updates that offer a new look to Maps. The new look offers a cleaner home page with fewer tabs and new pin colors to help you find places on the map. Google Maps is a commonly used navigation tool or application around the world. One reason is that it is packed with useful features that Google is constantly updating to…

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Apple Maps lags behind Google's navigation platform in many ways but the company is finally looking to bring more features for iPhone users. News 

Apple Maps may receive a custom route feature in the upcoming iOS 18 update.

Apple is known for its knack for incorporating competitors’ existing features into its products with its unique spin. The latest speculation is about the possible addition of custom routes to Apple Maps. MacRumors reports that a file called “CustomRouteCreation” was found in the Maps backend, pointing to this upcoming feature in iOS 18. Although it has not yet been officially confirmed, some believe that Apple should have done it earlier, as competitors such as Google Maps have offered similar functionality for years. The possibility for users to plan their route…

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Looking to use Google Maps offline in a remote location with no cellular service? Follow this brief guide to easily download Google Maps on both iOS and Android. News 

How to Download Google Maps Offline to Avoid Getting Stranded in Remote Areas

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to find a place using Google Maps but couldn’t find network reception? Well, we’ve all been there and it must be a frustrating experience to search the web to find the place you’re looking for. This makes you feel helpless and almost crippled, especially in remote places with no one around. So how can you prevent such a situation the next time you’re out and about? It’s really simple. All you have to do is download the offline map of…

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Google stated that it has successfully blocked and removed over 170 million reviews violating its policies on Google Maps and Google Search. Reviews 

Over 170 Million Reviews Removed by Google from Maps and Search

Google has said it blocked or removed more than 170 million policy-violating reviews in Maps and search last year – using its new machine learning (ML) algorithm. Last year, this new algorithm helped the tech giant remove 45 percent more fake reviews than the year before. More than 12 million fake business profiles were also blocked, the company said. “Last year, we released a new machine learning algorithm that identifies questionable review patterns even faster. It does this by examining long-term signals on a daily basis—for example, if a reviewer…

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Google uses specific cameras on motors, planes, and backpacks to take photos for Street View. (Unsplash) News 

Google engineer provides explanation on how AI-powered Immersive View functions on Google Maps

Google Maps has been working on simplifying navigation by altering the visual representation of content on the map. This includes changes to the colors used for water and green areas, as well as plans to modify the navigation display, although these changes have not been implemented yet. However, the most significant update came in February, when Google introduced Immersive View for routes. Now, after a year since its launch, we can finally witness how this feature operates. Immersive View in Google Maps Maps’ immersive view is a mix of standard…

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Google Maps undergoes a redesign, enhancing navigation on Android devices with streamlined interfaces and improved functionality. (unsplash) News 

Google Maps revamps Android navigation interface with a more streamlined design and updated features

Google Maps, a popular choice for Android users seeking navigation assistance, has continuously undergone updates to ensure its continued usefulness and relevance. Recent changes have included the addition of location-specific weather details and a visual overhaul, bringing the app more in line with the aesthetics of iOS. Now, a new redesign of the navigation layout is imminent, offering an improved user experience. Redesigned navigation interface The Google Maps navigation interface usually appears when you select a destination. Initially, tapping a location marker calls up a card at the bottom of…

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Google Maps on Android now includes a small rectangular box in the top left of the screen, below the search bar. Here are all the details. News 

Google Maps Feature, Previously Exclusive to iOS, Now Accessible for Android Users

Sometimes it’s really weird to see that some of Google’s iOS apps are more feature-rich than their Android counterparts, although that’s rarely the case. One such feature is the availability of weather information in the Google Maps iOS app. However, Google has now brought this feature to the Android app as well, as spotted by 9to5Google. The Google Maps app for Android now includes a small rectangular box in the upper left corner of the screen below the search bar. Said box contains important information, including the area’s temperature and…

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Google Maps transforms location search with generative AI, allowing users to even converse during searches. (Google) AI 

Conversational AI integration in Google Maps brings a revolutionary change to location search.

Google Maps is being revamped with the integration of generative AI, enabling users to conduct conversational searches for various locations. By utilizing its extensive large language models (LLMs), Google is accessing a vast collection of data on more than 250 million places available on Google Maps. This includes incorporating user-generated photos, ratings, and reviews from an impressive 300 million contributors. Witness the transformation of location search with the latest updates to Google Maps. User-friendly “Ask About” experience This experimental feature, initially rolled out in the US, introduces a user-friendly “Ask…

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Google is bringing its generative AI prowess to Google Maps to essentially improve discovery and recommend places. AI 

Details of Google Maps’ use of generative AI to suggest dining options are now available.

Google has been one of the pioneers of generative artificial intelligence, alongside competitors such as OpenAI and Meta. After losing first-mover advantage to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google has sought to lay a solid foundation by launching a myriad of generative AI tools — whether it’s a chatbot, Bard, its Gemini Nano-powered Pixel capabilities, or even Image 2’s model for creating images. Now it looks like the company has no intention of stopping, and its generative AI capabilities are expanding to Google Maps as well. Simply put, using generative artificial intelligence, Google…

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The fuel-saving feature needs to be enabled manually on Google Maps and you can do it for riding and driving. News 

Driving with Google Maps can now assist in reducing fuel consumption

Since the introduction of Google Maps, traveling has undoubtedly become quite convenient. Available for Android devices, this app helps users find the best route to their destination and predict travel time. Google Maps has recently introduced a brand new feature aimed at saving fuel while on the road. Known as Green Routing, this feature was introduced in September 2022 and was initially available in the US, Europe and Canada. Save fuel option is now available for Indian users as well. This feature must be enabled manually in the Google Maps…

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Google Maps now tags restaurant photos with dish names and prices, simplifying your dining experience. (Samsung/YouTube) News 

Google Maps enhances dining experience by pairing food images with menu information.

Google is aiming to solve the problem of users struggling to identify dishes in restaurant images on Google Maps. They plan to enhance real food photos on their platform by providing important information like dish names and prices. A visual feast and information This feature is integrated into the Photos tab of restaurants, cafes and similar destinations. Now, when you swipe through the images, some come with a handy card at the bottom that reveals the name of the dish and its description in the menu. Additional information such as…

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Google Maps' voice-based navigation is an essential tool, but users might not want to use the voice command feature at all times. Here's a detailed guide to turn off this feature. News 

Step-by-step guide on disabling voice navigation in Google Maps

The introduction of Google Maps has made people’s lives easier. Before the Internet, people used a compass or observed the direction of the sun and stars to navigate. Thanks to the invention of the web, traveling has become much simpler. All you have to do is search for the place you want to visit and all the information is available. Moving on to Google Maps, the online service offers comprehensive information about places and regions worldwide. In addition to regular road maps, Google Maps offers satellite and aerial images of…

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Maps is used widely across Android and iOS devices for navigation but tunnels have been challenge for the platform to work inside. News 

Here’s How Google Maps Will Now Provide Navigation Support Inside Tunnels While Driving

How many times have you struggled to get your GPS to work while driving through a tunnel? Even Google Maps can’t help you in these areas, but not anymore. The popular app now has a new Bluetooth feature that can restore location tracking even inside tunnels, which is a boon if you like to hike a lot in the wilderness. So how does Google do this? The company uses Bluetooth beacons, which are now supported in Maps, but are limited to Android users for now. These beacons have been used…

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Maps allows users to easily navigate using their phone with this feature while driving but Google might have other plans for its users. News 

Important Feature for Maps Users Could Be Shut Down by Google

Google has a crazy habit of shutting down products in recent years, and some of them were made from scratch. Stadia is one of the best examples of that decision-making, and it probably won’t be the last. The company is likely to continue this tradition in 2024, and one of the first features to go down could be one of Maps’ most important tools. Google Maps users can rely on Driving Mode to help them use a different interface while driving, but the company may kill this feature in the…

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Google Maps users in India are different and the company is bringing more India-first features, and others that can help you save money. Find out here. News 

Top Google Maps Features Coming to India in 2024: Enhance Fuel Savings, Access Walking Assistance, and More

Google Maps has billions of users across India and you can question Google’s strategy to keep its app at the forefront, but it is a navigation app. But the platform tends to leave its users in the country, giving most of the shiny features to other countries like the UK and Europe. Google wants to change that image now and bring more features you may have come across in the company’s other markets. Maps has received a new color scheme that has received mixed reviews from people, but as they…

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Google Maps' fuel-saving feature works by showing users fuel or energy-efficiency estimates on certain routes, taking into account the vehicle's engine type. News 

New Google Maps Feature Helps Users Cut Down on Fuel Expenses

Google Maps has become the de facto navigation app for most people. It is able to perform a wide range of tasks, such as using Google Street View to search for a location before visiting, verifying the location is tight, and of course, adjusting the navigation. Google continues to add new features to this already functional experience, making the app even more enjoyable to use. The search giant is now developing a feature that allows users to save fuel. s As noticed by the Times of India, this feature was…

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Google, with the addition of new privacy-focused features, is doubling down on giving users more control in Google Maps. Here's what you need to know. News 

Google Maps Introduces Enhanced Privacy Features and Enhances Functionality of ‘Blue Dot’

Google Maps is an essential part of everyday life – whether it’s navigating to a place you’ve never been before, checking out a restaurant in a hurry, or researching a place before you visit using Street View. Most of Google Maps’ features rely on location data, and the company has made sure you can control it with tools like incognito mode and auto-remove, but the search giant has now doubled down on giving users more control. In a new blog post, Google says that it brings the ability to save…

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Shelby Easler revealed that her family, along with several others, followed Google Maps directions to an alternate route to avoid a dust storm and save time, but ended up in big trouble. (Unsplash) News 

Lost and Found: Google Maps Leads Drivers to a Risky Road!

Do you rely on Google Maps for directions while driving? This can occasionally lead to significant problems, particularly if it guides you onto a different route. A recent incident has brought attention to this issue, as Google Maps directed several drivers in the US onto a hazardous route. A passenger who was stuck on this route shared a TikTok video to raise awareness about the ordeal. Click here to learn more about the entire incident. Google Maps directions glitch Who would have thought that following Google Maps would lead some…

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Google Maps for Android is finally getting the compass feature back.  (Google) News 

Explore the Colorful New World of Android Auto with Google Maps!

Google Maps has become the go-to app for navigating within cities, states, and countries. It is ideal for both long-distance travel and checking routes with heavy traffic. Recently, Google Maps has undergone a major visual update, including a revamped color palette. This update is now also available on Android Auto. Stay informed about the changes made to your trusted navigation companion and make the most of its features. The color palette of Google Maps has been renewed According to a report by 9To5 Google, a recent update to Google Maps…

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There are three methods that Google Maps implements in order to stave off abusive content from its platform. (Google) News 

Uncovering the Secrets of Google Maps: Protecting You from Fake and Unhelpful Content!

Google Maps has provided information on how it actively identifies and addresses fake and unhelpful content on its redesigned platform. The platform has undergone significant updates, including Immersive View, new AI capabilities, and a fresh color scheme. However, these enhancements have increased the need to protect the platform from false reviews and misleading information. Google has outlined three strategies it is employing to combat such content and ensure a secure experience for its users. Let’s explore these approaches. Google Maps posted a blog post: “With more than 20 million reviews,…

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