Broadcom's long-term deal with Samsung has recently come under scrutiny, resulting in a hefty fine of 19.1 billion won for unfair practices. News 

South Korea’s Antitrust Agency Penalizes Broadcom for Unlawful Agreement With Samsung

South Korea’s antitrust watchdog said on Thursday it will provisionally fine Broadcom Inc and its subsidiaries 19.1 billion won ($14.24 million) for enforcing a long-term supply agreement that was unilaterally unfavorable to Samsung Electronics. The country’s Fair Trade Commission will also issue a remedial order to Broadcom, it said in a statement. A Broadcom representative could not immediately be reached. Samsung declined to comment.

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Broadcom's deal has been hanging in the balance for months but the latest approval comes as a big relief. Gadgets 

UK Watchdog Gives Green Light to Broadcom’s $61 Billion Acquisition of VMWare

Broadcom’s $61 billion deal to buy VMware has been approved by Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on Monday after a thorough investigation. The CMA found that Broadcom’s deal to buy VMware “would not significantly reduce competition in the supply of server hardware components in the UK”. Following its initial Phase 1 investigation, the CMA identified competition concerns that required a thorough review and moved the deal to a Phase 2 investigation. In a “Phase 2” study, it found that the potential financial benefit to Broadcom and VMware from competing…

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The tech giant will have to meet some conditions to move forward. News 

European Union Approves Broadcom’s Acquisition of VMware for $61 Billion

Broadcom has made significant progress in securing its $61 billion acquisition of VMware, although certain conditions must be met. The European Commission of the EU has granted approval for the merger after conducting an extensive investigation into potential negative effects on competition. Authorities concluded that Broadcom’s ability to misuse its dominance was limited, and implementing certain measures would guarantee fair competition in the future. The commission ruled that Broadcom does not have a “strong position” that could impede competition in network and storage adapters, and that it would have no…

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U.S. chipmaker Broadcom's Chief Executive Hock Tan on Friday will try to convince EU antitrust enforcers that his proposed $61 billion bid for cloud computing firm VMware, which has triggered scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic, is procompetitive. News 

Broadcom Chief Wants to Convince EU of $61 Billion Contract for VMware

BRUSSELS: US chipmaker Broadcom CEO Hock Tan will try to convince EU antitrust regulators on Friday that his proposed $61 billion bid for cloud computing firm VMware, which has sparked scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic, is pro-competitive. Tan, backed by his executives and lawyers, arrived in Brussels early Friday morning for a closed-door hearing on one of the biggest mergers in tech history. He declined to comment on the matter while scheduling a hearing. Tan will present his case to senior European Commission officials, including Guillaume Loriot, its…

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