You may also see exactly how long you have to wait until you can skip the remaining ads. News 

YouTube Experiments with Longer Commercial Breaks on TV Apps

YouTube is currently conducting trials on smart TVs, Apple TV, and game consoles to explore a new advertising strategy. The platform is testing the concept of reducing the frequency of ad breaks while extending their duration on these devices, collectively known as connected TV or CTV experiences. The idea is to display ads in a way that fits better with each YouTube viewing environment. On mobile, you may be more inclined to watch content like Shorts in smaller chunks, so shorter, quick ad breaks may make more sense. However, YouTube…

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Unlike in Canada, publishers can still share news on the platform in those countries. News 

Facebook’s News Tab to be Discontinued in UK, France, and Germany

Meta has shown a clear decline in its commitment to managing news links and discussions on its platforms, and now the company is discontinuing Facebook’s News tab in several countries. The dedicated section will be removed from the UK, France, and Germany in early December. Unlike in Canada, where the company has blocked news content to oppose a law that would force it to pay the country’s publishers, Meta says news organizations can continue to post links, reels and so on to Facebook in those three territories. Users should also…

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The developer was also behind the Red Faction and Summoner games. News 

Embracer Group Restructuring Leads to Closure of Volition, Developer of Saints Row

Volition, the game studio responsible for the popular Saints Row franchise, has abruptly ceased operations. In an official announcement, the developer cited restructuring within its parent company, Embracer Group, as the reason for the sudden shutdown. “Last June, Embracer Group announced a restructuring program to strengthen Embracer and maintain its position as a leader in the video game industry,” the studio said. “As part of this program, they evaluated strategic and operational goals and made the difficult decision to close Volition immediately.” Volition employees are offered help to “smooth the…

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The electric scooter brand and parent McLaren Applied will 'inject stability' into VanMoof's operations. News 

Lavoie Rescues VanMoof from Bankruptcy with Acquisition

VanMoof, the e-bike manufacturer that recently filed for bankruptcy, has secured a new buyer in Lavoie, the electric scooter division of McLaren Applied. Lavoie has committed to investing in VanMoof to expand its operations and ensure stability. The aim is to combine their expertise and resources to develop an advanced e-mobility business and establish a leading premium e-mobility offering globally, as stated in a press release. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but Lavoie and McLaren Applied seem to have a fair idea of the challenge ahead…

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Games and apps in the Epic First Run program will also benefit from extra exposure on the storefront. Gaming 

Epic Games Store Announces Six-Month Exclusivity Deal with 100% Revenue Share for Developers

In an effort to expand its PC storefront, Epic Games is making new offers to third-party developers in hopes of acquiring more exclusive titles. Under the latest proposals, eligible game and app creators will receive 100 percent of net revenue for six months. Following the exclusivity period, developers and publishers will continue to earn 88 percent of their projects’ revenue, while Epic Games will retain a 12 percent share. The company, which says its launch pad and store has 68 million monthly active users, is also giving Epic First Run…

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FiveM and RedM mod development crew has joined the developer. Gaming 

Rockstar Hires Creators of Grand Theft Auto V’s Largest Roleplay Community

Despite being almost a decade old, Grand Theft Auto V remains one of the most popular games worldwide. As of now, over 151,000 individuals are actively playing it on Steam, and it continues to significantly contribute to the financial success of Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games. RPGs have played a major role in GTA V’s continued popularity, with tens of thousands of players creating mods to create characters that live, work and play more freely in San Andreas and Los Santos. Now Rockstar is making moves in that…

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Lowering fares has helped the company boost the number of people using the platform. News 

Lyft to Eliminate Surge Pricing, Much to the Delight of Riders

Lyft intends to eliminate surge pricing in an effort to increase its number of riders. During the company’s earnings call for the second quarter, CEO David Risher acknowledged that this contentious practice is an undesirable way of raising prices, which riders strongly dislike. Suge pricing, which Lyft calls Prime Times, typically kicks in when there aren’t enough drivers to meet demand. The idea is that recreational drivers smell an opportunity to make more money and be more inclined to jump in their car and work for a while. However, riders…

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The move opens the door for the agency and companies to hold talks over a settlement. Gaming 

FTC Pauses Investigation into Microsoft-Activision Merger

The administrative trial between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, regarding their pending acquisition, has been officially postponed by the Federal Trade Commission. According to Bloomberg‘s initial report, this decision enables the agency and the companies involved to engage in discussions regarding a potential settlement for the massive $68.7 billion merger. The FTC’s decision to stay the case is another big win for Microsoft and Activision as they try to get the deal over the line. The agency sued to block the deal in December, and an evidentiary hearing in the case…

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The initial deadline was July 18th, but there are some regulatory issues to resolve. Gaming 

Microsoft and Activision Push Back Merger Completion Date to October 18th

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard have come closer than ever to finalizing their merger after facing regulatory obstacles for 18 months. However, due to unresolved matters in the UK, the companies were unable to complete the process by their original deadline of July 18th. Consequently, they have mutually decided to extend their merger agreement by three months in order to successfully complete the $68.7 billion acquisition. “Microsoft and Activision Blizzard have jointly agreed to extend the July 18, 2023 deadline for the merger agreement to October 18, 2023 to provide additional…

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A tribunal has paused Microsoft's appeal against the CMA's decision to block the deal. Gaming 

Microsoft and UK Regulator Given Additional Time to Resolve Concerns Regarding Activision Merger

Microsoft and the UK’s antitrust regulator have been given a temporary halt in their legal dispute, with conditions, as they seek to address concerns raised by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) regarding Microsoft’s planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. Judge Marcus Smith of the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), responsible for reviewing the CMA’s decisions, has requested evidence from the watchdog to support their chosen approach, but has nonetheless granted the pause in the legal proceedings. Smith wants the CMA to justify its adjournment application by providing evidence…

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Microsoft and Activision Blizzard are free to close their merger as early as Saturday. Gaming 

Court of Appeals Denies FTC’s Request to Block Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision

The Federal Trade Commission’s final attempt to halt Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been unsuccessful. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the agency’s request for an emergency stay on a ruling that permits the deal to move forward in the United States. The temporary injunction was put in place last month to prevent Microsoft and Activision from closing the deal until Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley rules on the FTC’s request for a preliminary injunction. When Corley rejected the FTC’s request for an injunction this week,…

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The fight's not over yet. Gaming 

FTC Challenges Decision That Would Allow Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision to Progress

The Federal Trade Commission is persisting in its efforts to block Microsoft’s planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard, valued at $68.7 billion. The agency has filed an appeal against Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley’s decision to reject their request for a temporary injunction to halt the completion of the deal. The FTC has sued to prevent the merger from happening on antitrust grounds. The administrative trial starts in August, but the deadline for the merger of the companies is July 18. The agency was concerned that Microsoft and Activision would close their…

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The Wall Street Journal reports the company's board launched an investigation last year. News 

Tesla Allegedly Suspected Elon Musk of Utilizing Company Funds to Construct a Glass Residence

According to sources from The Wall Street Journal, Tesla’s board has reportedly conducted an investigation into potential misconduct by CEO Elon Musk. The investigation was launched due to concerns that Musk may have been utilizing company funds to construct a residence near the Gigafactory in the Austin area, known as “Project 42.” This initiative allegedly involved the purchase of a significant amount of expensive glass, which caught the attention of employees in the previous year. Additionally, it has been discovered that limited liability firms associated with Musk and other executives…

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Humane is partnering with OpenAI for AI technology and cloud computing services, respectively. (REUTERS) News 

Former Apple Executives Launch Startup Utilizing Qualcomm Chips

Humane, the startup established by former Apple Inc executives, announced on Friday its decision to incorporate Qualcomm Inc’s chips into their upcoming wearable device. The company had previously secured $100 million in funding earlier this year. Humane has not given a release date or many other details for the gadget, which it said Friday will be called the “Ai Pin.” Humane founder and president Imran Chaudhri introduced the Ai Pin earlier this year, showcasing an Internet-connected device dressed like a lapel pin that can answer spoken questions and reflect data…

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A UK-based company is planning to set up a semiconductor fabrication unit in Odisha’s Ganjam district with an investment of Rs 30,000 crore in the first phase. News 

Odisha to Receive Rs 30,000 Crore Investment from UK Company, Resulting in 5,000 New Jobs

Officials have announced that a company from the UK intends to establish a semiconductor fabrication facility in the Ganjam district of Odisha. The company plans to invest Rs 30,000 crore in the initial phase of the project. SRAM & MRAM Technologies and Projects India Pvt Limited, the Indian unit of UK-based SRAM & MRAM Group, had signed an MoU with the state government on March 26 to set up a semiconductor unit in the state. After visiting some places near Chhatrapur in the district, officials of its Indian company under…

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Try these best PowerPoint alternatives for engaging presentations. (Pexels) News 

5 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Audience Using PowerPoint Alternatives

PowerPoint has long been the preferred choice for creating presentations, but as our presentation requirements change, so do the tools we use. Nowadays, audiences desire presentations that not only provide information but also engage and entertain. They crave interactivity, animation, and visually appealing designs. Consequently, we have delved into numerous options and identified the top five alternatives to PowerPoint that can fulfill these demands. 1. Google Slides Google Slides is a web-based presentation tool similar to PowerPoint. If you are already familiar with PowerPoint, you will find it easy to…

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The company has been accused of 'ad fraud' and not delivering on what brands pay for. News 

Google denies allegations of breaching its own policies and deceiving advertisers

Google has refuted allegations of breaching its own regulations and deceiving advertisers regarding ad viewership on external websites, dismissing them as “highly inaccurate.” Through the Google Video Partners network and TrueView (an advertising product also used on YouTube), the company manages the placement of video ads on external websites and applications. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google tells brands that their ads will appear on “high-quality” sites, appear before the main video content and appear with audio. It also says that advertisers don’t pay if users skip ads. However,…

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Your local bodega could bring shipments to your door. News 

Amazon to Utilize Local Businesses for Package Delivery in the US

Amazon is set to launch its Amazon Hub Delivery system, which will utilize small businesses in 23 states, including California, New York, and Washington, to fulfill customer orders. The program requires participating businesses to have secure storage areas and deliver an average of 30 packages daily, excluding major holidays. Amazon is open to partnering with various business types, such as bodegas, coffee shops, and florists, for this initiative. Hub Delivery is ultimately an extension of previous initiatives. Amazon introduced the “I Have Space” system in India in 2015 and expanded…

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The partnership between India and the US indicates that by collaborating, they may build a more robust and diverse semiconductor supply chain News 

Can India and the US’s Tech Partnership Disrupt China and Taiwan’s Hold on the Semiconductor Market?

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, the latest tech partnership between India and the US, along with the semiconductor declarations, are expected to have the capability to diminish the chip market dominance of China and Taiwan. Both India and the US have significant strengths in the semiconductor business. Many of the world’s largest chipmakers are based in the US, while India has a huge and growing pool of talented engineers. So, all the information released on June 22 about the partnership between the countries shows that by working together, they…

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Microsoft’s main goal in acquiring Activision, which also offers mobile titles like Candy Crush, is to expand its share of the global mobile gaming market, which is currently about 0.3%. (REUTERS) News 

Microsoft Reveals Sony Unconcerned About Activision Partnership

Microsoft Corp. has initiated its legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard Inc. for $69 billion. The company argued that a Sony Corp. executive had acknowledged that the deal was not intended to harm the PlayStation gaming console’s exclusivity. The FTC wants to block the deal while its legal challenge is pending, with both sides arguing the case in a five-day court hearing that began Thursday in San Francisco. Microsoft, the maker of the Xbox console, is defending a blockbuster deal that would make…

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