During the course of the presentation, Moniruzzaman accidentally displayed a file from Valeo, proving he stole its tech secrets News 

Nvidia Sued for Alleged Theft of Trade Secrets Through Video Call Screensharing Error

Automotive technology company Valeo has sued graphics chip giant Nvidia after a video call screen sharing between the two companies showed data “stolen” from Valeo, accusing Nvidia of saving hundreds of millions of dollars in those “stolen trade secrets.” According to the lawsuit filed against Nvidia, the company’s senior executive Muhammad Moniruzzaman made this mistake while giving a web presentation to a team at his former employer, Valeo. During the show, Moniruzzaman accidentally showed Valeo a file that showed he had stolen its technical secrets, reports The Verge. Valeo claimed…

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Nvidia fails to meet investor expectations who have bet on an artificial intelligence boom. (REUTERS) AI 

Nvidia’s AI Boom Fails to Meet Investors’ High Hopes

Investors of Nvidia Corp. responded with a lukewarm reception to the company’s recent quarterly report. Although the report exceeded the predictions of average analysts, it did not meet the higher expectations of shareholders who have heavily invested in the potential of artificial intelligence. The turnover for the current period is about 20 billion dollars, the world’s most valuable chip manufacturer said in a statement on Tuesday. While that beat Wall Street’s average forecast of $17.9 billion, some forecasts were as high as $21 billion. Shares fell 3% to $484.42 in…

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The Kyoto-based electronics firm is launching an X-ray scanner in the spring that will better detect flaws in advanced semiconductor manufacturing. (Representative image) (via REUTERS) News 

Unlock the Secrets of Your Health with Chipmaking X-Ray Check-Ups!

Omron Corp., a Japanese company specializing in health-care equipment and factory automation, is targeting the profitable chipmaking equipment market as a means to drive its future expansion. A Kyoto-based electronics company will launch an X-ray scanner this spring that will better detect flaws in advanced semiconductor manufacturing and improve production yields for the world’s largest chipmakers. The VT-X950 machine produces 3D images of chips with a resolution sufficient to identify defects on a scale of 1 nanometer, at least a generation ahead of current best-in-class silicon manufacturing technologies. Since the…

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Check out what Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said about generative AI at the Microsoft Ignite event. (REUTERS) AI 

Generative AI: Bigger Than Mobiles and the Internet? Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Weighs In at Microsoft Ignite!

During the annual developer’s event “Microsoft Ignite 2023,” Microsoft revealed its collaboration with Nvidia to initiate several AI projects. Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, delivered noteworthy remarks on the potential of generative AI during the event. With Nvidia’s AI offerings contributing to a $6 billion profit for the California-based tech company, Huang’s expertise in this field is highly regarded. Now, Nvidia is partnering with Microsoft to introduce fresh advancements. Discover Huang’s insights on generative AI. Nvidia statement on generative artificial intelligence Generative AI has just begun to create original text, images,…

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Nvidia’s H200 processor will succeed its H100, a prized commodity in Silicon Valley. (Nvidia) AI 

Nvidia Strengthens AI Lead with Processor Upgrade!

Nvidia Corp., the leading chipmaker globally, is enhancing its H100 artificial intelligence processor with additional features. This update further strengthens the product’s role in driving Nvidia’s supremacy in the AI computing market. The new model, called H200, will be able to use high-bandwidth memory, or HBM3e, making it better able to cope with the large data sets needed to develop and implement artificial intelligence, Nvidia said on Monday. Amazon.com Inc.’s AWS, Alphabet Inc.’s Google Cloud and Oracle Corp.’s Cloud Infrastructure have all committed to using the new chip starting next…

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92% of graphics processing units — AI accelerators — are owned by Nvidia. (REUTERS) AI 

French Finance Minister Warns of Nvidia’s AI Market Monopoly

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has cautioned that Nvidia Corp.’s stronghold in artificial intelligence is leading to “increasing disparities” among nations and impeding fair competition. “One single country with all the technologies, all the private companies, all the equipment and all the skills would be a failure for all of us,” Le Maire told reporters at the UK’s AI Security Summit at Bletchley Park in the north. From London. He said 92 percent of the graphics processing units — the artificial intelligence accelerators — are owned by Nvidia. Bloomberg…

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Google and Nvidia to support AI startups to meet chip shortage. REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo (REUTERS) News 

AI Firm Supported by Google and Nvidia Aims to Alleviate Chip Scarcity

Nvidia Corp. and a Google venture fund have participated in a seed funding round for a startup that aims to enhance the computing capabilities of specialized processors utilized in AI training. This investment has the potential to address a significant bottleneck in the rapidly growing field. CentML, which builds software to help machine learning systems perform more efficiently, raised $27 million from investors including Google’s Gradient Ventures and Radical Ventures. Deloitte Ventures and Thomson Reuters Ventures also participated in the financing, the startup said in a statement. The Toronto-headquartered startup…

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Taiwan's Foxconn, the world's largest contract electronics maker, will build a new kind of data centre using Nvidia chips and software for a range of applications including selfdriving cars, the companies said on Wednesday. News 

Foxconn and Nvidia Partner to Construct Artificial Intelligence Facilities

TAIPEI: Taiwan’s Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, is building a new kind of data center using Nvidia chips and software for a variety of applications including self-driving cars, the companies said on Wednesday. Foxconn Chairman Liu Young-way and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang shared the stage at Foxconn’s annual technology showcase in Taipei and said their companies would build these “AI factories” together. “A new type of manufacturing has emerged — intelligence manufacturing. And the data centers that produce it are AI factories,” Huang said, adding that Foxconn had…

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US bans the sale of Nvidia Made-for-China Chips. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/File Photo (REUTERS) AI 

New US Regulations Impose Limits on Sale of Nvidia Chips Manufactured in China

As part of extensive updates to export restrictions aimed at limiting China’s access to advanced semiconductor technology, the United States is imposing limitations on the sale of chips developed by Nvidia Corp. specifically for the Chinese market. The tighter controls target Nvidia’s A800 and H800 chips, which the American company created for export to the Asian country after the Biden administration imposed its original restrictions last October. Those restrictions, including the updated rules released Tuesday, are aimed at preventing China from accessing the latest technology for military use. The new…

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AMD said on Tuesday it plans to buy an artificial intelligence startup called Nod.ai as part of an effort to bolster its software capabilities to challenge Nvidia in the market News 

AMD Sets Out To Compete With Nvidia in Artificial Intelligence Race

(Reuters) – AMD said on Tuesday it plans to buy an artificial intelligence startup called Nod.ai as part of an effort to strengthen its software capabilities. In a race to catch up with rival chipmaker Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices plans to invest heavily in critical software essential to the company’s advanced AI chips. With more than a decade of work, Nvidia has built a strong advantage in the artificial intelligence chip market through its software and software developer ecosystem. AMD has vowed to invest in and build a unified software…

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The French competition authority (FCA) said on Wednesday it conducted the dawn raid a day earlier on a company in the "graphics cards sector (REUTERS) News 

Investigation into French Graphics Card Company Leads to Raid

European regulators continue to take action against Big Tech companies in their efforts to prevent them from stifling competition, with the most recent incident being a raid on the offices of technology firm Nvidia, as reported by the media. The French Competition Authority (FCA) said on Wednesday that it conducted a morning raid a day earlier on a company in the “graphics card sector”. The French newspaper Challenges and the Wall Street Journal identified the company as Nvidia. Nvidia and FCA declined to comment. WHY IS NVIDIA IMPORTANT? Nvidia makes…

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The demand for AI is growing each day. (REUTERS) AI 

Competition for Nvidia’s AI Chips Heats Up Among Startups

Startups are facing a challenge in meeting the high demand for the most essential component of artificial intelligence, causing them to ponder on how they can fulfill AI’s potential. The lifeblood of generative artificial intelligence is a book-sized semiconductor known as a graphics processing unit (GPU), built by a single company, Nvidia. Years ago, Nvidia CEO and founder Jensen Huang made a wild bet that the world would soon demand a powerful chip that’s usually used to make video games but could also build artificial intelligence. No company working on…

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This photo provided by Getty Images shows an example of the company's artificial intelligence image-generator. (AP) AI 

Getty Images Launches AI-Powered Image Generator

Getty Images Holdings Inc., a prominent photography company, is set to launch an artificial intelligence tool that will produce images using its extensive content library. This move aims to address the copyright and ownership issues that have been a challenge for AI technology thus far. Getty, which owns the rights to millions of photos, previously sued Stability AI, the company that popularized the Stable Diffusion image generator, for unauthorized use of images. Getty’s new product, developed with chipmaker Nvidia Inc, is trained on Getty’s own data and aims to avoid…

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For Nvidia, whose graphics processors are vital to the development of artificial intelligence systems, the South Asian nation of 1.4 billion people presents a rare opportunity. (REUTERS) AI 

Nvidia CEO Sees India as a Promising AI Market to Reduce Dependence on China

Nvidia Corp. CEO Jensen Huang recently embarked on a five-day trip to India, where he explored four cities, engaged in discussions with tech executives and researchers, captured several selfies, and had an exclusive conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the AI industry. Huang’s schedule in India was so packed that he admitted to relying on spicy masala omelets and cold coffees to sustain him throughout the busy workdays. Huang may have been treated as a head of state, but the purpose of the trip was all business. For Nvidia,…

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Tech giant Nvidia and India's Infosys are partnering to bring Nvidia's enterprise-grade AI models, runtimes, and GPU systems to Infosys Topaz. AI 

NVIDIA and Infosys Join Forces to Utilize Generative AI for Businesses

Nvidia and India’s Infosys have announced a new strategic partnership to empower companies and enterprises with generative AI-based solutions to increase productivity. Through this collaboration, Nvidia brings its enterprise-grade AI models, runtimes and GPU systems to Infosys Topaz, AI’s first suite of services, solutions and platforms using generative AI technology. “Through the integration, Infosys is creating offerings that customers can adopt to easily integrate creative AI into their business,” Nvidia said. In addition, Infosys plans to set up an “Nvidia Center of Excellence” where it will train and certify its…

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displays a new Toshiba tablet hybrid at the opening of Taiwan's Computex 2013, one of the world's largest IT exhibitions, in Taipei. (Photo: AP/Wally Santana) AI 

Intel Identifies Glass as a Crucial Component in the Competition to Fuel Artificial Intelligence

Intel Corp. is placing its bets on an unconventional substance, glass, to assist in managing the escalating artificial intelligence workloads of computers worldwide. Intel researchers argue that as processors grow in size and complexity, their capacity to communicate with other computer parts will become a bottleneck. To address this issue, the company proposes employing glass-based substrates, positioned between the chip and connecting components, as the solution. For Intel, the chip pioneer now chasing Nvidia Corp. for the limelight, the new approach offers a chance to show its ability to innovate…

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The largest cryptocurrency by market value has gained about 2% since last Sunday to around $26,358. (AP) News 

Bitcoin Set to Record First Weekly Increase Since August

Analysts are skeptical about the duration of the rally as Bitcoin prepares to break its four-week losing streak. The largest cryptocurrency by market value has risen about 2% since last Sunday to about $26,358. “Crypto bulls badly needed a bounce this week,” said Matt Maley, chief market strategist at Miller Tabak Co. “Things looked bleak at the start of the week, so the bounce has provided some very important relief.” The chance for a weekly rally comes as Bitcoin rebuilds its correlation with tech stocks, mirroring price movements in the…

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Nvidia is generating so much cash from the artificial intelligence boom that it has more than enough to invest in new chips and return money to shareholders. (REUTERS) AI 

Nvidia’s Cash Reserves Can Fund Buybacks and Crucial Research and Development

Investors who are concerned that Nvidia Corp.’s significant allocation of funds towards stock buybacks might hinder its ability to invest in crucial research and development can find reassurance in the chipmaker’s increasing free cash flow. Nvidia is generating so much money from the AI boom that it has more than enough to invest in new chips and return cash to shareholders. Free cash flow and research and development spending both hit records in Nvidia’s fiscal second quarter, and the company still had about $1 billion left over after spending $3…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, September 14. (Pixabay) Gaming 

5 Recent AI Developments You Should Know About: AI Microscope, Generative AI in Gaming and More

In today’s AI roundup, IIT Bombay has introduced an AI-driven microscope for malaria diagnosis at a district hospital in Malkangiri, Odisha. According to a study by Bain & Company, generative AI is expected to have a major impact on over 50 percent of video game development within the next 5-10 years. Additionally, Guide to Europe has unveiled its travel planner powered by generative AI. 1. Artificial intelligence powered microscope for malaria detection installed in Odisha’s Malkangiri PTI reported on Thursday that the first artificial intelligence-powered microscope has been installed at…

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Nvidia's chip dominance chills venture funding for AI rivals, U.S. deals down 80%. (REUTERS) AI 

Startup Investment Deterred by Nvidia’s AI Chip Leadership

According to investors, Nvidia’s dominant position in developing computer chips for artificial intelligence has deterred venture funding for potential competitors, resulting in an 80% decrease in the number of U.S. deals this quarter compared to last year. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company dominates the market for chips that work with vast amounts of language data. Generative AI models gradually become smarter by being exposed to more data, called training. As Nvidia has become stronger in this area, it has become more difficult for companies trying to build competing chips. Seeing…

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