Nvidia introduces B200 chip and software tools at conference to retain market share in AI industry. (REUTERS) AI 

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, reveals new flagship AI chip B200 in bid to maintain market leadership

At the start of his company’s yearly developer conference, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made several announcements aimed at maintaining the chip maker’s leading role in the artificial intelligence sector. On the stage of a hockey arena in the heart of Silicon Valley, Huang presented Nvidia’s latest chip, which is 30 times faster than its predecessor in some tasks. He also introduced new software tools that will allow developers to more easily sell AI models to companies using Nvidia technology, whose customers include most of the world’s largest technology companies. Nvidia’s…

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Nvidia's annual developer conference focuses on new chip announcements to maintain dominance in AI market (REUTERS) News 

New chips take center stage at Nvidia’s artificial intelligence developer conference kickoff

Nvidia, a leading company in artificial intelligence semiconductors, began its yearly developer conference on Monday. Investors were eagerly awaiting new chip announcements from CEO Jensen Huang during his keynote address in the afternoon. Nvidia’s new chip and software announcements at GTC 2024 will help determine whether Nvidia can maintain its leadership position as the dominant vendor of the tools needed in the AI boom of the past year. Nvidia dominates the market for artificial intelligence chips in data centers, taking about 80 percent of the market last year. Its shares…

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As Nvidia's AI conference approaches, CEO Jensen Huang is expected to unveil innovations to maintain the company's stock surge. (REUTERS) AI 

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Prepares for High Investor Expectations at Upcoming AI Conference

Nvidia Corp. is gearing up for its annual artificial intelligence conference, with high hopes that the semiconductor maker will announce news to keep its stock rally going. The “Nvidia GTC” event, known for its focus on graphics processing unit technology, has become a key global AI conference for developers. Taking place from March 18-21 in San Jose, California, CEO Jensen Huang is set to speak on the first day, with his remarks potentially helping to stabilize Nvidia’s stock after recent volatility and continue its impressive 80% surge this year. “It’s…

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Nvidia's stock surge echoes cautionary tales from Tesla's rise and fall in the market, reminding investors of the risks of betting on technological transformations. (REUTERS) AI 

Nvidia takes over from Tesla as market shifts focus from electric vehicles to artificial intelligence

The surge of Nvidia Corp. is capturing the attention of the stock market and propelling the S&P 500 Index to record levels. However, it also serves as a warning of the potential risks associated with investing in companies that experience rapid growth based on promises of technological innovation, only to later disappoint investors. The shares belong to Tesla Inc., which sparked its own mania in 2017 as investors bet on the world being taken over by electric vehicles. At the time, Elon Musk’s company was a phenomenon, blowing past established…

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicts artificial general intelligence could be achieved in five years, depending on the definition of the goal. (REUTERS) AI 

In five years, AI could surpass human capabilities, says Nvidia CEO

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang stated on Friday that artificial general intelligence could potentially be achieved within the next five years, according to certain definitions. Huang, who heads the world’s leading maker of artificial intelligence chips used to create systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, answered a question at an economic forum at Stanford University about how long it will take to achieve one of Silicon Valley’s long-standing goals. to create computers that think like humans. Huang said the answer largely depends on how the goal is defined. If the definition is the…

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Microsoft and other tech giants are joining hands for a new tech that will upscale the gaming quality for PC users News 

Microsoft intends to enhance game quality for PCs using Nvidia and AMD technologies.

Microsoft has introduced a new Windows API – DirectSR – that allows game developers to seamlessly integrate AI-enabled super-resolution scaling features from Nvidia, AMD and Intel. In a blog post, Microsoft program manager Joshua Tucker discussed the DirectSR API, which he believes will bridge the gap between video games and high-resolution technologies, providing a more powerful and scalable experience on different hardware. “We’re excited to announce DirectSR, a new API designed in collaboration with GPU hardware manufacturers to enable the seamless integration of Super Resolution (SR) into next-generation games,” said…

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A person has a conversation with a Humanoid Robot from AI Life, on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 10, 2024. (AFP) AI 

Jeff Bezos and Nvidia team up with OpenAI to invest in humanoid robot startup

According to sources familiar with the matter, Jeff Bezos, Nvidia Corp., and other prominent technology companies are backing a company that is creating robots with human-like capabilities. This investment is part of a larger effort to explore innovative uses for artificial intelligence technology. Startup Figure AI Inc., which is also backed by OpenAI and Microsoft Corp., is raising about $675 million in a funding round with a preliminary valuation of about $2 billion, said the people, who asked not to be identified because of the matter. is private. Through his…

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Nvidia's massive earnings growth leads to stock looking cheaper despite valuation slide. (REUTERS) News 

Nvidia’s Profits Surging Despite Stock Market Concerns About a Bubble

Nvidia Corp.’s impressive earnings report boosted stock prices and reaffirmed the market’s enthusiasm for artificial intelligence. This could also create the perception that the stock is more affordable. All eyes were on the chipmaker’s guidance for signs of strength in the AI market, and Nvidia did not disappoint. With the figures obtained now, the bulls quickly calculate the stock’s new price-to-earnings ratio, or how much investors will pay for future growth. “Some investors have been afraid to buy because they think stocks are too expensive, but that’s been a huge…

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Nvidia briefly surpassed Amazon.com Inc in market capitalization on Monday, as the euphoria around artificial intelligence catapulted the chipmaker to the fourth most valuable U.S. company. News 

AI Frenzy Boosts Nvidia’s Market Value Above Amazon

(Reuters) – Nvidia briefly overtook Amazon.com Inc in market capitalization on Monday as euphoria over artificial intelligence lifted the chipmaker to the fourth most valuable U.S. company. At a record high of $734.96, Nvidia’s market capitalization was $1.82 trillion, while retail giant Amazon.com is at $1.81 trillion and a few billion away from Google owner Alphabet’s $1.87 trillion, according to LSEG data. The last time Nvidia was more valuable than Amazon was in 2002, when they were worth less than $6 billion. After Amazon’s bigger-than-expected holiday quarter sales last month,…

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Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, believes advances in computing will keep the cost of developing artificial intelligence below the $7 trillion fundraising goal of OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman. (Bloomberg) AI 

Tech advancements will prevent AI costs from rising, says Nvidia CEO

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia Corp., expects that upcoming computing advancements will ensure that the cost of developing artificial intelligence remains significantly lower than the reported $7 trillion fundraising goal of Sam Altman. “You cannot assume that you will buy more computers. You also have to assume that computers will get faster and therefore the total number you need will not be as large,” Huang said at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday. The 60-year-old’s company makes some of the most sought-after AI accelerators, and he’s confident…

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on Monday that every country needs to have its own artificial intelligence infrastructure in order to take advantage of the economic potential. AI 

Nvidia CEO Advocates for Nations to Develop Autonomous AI Systems; Addresses Overblown Worries

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on Monday that each country needs to have its own AI infrastructure to tap into the economic potential while protecting its own culture. “You can’t allow other people to do it,” Huang said at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Huang, whose company has risen to a $1.73 trillion market capitalization as it dominates the market for high-end AI chips, said his company is “democratizing” the use of artificial intelligence due to the rapid increase in the efficiency of AI computing. “The rest is really…

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Nvidia and Cisco are partnering to make it easier for corporations to build AI computing infrastructure. (Pixabay) AI 

Nvidia and Cisco collaborate to assist companies in developing internal AI computing capabilities.

In an effort to expand the reach of AI technology beyond major data-center providers, Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc. have joined forces to simplify the process of constructing AI computing infrastructure for corporations. Under the arrangement announced Tuesday, Cisco will provide Nvidia-based hardware, which is popular for developing artificial intelligence models, along with networking equipment. For Nvidia, the partnership opens a new channel for its technology. Meanwhile, Cisco stands to benefit from the AI consumer boom that has helped make Nvidia the world’s most valuable chipmaker. “We’re working closely with…

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Nvidia and Equinox have partnered up to offer the chip firm's supercomputing systems to corporate clients. Read on for the details. AI 

This Company Joins Forces with Nvidia to Provide AI ‘Supercomputers’ to Customers

Server center operator Equinix and Nvidia announced Wednesday a partnership to offer the chip company’s supercomputer systems to business customers. The service makes it easier for companies to own AI computing systems and better manage their data, rather than renting Nvidia’s market-leading chips from cloud service providers like Amazon.com or Microsoft. Many large companies have shown interest in owning their AI systems for privacy and security reasons, but Nvidia systems differ from traditional data center servers, which often use different network cables and require liquid cooling. Under the agreement, Nvidia…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, January 10. (Pixabay) AI 

Today’s AI highlights: Gujarat’s AI Park, Mahindra’s AI influencer, and more

Today, January 10, witnessed significant advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Eros Investments, in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat, unveiled the Immerso AI Park in GIFT City, aiming to establish it as a hub for cutting-edge research, development, and innovation in deep technology. However, the Mahindra Formula E team faced backlash on social media for introducing an AI avatar. Additionally, Nvidia disclosed that its partner Yotta will establish a data center in GIFT City by March’s conclusion. All this and more in today’s AI review. 1. Mahindra…

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Check out the new AI image generation tool by Getty and Nvidia. (Nvidia ) AI 

Getty and Nvidia reveal new technology at CES 2024: Text prompts now generate AI stock images

At the CES 2024, numerous technological advancements, particularly in AI, are being witnessed at the start of the year. Nvidia, renowned for its exceptional AI chips, has made significant progress at the CES event by unveiling various innovative features and AI enhancements for its products. Expanding its focus beyond chips, Nvidia has partnered with Getty Images to introduce a new AI image generator called Generative AI by iStock, catering to designers and businesses. Discover more about this novel generative AI tool and its functioning. About iStock’s Generative AI It is…

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Top CES 2024 product launches, from computer chips to TVs, know all. (Asus) News 

Explore all the latest products unveiled at CES 2024, including laptops, chips, mobiles, and TVs.

The highly anticipated Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 has commenced in Las Vegas, showcasing the latest electronic devices from renowned brands. This year, the focus lies on the incorporation of artificial intelligence and the introduction of innovative products. Among the numerous product launches, laptops, TVs, AI computer chips, and smartphones were particularly noteworthy. Leading companies like Asus, Nvidia, and LG unveiled cutting-edge technologies that will be available for purchase in 2024. Explore the most notable product releases from CES 2024. CES 2024 product launches NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Super series…

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Nvidia finally introduces GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Chips. (REUTERS) News 

Nvidia Unveils GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER and RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Chips at CES 2024, Asserts Dominance in the “AI PC” Competition

Nvidia Corp., the leading provider of chip technology in data centers for AI software, has introduced new products aimed at attracting consumers to “AI PCs” in the personal computer industry. The company has launched three upgraded desktop graphics chips that come with additional components, enabling users such as gamers and designers to harness AI capabilities on their personal machines without depending on internet-based remote services. These enhanced chips, which are improved versions of their previous offerings, will be available at an appealing price, as announced by Nvidia during their presentation…

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CES 2024: Get ready for groundbreaking innovations from industry giants, unveiling AI breakthroughs, sleek displays, and more. (ces.tech) News 

Everything you need to know about CES 2024: event date, location, featured products, and more

The official countdown has started for the much-awaited Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, which is expected to captivate technology enthusiasts in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12. Prior to the main event, exciting preliminary activities will commence on January 7, offering an engaging experience for both in-person attendees and those watching online. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is organizing this year’s CES, which promises to be an impressive display, occupying a vast 2.4 million square feet of exhibition space and showcasing over 3,500 exhibitors. In the midst of the…

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang advises young professionals on how to succeed in their careers in the age of AI. He also explains why he does not wear a watch. (REUTERS) Gadgets 

Nvidia CEO explains why wearing a watch is not advisable in the era of AI

During his attendance at the Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association (CASPA), Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang engaged in a Q&A session and addressed various subjects raised by young professionals. Huang discussed the era of AI, offered insights on advancing one’s career in the present day, and shared his personal choice of not wearing a watch. Additionally, he emphasized his own professional journey and the steps he took to reach the CEO position at Nvidia. Currently, Huang is the longest-serving CEO of a technology company, having served as Nvidia’s CEO since 1993…

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Tech giant Nvidia's latest humanitarian initiative has assisted civilians affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict by donating $15 million in aid money. News 

Nvidia, a chipmaker, contributes $15 million in humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict.

US chipmaker Nvidia and its employees have donated $15 million to Israeli and foreign nonprofits that support civilians affected by Israel’s war with the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Thousands of employees from more than 30 countries donated a total of $5 million, which the company matched and doubled to $10 million under a special program set up to help victims of the war, Nvidia said on Sunday. It stated that the donation was the largest humanitarian fundraiser in the company’s 30-year history. “We are proud to see such an outpouring…

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