Intel achieves milestone with 500 AI models optimized for its Intel Core Ultra processors, enhancing AI capabilities in PC systems. (unsplash) AI 

Intel achieves milestone of 500 AI models for Intel Core Ultra processors – Get all the details

Intel has recently revealed that they have optimized over 500 AI models for their newest Intel Core Ultra processors, marking a significant advancement in the AI PC industry. This move demonstrates Intel’s dedication to improving AI functionality in PC systems, without any flashy marketing tactics. A selection of optimized models The optimized models cover a wide range of AI applications on different platforms, including CPU, GPU and NPU. They are available from well-known industry sources such as OpenVINO Model Zoo, Hugging Face, ONINX Model Zoo and PyTorch. These models serve…

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Intel has developed the hardware with NPU for AI application, while Windows 11 already is getting a big AI boost from Microsoft. AI 

Microsoft and Intel reveal the key requirements for launching AI PCs in 2021

Microsoft and Intel have a big plan to make artificial intelligence computers the next big thing in the industry. AI is everywhere, so why not on your computers, it seems to be the language of these giants. And now, slowly but surely, we’re seeing a sudden spurt of AI-powered computers, led by Intel’s new Core Ultra 7 processor. Microsoft has invested just as much in AI (we already know that), and its PCs are sharing efforts with Windows 11 to get AI boost paired with Intel’s hardware. However, Intel and…

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China wants to stop relying on microprocessors from Intel and AMD for the government computers and servers, as per new reports. News 

Report: China Prohibits Government PCs from Using Intel and AMD Chips

(Reuters) – China has introduced guidelines to phase out U.S. Intel and AMD microprocessors from state-owned personal computers and servers, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. Procurement guidance also aims to ignore Microsoft’s Windows operating system and foreign database software in favor of domestic alternatives, the report states. Municipal authorities have been urged to include criteria in purchases that require “safe and reliable” processors and operating systems, the newspaper said. In late December, China’s Ministry of Industry issued a statement with three separate lists of processors, operating systems and a…

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Former Intel India country head Avtar Saini killed in cycling accident: Speeding cab hits him in Navi Mumbai (HT_PRINT) News 

Former Intel India head Avtar Saini dies in car accident; contributed to development of Intel 386, 486, and Pentium chips

According to police, Avtar Saini, the former country head of Intel India, was fatally struck by a speeding cab while cycling in the Navi Mumbai township of Maharashtra. The accident took place around 5.50 am on Wednesday when Saini (68) was riding a bicycle with other cyclists on Palm Beach Road in Neruli district, an official said. The cab collided with Saini’s bike from behind, after which the driver tried to flee the scene with the bicycle frame wedged under the front wheels of the cab, he said. Saini was…

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What does an AI processor bring to a Windows laptop and whether the features are worth paying a premium? We give you the answer. News 

The Asus ZenBook 14 OLED Laptop Demonstrates the Potential of AI-Enhanced Computing

Asus is known for its high-end laptops, but the brand now wants to show its efforts in the AI arena, just like every other tech company is doing in 2024. Asus is taking help from Intel to launch the AI PC era and the ZenBook. The 14 OLED is one such model that will benefit from the upgrades on offer. The ZenBook lineup has generally performed well with its premium design, high-quality display, and performance retention. The company has added durability to the series since 2023, and now all this…

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Intel expects to beat its 2025 deadline to overtake its biggest rival in advanced chip manufacturing with Taiwan's TSMC into 2026 and beyond. News 

Intel anticipates surpassing TSMC in producing the fastest chips in 2021.

(Reuters) – Intel said on Wednesday it would miss a 2025 deadline to overtake its biggest rival in advanced chipmaking, giving new details of plans to maintain that lead against Taiwan’s TSMC through 2026 and beyond. Intel was scheduled to make the announcement in San Jose, Calif., at the first technology conference for Intel Foundry, the contract manufacturing operation it has set up to compete with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Intel says it plans to take back TSMC’s production of the world’s fastest chips later this year with Intel 18A…

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The event displayed over 25 innovative products, including banking on wheels, thin clients, all-in-one clients, multi-function kiosks, demonstrating the broad spectrum of Make in India solutions from 10+ original design manufacturers (ODMs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and ecosystem players News 

Intel showcases indigenous laptops and IT products in Delhi, accelerating the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Intel India on Thursday showcased a diverse range of locally manufactured laptops and IT products at the India Tech Ecosystem Summit in New Delhi, reinforcing its commitment to the government’s Make in India initiative. The event brought together several local manufacturers to highlight devices designed and manufactured in India, emphasizing technology-driven growth. The main highlights were the launch of Mega Networks’ 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor locally manufactured server and C-DAC’s high performance computing server Rudra. The event showcased over 25 innovative products, including banking on wheels, thin clients,…

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US President Joe Biden is set to announce subsidies for semiconductor companies like Samsung, Intel, and TSMC to boost chip manufacturing in the US and stay ahead of rivals like China. (AFP) News 

Report: Joe Biden to provide substantial subsidies to Samsung, Intel, TSMC, and other chip manufacturers

US President Joe Biden is expected to announce subsidies for semiconductor companies such as Samsung, Intel, and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co) in an effort to maintain a competitive edge against China and other rivals. The aim is to encourage these companies to produce advanced chips within the United States and its allied nations. The windfall is expected to be in the billions of dollars and will be announced in the coming weeks, which will help them build new factories in the US. The upcoming announcements aim to jump-start manufacturing…

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Intel on Thursday said that dozens of personal computer makers are using its newest chip which has AI capabilities as it looks to compete in the new era News 

Intel Urges PC Users to Upgrade as Numerous Brands Adopt Its New AI-powered Chip

(Reuters) – Intel said on Thursday that dozens of PC makers are using its latest chip, as the company and its customers try to entice consumers to upgrade their machines for a new era of chatbots. At a press conference in New York, Intel said the new offering will be available in laptops from Dell Technologies, Microsoft, Lenovo Group and others that go on sale Thursday at Best Buy in the US and other global retailers, including China’s and Australia’s Harvey Norman. Intel stock rose as much as 3.6%…

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Intel’s new product with the most to prove may be the Gaudi 3, the latest installment of a line that competes with Nvidia Corp.’s industry-leading H100. (REUTERS) AI 

Intel reveals server and PC chips in an attempt to enter the AI market, but faces strong competition from AMD and Nvidia.

Intel Corp., the largest producer of processors for personal computers, has unveiled new chips designed for both PCs and data centers. The company aims to capture a larger portion of the rapidly growing market for artificial intelligence hardware. The lineup includes updated Xeon server chips — the processor’s second overhaul in less than a year — that use less power and improve performance and memory, the company said in a statement Thursday. Intel’s Ultra Core chips for laptops and desktops allow PCs to handle AI functions directly. Intel’s new product…

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Intel CFO, during Citi's annual analyst conference hinted that Microsoft could bring a "Windows refresh" next year. Here's what we know. News 

Intel Suggests Microsoft Windows 12 May Be Released in 2021

Microsoft Windows 12 may be coming out in 2024,” chipmaker Intel has hinted. At Citi’s annual analyst conference, Intel CFO David Zinsner mentioned a new Windows update that may require users to update their computers. As PC Gamer discovered, a transcript of the event revealed that Intel believes 2024 will be a good year for chipsets due to an alleged “Windows update.” “We still believe that the installed base is quite old and needs updating, and we think next year may be the start of that, given the Windows catalyst.…

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Intel has been fined $400 million by the EU for allegedly abusing its dominant position in the market for its x86 CPUs. News 

European Commission Fines Intel $400M For Restricting Market Access To Rivals’ Products

The European Commission on Friday reimposed a $400 million fine on chip giant Intel for abusing its dominant position in the market for computer chips known as x86 central processing units (CPUs). In 2009, the commission fined Intel a record $1.13 billion after finding that Intel had abused its dominant market position. In 2014, the General Court dismissed Intel’s appeal against the Commission’s 2009 decision. In 2022, the General Court ruled on the case, annulling the conditional rebates part of the 2009 Commission decision, but upholding the illegality of Intel’s…

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Intel Corp. Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger says chipmaker’s technology is central to the AI boom. REUTERS/Karol Badohal/File Photo (REUTERS) News 

Intel Chief Executive Highlights Company’s Role in Artificial Intelligence Expansion

Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel Corp., is strategizing a revival for the chipmaker that was once a leader in the industry. He argues that the company’s technology will play a crucial role in the widespread growth of artificial intelligence computing. Speaking at Intel’s annual innovation conference, Gelsinger pointed to his company’s progress in AI manufacturing technology and software development tools. The opportunity will only grow as more AI capabilities are used with personal computers, he said. “Artificial intelligence represents a generational shift that will usher in a new era…

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displays a new Toshiba tablet hybrid at the opening of Taiwan's Computex 2013, one of the world's largest IT exhibitions, in Taipei. (Photo: AP/Wally Santana) AI 

Intel Identifies Glass as a Crucial Component in the Competition to Fuel Artificial Intelligence

Intel Corp. is placing its bets on an unconventional substance, glass, to assist in managing the escalating artificial intelligence workloads of computers worldwide. Intel researchers argue that as processors grow in size and complexity, their capacity to communicate with other computer parts will become a bottleneck. To address this issue, the company proposes employing glass-based substrates, positioned between the chip and connecting components, as the solution. For Intel, the chip pioneer now chasing Nvidia Corp. for the limelight, the new approach offers a chance to show its ability to innovate…

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The company sees a bright future manufacturing low-power chips. News 

Intel Becomes Latest Investor in Arm Holdings Alongside Apple, Alphabet, and Samsung

According to Tom’s Hardware, Intel has recently joined the list of companies investing in Arm, which already includes Samsung, Alphabet, Nvidia, and others. This decision coincides with Softbank’s preparations for Arm’s initial public offering (IPO), where they plan to offer 95.5 million shares at a price range of $47 to $51 per share. Arm is currently valued at $52 billion, surpassing the failed deal in 2022 to sell Arm to Nvidia for $40 billion, which faced obstacles such as a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission seeking to prevent it.…

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Intel Corp scrapped its $5.4 billion deal to buy Israeli contract chipmaker Tower Semiconductor Ltd after their merger agreement expired without regulatory approval from China. Reviews 

Intel Abandons $5.4 Billion Transaction Following China Regulatory Review Postponement

NEW YORK: Intel Corp abandoned its $5.4 billion deal to buy Israeli chipmaker Tower Semiconductor Ltd after their merger deal fell through without approval from Chinese authorities. The US-listed shares of the Israeli company fell about 11% in premarket trading. Intel, which had decided to buy Tower last year, will pay the latter a termination fee of $353 million, the company said in a statement. “After careful consideration and in-depth discussions, and without receiving any indication of certain required regulatory approvals, both parties have agreed to terminate their merger agreement…

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Intel reportedly didn't get regulatory approval in China on time. News 

Intel Abandons Acquisition of Tower Semiconductor for $5.4 Billion

Intel has announced that it will not proceed with its planned acquisition of Tower Semiconductor for $5.4 billion, citing difficulties in obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, particularly in China. Tower Semiconductor is known for producing a range of chips for clients in various industries. Intel had intended to acquire the company in order to enhance its foundry business and better compete with competitors such as TSMC from Taiwan. Tower has seven production facilities (located in Israel, Italy, USA and Japan) that manufacture 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch wafers. Although the company…

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Chipmaker Intel has announced plans to 'build AI into every product' that it makes. Here's what the CEO, Pat Gelsinger, said during the company's Q2 2023 earnings call. AI 

Intel CEO Reveals Initiative To Incorporate Artificial Intelligence Into All Products

In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic, leading major technology companies to strengthen their dedication to adopting AI in the coming years. Notably, Google’s PaLM 2 large language model and OpenAI’s GPT-4 have attracted numerous businesses to participate in the AI competition. Additionally, US chipmaker Intel has recently revealed its intention to incorporate AI into all of its products, focusing on the hardware aspect. As reported by The Verge, during Intel’s Q2 2023 earnings call, CEO Pat Gelsinger laid out the company’s plans to increase its focus…

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Intel recently ended production of first-party NUC mini PCs and other products. News 

ASUS to Create and Develop New Intel NUC Mini PCs

Intel has recently revealed that ASUS will be its inaugural partner for the Next Unit of Compute (NUC) mini PC venture. Under a non-binding agreement, ASUS will take charge of manufacturing, selling, and providing support for Intel’s 10th- to 13th-generation NUC products. Additionally, ASUS will be responsible for creating upcoming NUC designs. Given ASUS’s existing product range, it is likely that they will develop future NUC mini PCs, DIY kits for mini PCs and laptops, customizable boards, chassis, and other assembly components. If you recall, Intel recently told ReturnByte that…

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The company is turning to partners instead. News 

Intel to Discontinue Production of NUC Mini PCs

Intel has announced that it will no longer produce its own mini PCs, known as Next Unit of Compute (NUC). The chip designer has confirmed that it is ending its “direct investment” in the NUC business and will instead focus on supporting partners to develop the NUC PC market. However, Intel will continue to fulfill its existing commitments, including providing support for NUC systems that are already in the hands of customers. The company does not explain why it is discontinuing production of first-party NUCs. There’s no doubt, however, that…

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