U.S. authorities have seized websites selling the 'Warzone RAT' malware, used by cybercriminals to steal data. (Pixabay) News 

Suspects arrested and ‘Warzone RAT’ malware service, responsible for stealing users’ passwords, dismantled

On Friday, U.S. authorities announced the confiscation of websites that facilitated the sale of “Warzone RAT,” a malicious software utilized by cybercriminals to pilfer data from unsuspecting computer users. Two people have been arrested in Malta and Nigeria on related charges, they added. Federal prosecutors in Boston said law enforcement had taken down four domains that together offered to sell malware, allowing cybercriminals to surreptitiously connect to people’s computers for malicious purposes. The malware, a so-called remote access Trojan, allowed hackers to browse file systems, take screenshots, obtain victim usernames…

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Organisations across the globe experienced an average of 1,158 weekly cyber attacks. (Pixabay) News 

Check Point reports a 15% increase in cyber attack incidents in India in 2023.

According to cyber security firm Check Point, India experienced a weekly average increase of 15 percent in cyber attack incidents in 2023, placing it second in the Asia Pacific region, just behind Taiwan. Organizations around the world experienced an average of 1,158 weekly cyberattacks each, representing a 1 percent increase in incidents compared to 2022. “In 2023, India received 2,138 weekly attacks per organization, a 15 percent increase from 2022. Within APAC, India is the second most targeted nation with 2,138 weekly attacks per organization, behind only Taiwan’s 3,050 incidents,”…

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Access to the Booking.com management portal allows the threat actor to see upcoming bookings and directly message guests, according to cybersecurity firm Secureworks. News 

Hotel Stays Put Booking.com Customers at Risk of Phishing Attacks!

Cybersecurity researchers have warned people about a new scam targeting Booking.com customers by posting ads on the Dark Web asking for help finding victims. Hackers target accommodations listed on the forum to pose as staff members. The scam, which was investigated by cybersecurity firm Secureworks, involved deploying the Vidar info stealer to steal a hotel’s Booking.com login information. According to cybersecurity company Secureworks, accessing the Booking.com management portal allows a threat actor to see future bookings and send direct messages to guests. Booking.com has not been hacked, but hackers have…

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The attack on DP World's ports -- which handle 40 percent of Australia's freight trade -- forced them offline for days (Pixabay) News 

Safeguarding the Seas: Protecting Global Shipping from Cyber Attacks

The recent cyberattack that caused significant disruption to multiple key ports in Australia served as a stark reminder of the escalating danger faced by the shipping industry, which is considered the vital backbone of the worldwide economy, according to government officials and experts. The attack on DP World’s ports – which handle 40 per cent of Australia’s cargo trade – forced them to shut down for days and was the latest in a string of breaches at the ports in recent years. – Who has been targeted? – Cyber attacks…

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Aftab Shivdasani became a victim of cyber fraud and losses ₹1.50 lakh. (Unsplash) News 

Aftab Shivdasani Loses ₹1.50 Lakh in KYC Fraud Incident

Bollywood actor Aftab Shivdasani fell victim to cyber fraud and lost ₹1.50 lakh after receiving a text message requesting him to update his Know Your Customer (KYC) details for a leading private sector bank, according to police. The incident occurred on Sunday and a case was registered the following day at Bandra police station. An official stated that the actor received a message from an unknown mobile number, instructing him to update his bank’s KYC details or risk having his account suspended. Shivdasani clicked on the link provided in the…

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Xenomorph was initially discovered by ThreatFabric security researchers in February 2022, but it is back in an even more virulent version. (Pexels) News 

Take Precautions Against Xenomorph: Learn How to Safeguard Yourself from this Threatening Malware

The continuous advancement of new technologies has heightened concerns about cybersecurity, as cybercriminals are utilizing every available means to gain unauthorized access to bank accounts and drain them of funds. Victims have suffered significant financial losses, with little hope of recovering their money. These cybercriminals employ malware as a tool to infiltrate devices, enabling them to spy on individuals and uncover their confidential passwords. This constant threat looms over everyone in the digital realm. The Xenomorph Android malware is the latest example of this menace, having reemerged in a more…

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The FBI said in a statement provided to Bloomberg News that it is investigating both the Caesars and MGM incidents. (Pixabay) News 

Hackers Breach Security at MGM Resorts: An Analysis of the Cyber Attack

According to a cybersecurity executive involved in the investigation, the cyberattack that caused disruption to MGM Resorts International resorts and casinos nationwide originated from a breach of the company’s IT help desk through social engineering tactics. David Bradbury, chief security officer at identity and access management company Okta, said his company issued a threat alert in August about similar attacks against some of its customers, in which hackers used low-tech social engineering tactics to gain entry and then more. sophisticated methods that allow them to impersonate users on networks. Okta’s…

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MGM Resorts said the incident began Sunday, affecting reservations and casino floors in Las Vegas and other states. (Pixabay) News 

Las Vegas Casinos Suffer Cyberattacks, Challenging Perception of Unbreachable Security

As Dulce Martinez attempted to access her casino rewards account to make reservations for an upcoming business trip, she was met with a recurring error message on Monday. That’s odd, he thought, then took to Facebook to search for clues about the problem in the MGM Resorts International loyalty group. There, he learned that the largest casino owner in Las Vegas had fallen victim to a cyber security breach. Martinez, 45, immediately checked her bank statement for the credit card linked to the loyalty account. Now he was greeted with…

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The FBI advises victims not to pay ransoms as there is no guarantee the stolen data won’t eventually be sold on dark web criminal forums. (Pexels) News 

Hospitals’ Computers Offline for Weeks Due to Cyberattack

Several states are still experiencing the absence of crucial computer systems in hospitals and clinics, over two weeks after a cyberattack occurred. This attack resulted in the shutdown of emergency rooms and diversions of ambulances. Progress is being made “to restore critical systems and restore their integrity,” Prospect Medical Holdings said in a statement Friday. But the company, which operates 16 hospitals and dozens of other medical facilities in California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas, could not say when operations might return to normal. “We do not yet have…

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A 26 year woman loses ₹2.4 lakh to cyber fraud. (Alex Green/Pexels) News 

Maharashtra Woman Victim of Cyber Fraud, Loses ₹2.4 Lakh

According to an official, a young woman aged 26 from Nagpur became a victim of cyber fraud and lost a total of ₹2.4 lakh. The complainant, Tshiwang Ladol, originally belongs to Leh in the Union Territory of Ladakh and lives in the Somwari block area, the official said. He is doing a physical education course in Nagpur. Ladol recently received an offer for an online job through the Telegram app. He was told to complete a few simple online tasks and was given some amount, the official said. Later, Ladol…

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Woman in Ahmedabad loses Rs. 1.38 lakh from a courier delivery scam. (Pixabay) News 

Beware of Courier Delivery Scam: Woman Loses ₹1.38 Lakh

A woman from Ahmedabad fell victim to a distressing online scam, resulting in the loss of a significant amount of her earnings. The unfortunate incident began innocently when she attempted to make a payment of Rs. 5 to a courier by clicking on a link. However, she quickly realized that this seemingly harmless action was a grave mistake. According to the Times of India, Mitiksha Sheth, a 25-year-old fashion designer, fell victim to a courier delivery scam and lost Rs. 1.38 lakhs. Apparently, Mitiksha was waiting in the paldi for…

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Iran has also said it has been the victim of hacking. (Pixabay) News 

UAE targeted for cyber attacks after Israel deal

The UAE has been the target of cyber attacks after formal ties were established with Israel, the Gulf Arab state’s cybersecurity official said on Sunday. In August, the UAE broke decades of Arab politics when it agreed to forge ties with Israel in a move that angered Palestinians and some Muslim states and communities. Bahrain and Sudan have followed suit. Our relationship, for example, with normalization with Israel has really opened up a huge attack by some other activists against the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed Hamad al-Kuwait said in an…

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