The company is not comfortable with the idea of breaking encryption and would rather remove its services from country altogether. News 

Apple Issues Warning That iMessage and FaceTime Could Be Removed If Rules Are Violated

Apple issued a strong caution this week that could potentially have significant consequences for consumers in the UK. The tech giant has stated that it will eliminate services such as iMessage and FaceTime if the end-to-end encryption regulations are violated in order to create a means of accessing the content. The debate over decryption is part of a new online security law in the UK, and companies such as Apple, WhatsApp and Signal have expressed their displeasure with the terms of this new rule. The UK government claims that managing…

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This tvOS update also includes a redesigned control center and Find My Remote. News 

Apple TV to Receive FaceTime Feature

During the WWDC event, Apple made an announcement that FaceTime, their video-calling service, will now be available on Apple TV hardware for the first time. This is made possible by a tvOS update that offers a comprehensive version of the live-streaming app, utilizing the Continuity Camera feature that was recently introduced. First, this feature lets you use your iPhone as a replacement webcam for your laptop, so now you can use your iPhone or iPad as your primary camera for FaceTime conversations through your TV. Apple says that wireless integration…

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iPhone users will get the new iOS version in the coming weeks with new features and the Classical Music app. News 

iPhone users may soon have isolation technology for voice calls

Apple continues to improve voice calling on iPhones, but some of you will agree that the improvements are evident with third-party features like FaceTime, rather than regular voice calls. But the company plans to soon fulfill the wishes of iPhone users by offering clearer voice calls through the iPhone’s native calling app. Apple is preparing iOS 16.4 and the beta version gives us a clear idea of the changes that iPhone users can expect with the public release later. The next version of iOS brings a bunch of new features,…

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Product Apple iPhone 12 Red (Apple) News 

Apple offers 1080p resolution FaceTime calling on two iPhones not mentioned in the official changelog

When Apple rolled out iOS 14, the official changelog mentioned that iPhone X and later models will receive support for FaceTime video calling at 1080p resolution. However, it looks like two older phones received this feature as well. We’re talking about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, both of which launched alongside the iPhone X in 2017. Originally all of these iPhones had 720p resolution FaceTime calls, but with iOS 14.2, the iPhone 8 models have also been upgraded. You can even see the new feature mentioned on the…

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