Beeper Mini made it possible for iMessage to work on Android but now that dream could prematurely end thanks to Apple. News 

Full Story: iMessage App for Android Users to be Discontinued in the Near Future

Android users finally got a chance to use iMessage thanks to Beeper Mini, which was able to emulate Apple’s security and privacy standards. The app has been making headlines for the past few weeks, but it looks like the joy is likely to be short-lived. Beeper Mini’s developers claim to have worked on the iMessage code from scratch, which allowed them to offer an iMessage-like service on Android, but many people didn’t know that it still used an iMessage server. Apple was able to block Beeper Mini from accessing iMessage,…

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iMessage works for millions on iPhones and Apple has made no attempt to launch on Android, but this app did give them the option. News 

Does it matter to you that iMessage is now compatible with Android phones?

People like to use messaging apps, and that goes without saying. You have WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and even Instagram to some extent. But when you talk about closed platform apps, you can rely on iMessage for iPhones and RCS for Android devices. Apple’s history and strategy meant that iMessage never came to Android. So it had always been a third-party hand that could bring iMessage to Android users, which happened through Sunbird and now Beeper Mini. The latest updates point to a fundamental problem with trying to bring a closed…

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iMessage is available on Android but there are a few issues. This app looks to offer these features without affecting the security of users. News 

iMessage Support Now Available for Android Phones, Ensuring Safety

Android users want to own an iPhone, and that’s true for many out there, but now there’s a way to use one of Apple’s services on their current platform. That’s right, Apple’s iMessage is once again compatible with Android phones via the third-party Beeper Mini app. You might be wondering how many apps it takes for Android users to try Apple’s messaging app. Recently, we had talked about the Sunbird app which also has the same modus operandi, but the app was supposed to reveal personalintricate-informative-informed app app that the…

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Sunbird has pulled its iMessage for Android app because of concerns about its alleged untrue claims about the app's privacy and security features. News 

Sunbird Pulls the Plug on Android iMessage App After Security Risks Revealed

It looks like the sun has set on Sunbird, an app that allows Android users to access Apple’s iMessage functionality on Android devices. Accused of serious data protection and information security deficiencies, the developers of the application have decided to cancel the application temporarily. As reported by 9to5Google , Sunbird sent a message to its users saying that the team has “decided to temporarily suspend use of Sunbird” as it investigates “security concerns.” This comes after the app was accused of falsely claiming that messages sent on the platform were…

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Apple has confirmed the news recently to support RCS messages on iPhones but how big deal is it for users in other parts of the world? News 

RCS Messages: A Big Deal For iPhones, But Is It Relevant To Everyone?

Apple surprised everyone recently by confirming its decision to bring RCS messages to iPhone users. A lot of people were definitely excited to hear about the development, but more than anyone, it was Google who would have been happy to hear the news. RCS, or Rich Communication Services, has been around for years, but Google has decided to own the platform in the last few years and has asked more tech brands to join the green side. Many people have been wondering how RCS support for iPhones from 2024 will…

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Apple will allow messages sent to non-iOS devices to go through the new RCS pipeline, rather than relying on SMS technology starting in 2024. News 

Say Goodbye To Green Bubbles: Apple To Introduce RCS Messaging On iPhones In 2024

Apple is finally embracing support for the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging standard after years of alleged reluctance to do so. This information comes from a report by 9to5Mac, according to which the transition will take effect starting next year. The most important thing to note, however, is that much of this feature will be implemented via a software update planned for later next year, which is not yet available. The report states that this decision is in response to constant pressure from companies, industries and competitors. “Later next year,…

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Android users cannot use iMessage because Apple doesn't want to break its iPhone-exclusivity but other companies now have a solution. News 

Android Users Rejoice: iMessage is Here – But Not Thanks to Apple!

Google has been trying everything to get Apple to offer iMessage on Android, and we don’t see that happening anytime soon. So now it’s up to other brands to make this a reality, and that company is Carl Pei’s Nothing. That’s right, the brand has announced its new messaging app called Nothing Chats, which lets you move to the blue side, which is Google’s take on iMessage. Nothing Chats is coming to Phone 2 users in the coming days, and Pei says all users have the right to use whatever…

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Apple has resisted the push to bring iMessage to other platforms but EU could have other ideas and that could make it finally happen. News 

Why Apple May Have To Let iMessage Work On Android Devices: Here’s The Scoop!

Apple’s problems continue to pile up, and once again Google is trying its best to get the iPhone maker to open up its product to other platforms. iMessage is one of those features that Apple has kept exclusive to iPhones, mostly because the company feels more in control of the app and its user experience. The same could be said for the App Store, where you can’t download apps from the page, but Android users can, albeit with security concerns. Google has even tried to drive Apple public with its…

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Apple has been time and again been at the receiving end for not implementing RCS in iMessage, and Samsung is the latest company to call it out. News 

Samsung Criticizes Apple For Not Utilizing RCS For iMessage: Here’s What You Need To Know

As popular as Apple’s iMessage feature is, it’s criticized equally by brands and users at the other end of the chain – users with green bubbles (Android). This criticism arises because the brand has failed to implement the RCS communication standard, which unnecessarily separates Android and iOS users when texting. Now, Samsung has joined brands like Google in calling out Apple for the same thing. It posted a funny short video titled “Green bubbles and blue bubbles want to be together.” The video shows a conversation between the two parties…

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iPhones users cannot use Google's RCS message app but now there is a trick to make that work for them. News 

Google Messages App Now Available for iPhone Users: Here’s What You Need to Know

iPhone users can now send messages to other people who do not use the iMessage platform. All these years, Apple has built a walled garden that has restricted iOS users to apps like WhatsApp to send messages to people using Android phones. But gradually we are seeing a change in this trend thanks to recently introduced apps like Beeper. RCS Messaging is a technology developed by Google that Apple continues to block in iOS to ensure that iMessage remains relevant to millions of iPhone users around the world. But using…

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Wells Fargo alone was fined $200 million by the SEC and CFTC. News 

Wall Street Banks Penalized $549 Million for Failing to Preserve Messaging App Records

Today, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a statement stating that 11 financial institutions have been collectively fined $549 million by federal regulatory agencies. This penalty was imposed due to the utilization of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal, and text messages for discussions regarding trades and other business matters. According to securities laws, investment firms and banks are obligated to retain communication records and ensure that employees conduct business solely through authorized channels. The SEC has found that these firms failed to maintain or preserve the…

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The company is not comfortable with the idea of breaking encryption and would rather remove its services from country altogether. News 

Apple Issues Warning That iMessage and FaceTime Could Be Removed If Rules Are Violated

Apple issued a strong caution this week that could potentially have significant consequences for consumers in the UK. The tech giant has stated that it will eliminate services such as iMessage and FaceTime if the end-to-end encryption regulations are violated in order to create a means of accessing the content. The debate over decryption is part of a new online security law in the UK, and companies such as Apple, WhatsApp and Signal have expressed their displeasure with the terms of this new rule. The UK government claims that managing…

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Apple's iMessage service, which was down, is back online after a partial outage that affected several users globally. News 

Apple Brings Back iMessage After Brief Global Outage: All the Details

Apple’s iMessage service, which was down, is back online after a partial outage that affected several users worldwide. The company’s support page states that iMessage is fully functional again after the problems that occurred on Tuesday. Previously, the page said that “users may not be able to send or download attachments in iMessage.” The outage occurred between 21:20 and 23:50 and affected some users. According to Downdetector, users had problems sending and receiving messages. However, the reason behind this partial outage is unknown. According to the company’s support page, some…

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