Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms online, and now it has a new AI chat translator. (Roblox) Gaming 

Learn how Roblox’s new AI chat translator is breaking down language barriers

Roblox, a highly engaging platform with over 70 million daily active users, has introduced a new real-time chat translator powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This innovative feature enables users to easily converse with others from around the globe by translating chats in 16 languages using Roblox’s own AI technology. This advancement allows Roblox users to communicate in their preferred language, enhancing their overall experience on the platform. Learn more about this exciting development. Roblox AI powered chat translator Roblox announced in a blog post that this new AI chat translator…

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Chinese gaming giants recently suffered big losses due to new online game restrictions. In response, regulators approved 105 games to mitigate the impact. Gaming 

China Rushes to Approve 105 Online Games Following Recent Restrictions

Over the years, we’ve seen the Chinese government clamp down on online gaming, which includes limiting the amount of time children can spend playing games and the constant dissemination of information emphasizing how addictive gaming is. Recently, Chinese regulators announced new restrictions aimed at introducing spending limits across gaming platforms and even preventing minors from tipping game streamers. These were implemented by the National Press and Publications Administration. Shortly after the announcement, several companies, including gaming giants Tencent and NetEase, were forced to bear the brunt of the announcement as…

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Some of the titles on YouTube Playables are mini-games such as Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Solitaire, The Daily Crossword, and more. (Unsplash) Gaming 

Unlock the Fun with YouTube Playables – Discover 30+ Mini-Games Now!

YouTube made an announcement in September 2023 about its new Playables segment, which marked its return to the gaming industry after discontinuing its Stadia gaming service in January 2023. After a two-month testing period with a limited group, YouTube Playables has now been officially launched, offering over 30 mini-games or arcade-like games. Premium subscribers can enjoy titles such as Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Solitaire, The Daily Crossword, and others. Droidlife reports that a notification alerting Premium users that the feature is coming to YouTube was sent last week.…

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Offerings worth your time as selected by The Associated Press’ entertainment journalists. (Pixabay) Gaming 

This Week’s Must-Watch Streaming Picks: Annette Bening, Jason Aldean, Awkwafina, NKOTB and ‘Blue Eye Samurai’

Coming soon to your screens are new television shows, movies, music, and games featuring Awkwafina as a woman obsessed with game shows in “Quiz Lady” and an animated historical drama called “Blue Eye Samurai” that follows the story of a mixed-race female samurai seeking revenge in Japan. Among the deals selected by Associated Press entertainment reporters are Jason Aldean’s studio album, a new Hulu series based on Charmaine Wilkerson’s novel “Black Cake” and Annette Bening playing a real-life hero who swims a rogue. passage from Cuba to Key West in…

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And death is no barrier for this particular career, with two popular games this year choosing sports legends who are no longer with us. ( IGX) Gaming 

Sports Legends Receive New Life Through Video Games

It can be captivating to observe the career paths of renowned sports stars after retirement, with options ranging from endorsing Viagra, engaging in property ventures, or participating in crypto projects. However, one avenue that is increasingly proving to be a guaranteed success is having your image featured on the cover of a video game. And death is no barrier to this career, as two popular games this year are chosen by sporting legends who are no longer with us. LA Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter…

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A cosplayer is seen at the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, known as ChinaJoy, which has been held for 20 years, in Shanghai on July 28, 2023. (AFP) Gaming 

Game Developers Push for Unionization Amid Growing Digital Entertainment Industry

As the demand for content continues to soar, the often overlooked individuals responsible for bringing movie superheroes to life and creating the iconic sounds of lightsabers are increasingly seeking support from labor unions. These individuals, who perform crucial behind-the-scenes work, are finding that their once dream-like jobs have transformed into exhausting and demanding routines. The unionization trend that started last year with an independent game studio is gaining momentum as video streaming services compete for subscribers and video game makers try to keep players engaged. The latest moves come from…

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Season two of “Welcome to Wrexham,” “Barbie” can be bought for $30 and Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon return for season three of “The Morning Show.” (REUTERS) Gaming 

This Week’s Must-Watch Streams: ‘Barbie,’ Dan & Shay, ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘Welcome to Wrexham’

Coming soon to your device, you can expect a variety of entertainment options including music from Dan & Shay and Vic Mensa, as well as a unique Hulu series called “The Other Black Girl” that takes place in the publishing industry. These offerings span across television, movies, music, and games. Among the deals selected by Associated Press entertainment reporters are a cheery second season of “Welcome to Wrexham,” a $30 “Barbie” and the return of Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon for a third season of “The Morning Show.” .” NEW…

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Roblox will also make its app fully available on Meta's Quest mixed reality devices this month after rolling out a test version in July. (REUTERS) Gaming 

Roblox to Launch on PlayStation and Introduce Artificial Intelligence-Powered World-Building Tools

In October, Roblox, a gaming company, intends to introduce its immersive digital worlds platform on Sony’s PlayStation devices. This move will grant them access to the vast user base of the world’s most popular gaming consoles, which amounts to hundreds of millions of people. Roblox is also making its app fully available for Meta’s Quest mixed devices this month, after releasing a beta version in July. This version was downloaded over a million times in five days, the company said in a blog post. The expansion is part of a…

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The game will be available Sept. 5, Sea’s gaming arm, Garena, said Thursday in a statement. (Garena free fire) Gaming 

Free Fire India Returns to the Sea Following Ban Lifted

After being banned for a year and a half, Sea Ltd. is reintroducing one of its popular mobile games in India, which is expected to greatly contribute to the internet company’s revival of growth. Now called Free Fire India, the game will be available on September 5, Sea’s gaming division Garena said in a statement on Thursday. Partner Yotta, a unit of India’s Hiranandani Group, will provide the infrastructure to store Indian users’ data on local servers, Garena said. The relaunch is set to give Singapore-based Sea a boost as…

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AI is also capable of instantly producing illustrations from text, allowing producers to better "transmit their vision. (Pixabay) Gaming 

Industry Players Cautiously Navigating the AI Revolution in Video Games

Artificial intelligence takes the spotlight at Gamescom, the prominent fair in the video game industry, as it engages in tasks ranging from crafting narratives to programming complete games and transforming concepts into animations. But even the ultra-connected industry is eyeing innovation warily, with fears growing that jobs will be lost and artistic creations usurped. “Artificial intelligence is really a turning point,” says Julien Millet, an artificial intelligence engineer and founder of United Bits Game studio, which attended the industry trade show this week. Responsive non-playable characters or automatic generation of…

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Twitter may lose its block feature, but Twitch is all set to reinforce it further. (Bloomberg) Gaming 

Twitch Users Gain Enhanced Blocking Ability as Twitter May Lose Its Block Feature

Nearly a week has passed since Elon Musk announced on Twitter (now X) that he would remove the blocking feature, sparking debates among users. Many argue that this decision will compromise the safety of the social media platform. However, in contrast to Twitter’s move to eliminate the blocking option, Twitch is adopting a different strategy. Reports suggest that Twitch is introducing a new feature that will enable streamers to completely block users, preventing them from even viewing their streams. In the Patch Notes E20 stream, it was announced that Twitch…

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In addition to being the original voice of Mario, he’s also voiced Luigi, Wario and Waluigi in the video games. (AP) Gaming 

Charles Martinet Departs from Role as Voice of Mario

Charles Martinet, who has been the voice of Mario in Nintendo games since the 1990s, is resigning from his role. Nintendo of America confirmed Monday that Martinet will now serve as a “Mario Ambassador,” traveling the world to promote the beloved plumber, signing autographs and voicing Nintendo characters. “It’s been a privilege to work with Charles in bringing Mario to life for so many years, and we want to thank and celebrate him,” Nintendo said in a statement. In addition to being the original voice of Mario, he has also…

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People were spending less time playing its games in the second quarter. (REUTERS) Gaming 

Roblox Shares Suffer Worst Decline in 9 Months as Daily Users Decrease

Shares of Roblox Corp. experienced a significant decline, marking its largest drop in nine months. This came after the company revealed that users were spending less time engaging with its games during the second quarter, falling short of Wall Street’s expectations. Roblox customers spent 14 billion hours playing games in the three months ended June 30, below the 14.4 billion analysts expected. The number of daily active users on the platform fell 1% from the last quarter, also missing analysts’ expectations and calling into question whether Roblox will be able…

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The screenshot provided by Super League shows on Alaxander Hamilton game avatar from the 'Hamilton' simulator Roblox. (AP) Gaming 

Now You Can Experience ‘Hamilton’ on Roblox

Roblox has transformed the groundbreaking Broadway musical “Hamilton” into an interactive virtual world, offering a fresh and immersive experience to a younger audience. “‘Hamilton’ has worldwide recognition. Roblox has 66 million daily active users worldwide. What a perfect match,” Matt Edelman, president and chief commercial officer of Super League — which designed and built the online experience — told The Associated Press ahead of Thursday’s official launch. In Hamilton Simulator, players use their own avatars as they rub shoulders with characters from the musical and negotiate 10 levels set during…

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Mobile Premier League (MPL) says it will will lay off as many as 350 employees (MINT_PRINT) Gaming 

MPL Forced to Cut 350 Jobs Due to Taxation Issues

According to an internal memo cited by Reuters on Tuesday, Mobile Premier League (MPL), a gaming platform, has announced its intention to lay off up to 350 employees due to the government’s tax imposition on online gaming companies. MPL stated that this measure was necessary for its survival. In particular, the Indian government has imposed a heavy tax, which the gaming industry says it cannot sustain. MPL’s initiative to lay off a large part of its workforce is now being blamed on the tax. Last month, the government decided to…

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Twitch said it would prohibit websites that include slots, roulettes or dice games and aren’t “licensed either in the U.S. or in other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection.” (AFP) Gaming 

Twitch Strengthens Prohibitions on Gambling Streams

Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, announced on Wednesday that it will be broadening its prohibition on live broadcasts featuring gambling material. The company said it will now ban streaming online casinos Blaze and Gamdom, adding to the four sites it banned last October when its new gambling policy came into force. Twitch announced the restrictions after a controversy erupted on the platform last year in which the streamer was accused of swindling users and other content creators out of thousands of dollars to fuel gambling addiction. This led some…

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The decision to impose a 28 per cent tax on the full face value of bets placed on online games will be implemented from October 1. ((AFP)) Gaming 

Is the Government Providing Tax Relief to Online Gaming Companies?

In a change of stance, the government has taken steps to offer some respite to online gaming companies. According to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the government has opted to impose taxes on the overall funds deposited for playing online games, rather than on each individual bet, as reported by Reuters on Wednesday. Last month, the government announced that it had decided to impose a 28 percent tax on the funds that online gaming companies collect from their customers for each bet. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Wednesday that the…

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BetMGM, an online sports betting app, turned a profit in the latest quarter, hitting that milestone sooner than expected. (AFP) Gaming 

BetMGM App Achieves Profitability as Sales Increase

BetMGM, an app for online sports betting, achieved profitability in the most recent quarter, surpassing expectations by reaching this milestone earlier than anticipated. The company, a joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Entain Plc, said on Wednesday that it had achieved a positive result for the second quarter. The company previously estimated that it would achieve the goal in the second half of the year. Shares in Entain rose 4% in London, while MGM Resorts gained 1.1% in New York. BetMGM said optimization of player bonuses contributed to its…

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Union minister said some gaming companies "gamed the system", masqueraded as gaming companies to run gambling businesses. (AP) Gaming 

Minister Chandrasekhar Accuses Certain Businesses of Misusing Gaming Laws to Operate Gambling Businesses

In a recent statement, Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar accused certain gaming companies of manipulating the system by disguising themselves as legitimate gaming entities while actually operating gambling ventures or evading tax payments in the past. In his comments at the Express Adda Live event, amid controversy over the GST Council’s decision to levy 28 percent tax on online gaming, the electronics and information technology minister reiterated his intention to lower the GST on permitted online gaming and has spoken to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman about the matter. The businessman-turned-politician denies…

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Online gaming players have expressed disappointment with the decision of the GST Council to levy a 28 per cent tax on online games involving real money. (REUTERS) Gaming 

Minister of State for IT and Communications to Consider GST Council’s Online Gaming Regulatory Framework

Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has stated that the government might approach the GST Council to take into account the details of the new regulatory framework for the online gaming industry, as concerns have been raised regarding the imposition of a 28% GST. The minister also mentioned that it took the council three years to reach a decision on online gambling. Online game players have expressed their disappointment with the Goods and Services Tax Council’s decision to levy a 28 percent tax on real money online games. The Electronics and IT…

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