Tim Cook talked about Apple’s generative AI progress, check details. (AFP)AI 

Tim Cook says Apple is well-positioned in the AI era with exciting developments ahead.

In recent years, Apple has faced criticism for lagging behind competitors like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung in the field of AI technology. However, during the earnings call for the second fiscal quarter of 2024, Apple CEO Tim Cook outlined the company’s plans to introduce generative AI and set itself apart from other industry leaders. Despite the significant revenue gap, Apple is aiming to make strides in AI technology moving forward.

Tim Cook on generative artificial intelligence

During the earnings call (via MacRumors ), Tim Cook remained very hopeful and optimistic about Apple’s upcoming AI revolution. Cook emphasized that the company is constantly working to bring the best AI services to its customers, and that the company has an “edge” in terms of how it will “differentiate” from its competitors in the age of AI. Cook said that Apple is making “significant investments” in AI technology, and he also said that “We remain very excited about our opportunity for generative AI.”

In just the next few months, Apple will reveal its AI migration to future devices and services. The reveal is expected to take place at the WWDC event scheduled for June 10. It has also been speculated that Apple might reveal some details of the M4 chip at the iPad launch event on May 7. It is highly unlikely that the company will integrate the M4 chip into the new iPad.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen several leaks and rumors about what Apple is planning for the iOS 18 update and what AI features will be included, such as a smarter Siri, Safari Webb assistant, AI in several iOS apps, and more. But we can only be sure when the company itself makes an official announcement. Therefore, we have to wait patiently to see what Apple brings to its customers in the coming months.

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