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Today’s AI updates: Midjourney considers image restrictions, setbacks for coders, and other noteworthy developments

Midjourney is contemplating a prohibition on Political images due to worries about election misinformation. An expert from Suffolk predicts that coding will be predominantly controlled by AI within ten years. A pilot project utilizing AI successfully identifies heart attacks in Assam Hospitals, potentially saving lives. Adnan Sami advocates for the constructive application of AI in music production. These are just a few highlights from our daily roundup. Let’s delve into the details.

1. Midjourney is considering banning political images due to election misinformation

Artificial intelligence company Midjourney is considering banning the creation of political images, including Joe Biden and Donald Trump, to prevent abuse in the 2024 US presidential election. CEO David Holz announced the possibility of this move in the next 12 months and expressed concern about possible misinformation. Recent controversies, such as AI-generated pornographic images featuring Taylor Swift, have increased the need for stronger safeguards, The Guardian reports.

2. Suffolk expert predicts artificial intelligence will take over coding within a decade

Suffolk experts predict artificial intelligence will replace human coders within a decade. Matthew Applegate, founder of the Creative Computing Club, foresees the dominance of AI in coding and its integration into many fields. Despite the concerns, a House of Lords committee supports accepting the potential benefits of AI. Applegate highlights the rapid development of AI and cites GitHub as an important resource for training coding practices in AI. According to estimates, there are ten years left to teach traditional coding methods, the BBC reports.

3. AI Pilot Project Saves Lives by Detecting Heart Attacks in Assam Hospitals

Artificial intelligence is helping prevent heart attacks in Assam’s government hospitals through the STEMI Assam pilot project, which is running in 10 critical peripheral centers. Since its launch in October, it has screened more than 1,300 symptomatic cardiac patients and detected about 40 critical cases, including nine STEMIs, within 10 minutes, enabling timely interventions. The initiative aims to extend rapid diagnosis and treatment to all community health facilities, according to a Times of India report.

4. Adnan Sami supports the positive use of artificial intelligence in music creation

Adnan Sami supports the positive use of artificial intelligence (AI) in music creation. Amid ongoing discussions, he emphasizes embracing the potential of technology while acknowledging its dual nature. Sami praises the role of AI in recreating his song in Kishore Kumar’s voice and endorses AR Rahman’s use of AI in his latest song. Despite some criticism, Sami believes that artificial intelligence offers new creative opportunities in music, ANI reported.

5. Korean AI chatbot Hellobot comes to Google Play globally

Thingsflow’s AI chatbot, Hellobot, deserves global recognition as it becomes the first Korean chatbot service to be featured on Google Play. Hellobot, which offers various functions such as love tarots and fortune telling, is now available to users in Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. According to a report by, Thingsflow aims to use this achievement to expand its presence and improve its profitability in the global market.

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